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Central Park — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

– I love mornings in the park. The light through the trees,
the birds and the squirrels. ♪ It’s Central Park ♪ ♪ It’s a haven,
it’s a jewel ♪ [urinating] – Sir, do not pee
on the statue! – I love Hot Lips Turtlehead Day. – More than graffiti removal week? – Oh, I do love that. – I should get going.
Who’s my special boy? – Me.
– Look at you. You are my special boy. – Too bad you can’t just
stick him back up there, huh? – What?
– Nothing. – I hate that park.
It’s just a patch of dirt and weeds. And we’re gonna buy it. We’re gonna do
the biggest real estate deal in the history of the world! – Quick question over here, Betsy. Are you wearing a dog? – It’s perfectly normal. – I’m not gonna lie,
it’s a little distracting. – No it’s not! – Someone needs to
protect the park. – It’s impossible.
– Nothing’s impossible. – Did your voice
just get really weird? ♪ Central Park ♪ – How many times
did you text him? – What would you say
is normal? – Twice.
– Oh, no, no, no, no. – Ugh, I’m dying. – He’s fine. – Throw this. See if you can
get it into the park. – Did you get it?
– Right where I wanted it. ♪ Where else can your
son and daughter ♪ ♪ Splash in dirty
hotdog water ♪ – Give us a quick strut. One for mama. Come on. – Are we dancin’?
Yeah, we’re dancin’. – Is that dancing? – We’re gonna knock
these bozos’ wieners off. ♪ Here at the meet point ♪ ♪ A park that’s so central ♪ ♪ The name’s not that clever ♪ ♪ But screw it, whatever ♪ ♪ It’s central ♪ ♪ In my ♪ ♪ Heart ♪ – Good luck managing the park. That’s gonna go great for you. – What’s that supposed to mean? – Nerd.

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