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CASIO G-SHOCK MUDMAN / Casio Mudman Review

CASIO G-SHOCK MUDMAN / Casio Mudman Review

alright guys today we’re gonna be taking
a look at part of my EDC my watch so stay tuned through the intro what’s up
my name is Doug the bearded outdoorsman welcome to another video if you enjoy
beard project reviews beard tips and gear reviews and you’ve come to the
right place today we’re gonna be taking a look at
part of my EDC and that is my watch now some time we talked about a little bit
on this channel and we’re gonna go to a little bit more is EDC gear and the
things that we need to be carrying on our person every single day now for me I
like a watch I like to be able to see what time it is without having to pull
my phone out of my pocket and that kind of thing so I’ve had this watch and I’ve
been meaning to do a review on it and I just haven’t had a chance but this watch
is the casio g-shock mudman now I have had this watch I can’t remember it’s
been either three or four years that I’ve had this watch and I will be
willing to bet money that it has come off of my wrist twice in that amount of
time a watch is something I like to have and have on me 24/7 I don’t want to take
it off I don’t want to have to take it off for a shower I don’t want to have to
take it off for anything and so this is it is very dirty and worn
and dry skin and all that kind of stuff and you can see my arm it never comes
off so I like this watch because now I may be 6 foot tall but I have very small
wrists just part of it and so I don’t like the way that those big faced
watches look on my wrist so I like the smaller faced watches and this g-shock
Mudman is perfect so it’s not too big and it’s not too small for me it doesn’t
look like a woman’s watch on me and it doesn’t look like it’s some crazy time
clock on my watch I mean on my wrist so it shot resistant water resistant it’s
got two timers it’s got our two stopwatches a timer it’s got an alarms
all I use it for is the time and the date that’s all I use it for it does
have a really cool feature if you’re in the US and you deal with that whole
daylight savings time it has a feature where you can go in and you can turn
daylight’s them on or off and it’ll automatically adjust your time so it is
really cool now some of the negative comments on Amazon say that these
buttons are hard to push but I can tell you they’re in there really good and it
takes it does take a little bit of force to use the buttons but it is it’s really
good you’re not you don’t have to worry about the button getting pushed and it
vertically or by mistake or anything like that the light this there’s a
button right here this is the illumination when you push that button
it illuminates for three seconds and then it goes out it illuminates the
whole screen with kind of a green color and it makes it easy to see in the
middle of night your eyes aren’t quite adjusted and you need to see what time
it is you push that button you can see the time and everything so it’s a really
good watch well like I said it has not come off of my wrist for anywhere from
three to four years and that’s no joke I’m not saying that for the review Casio
didn’t sponsor this I’m just telling you that if you’re in the market for a good
dependable watch that tells the time and does all the things that you needed to
do this is it if you’re mainly looking for something to tell time this is it um
I don’t know how deep I’ve had it I’ve worn it swimming I’ve won it in a
swimming pool I’ve worn another beach that kind of thing I’ve had it pretty
deep in the water and no problems whatsoever it says on the screen that
its water resistant for 200 meters it has like I said two stopwatches it has I
think a one-timer alarms and I don’t know if you’ll be able to see in here
but I’ve got paint on it it is banged up beat up I hit it on all kind of stuff
and love this watch I’m telling you it has been
remarkable on the durability of it I’ve had it in the last probably two months
I’ve had one time that it got a little bit of condensation on the inside of the
screen or on the inside of the glass but it went away in about an hour after I
got a little shower it was gone so it’s done really well so super
dependable watch that I don’t have to worry about I don’t worry about taking
it off of my wrist and charging it up I don’t have to worry about any of that so
if you’re in the market check out the casio g-shock mudman I
will drop a link in the description below if you have any specific questions
about this watch drop them in the comments and I will be glad to attempt
to answer them if I can I don’t use all the features I don’t use the top of the
stopwatch and the timer and I’ve only used the alarm like once or twice I
mainly have this for it being a durable water-resistant mud resistant watch that
I know I will be able to tell the time on so like I said any questions anything
drop them in the comments if you haven’t already make sure to hit that subscribe
button we’re gonna be talking about a lot more EDC gear in the coming months
so make sure to drop comments let me know what kind of gear you want me to
talk about specific if you want me to talk about keychains if you want me to
talk about self-defense whatever drop it in the comments and I’ll see what kind
of videos I can pump out for you guys so until next time stay bearded get
outdoors and god bless you

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  2. I own two Casio Mudman watches, one black and one green with the dark display. The black one is 13 years old and has two deployments to Iraq under its watch band. This was my upgrade from the standard Casio G-Shock, which i also love.

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