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Can You Beat The Pitt Without Taking Any Damage?

Can You Beat The Pitt Without Taking Any Damage?

Fallout 3 has many different DLCs each with
their own story to tell. Some go to space, some deal with the aftermath
of a battle between the biggest armies in the wasteland, but there are others that tell
a simpler story, something more down-home, something familiar to us all. Can You Beat Fallout 3’s The Pitt DLC Without
Taking Any Damage? The Pitt, just like every other Fallout 3
DLC, has no level requirement, so I simply started the game a-new. I tried to name myself William Waddlesworth
after all the waddling I did in my last Fallout 3 video. Todd Howard had other ideas, I settled on
something lame, walked to dad, could actually look around, and assigned SPECIAL Points the
right way. No points in Endurance because it’s a waste,
10 in Intelligence for skill points, no points in Charisma because it’s worthless, and
the remaining points spread amongst the other skills, and it was party time. Boring, dead bugs, I picked Small Guns, Repair,
and Lockpick as my tag skills, felt like I was moving at impossible speeds as I escaped
the Vault, and almost set my sights on the Pitt. The recommendations I saw for when you should
travel to Pennsylvania is 10-12 at a minimum. I figured if I was going in at Level 2, it
wouldn’t be unfair to stock up a bit on supplies before sneaking my way inside and
becoming a slave. My first stop was the hollowed out rock behind
Megaton, you can bet your mother’s fat ass that I’ll be raiding that rock in every
Fallout 3 video from this point forward. I then sold most of what I didn’t need to
Doctor Huffy. That was a joke, his name is Doc Hoff, not
Huffy. I wanted to somehow connect it to Huffy brand
children’s bicycles but I couldn’t come up with anything. Take this moment to use the comment section
as a Mad Lib and come up with your best way to make that Huffy Bikes joke. The best one gets nothing. Before entering Megaton, I killed both the
Caravan Guard and Huffington himself. The cow took more baseball bat bashings to
die than it should have, it also stayed closely by its dead owners side, kinda sad. Moira performed the role of “trash compactor”
perfectly, and with all the supplies I could think to get, I set off for The Pitt. Same rules as last time: ignoring Megaton,
I can stop at any of the locations on the way to the Pitt and look for supplies, but
I can’t like go to Rivet City or anything like that. Also just before starting The Pitt itself,
I’ll set my max health to one so that any damage of any kind will kill me. In my last video, because I was in hell, I
didn’t get the chance to take Sticky to Big Town, he died protecting me. Luckily, Big Town is a mere stepping stone
on my path to the new world. And to show my gratitude to Sticky’s friends
that he hadn’t met yet, I kill them all. Once all the barely not children were dead,
I set my health to 1 because I had plenty of weapons, getting to the Pitt without taking
damage shouldn’t be too hard. Normally that would’ve been the setup for
me to say that it was horrible, but not this time. I made another stop on my way there, this
time at Paradise Falls for no particular reason. I think I remember having a reason when I
was doing this but I’ve long since forgotten what it was. Maybe because The Pitt involves becoming a
slave I thought to pick up the Mesmetron. But that’s just a theory. A normal theory. A couple dogs and their human bitches gave
me trouble just below this satellite dishes. The only issue was that the Raiders had the
high ground, putting me in a dangerous situation, it could be over at any moment. I got by them by letting them concentrate
their fire on the animals while I sneakily ignored them. Then I met Wernher who was rude to me because
I didn’t help him with the Raiders. I was there in spirit, his eyepatch probably
kept him from noticing my energy. If he believed in the heart of the cards he’d
have felt my presence with his brain instead of his eyes. The game crashed after I talked to him, it
couldn’t handle the Neutron style, I helped him with the Raiders the 2nd time, and agreed
to sneak into The Pitt to lend a hand to the slaves in need. Some do-gooders dared to try to impede my
progress. Regulators, some of the most regulated warriors
the wasteland has to offer. They died when their lives ended, I had some
new toys, and finally entered the door to the Pitt Tunnel. The railcar and arrival at the Pitt itself
both reminded me of Metro 2033, same goes for the “let me do the talking” thing. He isn’t as good at using words as me is
so the Raiders all open fire on us, but more importantly they start shooting at me. There were about as many as you’d expect
to be guarding the train entrance to a city. The Hunting Rifle I’d gotten came in handy
here. Then, just like in Metro 2033, I had to split
off from my traveling companion and go it alone. My task is to get access to Ashur and to find
the cure. There’s a virus contagion parasite 2020
full movie hd 1080p watch parasite movie online free thing going on here. Wernher took the Concealed .32 Pistol out
of his left eye socket, stashed it somewhere safe on my person where the guards wouldn’t
see it during the ocular patdown, and I continued towards The Pitt. A few Wildmen attempted to stop me. They’re men and women who are now wild. What does that mean? Probably nothing. They’ve supposedly suffered neurological
damage from irradiated water and the sky being sick, I think they’re faking. Really they’re just Raiders who look a little
different, some times. The bridge to the Pitt was littered with Mines,
which made for a nice bit of easy experience. A couple Pitt Raiders died right on schedule,
a bunch of slaves tried to escape, they succeeded in getting their freedom in one way or another,
and I entered the Pitt. Mex understood whose presence he was in and
knew to let me waltz right inside to assume the position as King with Fisto as my beautiful
queen. Mex lied to me, being on this side of the
lie hurts. Then uh… I got beaten within an inch of my life. The noises and screen abnormalities that happen
when you take damage happened here but my health was still at 1 and I didn’t die. I was crippled though. Mildew was this generation’s Victor and
patched me up about as well as a slave could hope to, she asked if I was dead, I wasn’t,
and her job was done. She wanted me to follow her. Lucky for her, my schedule was now open and
I didn’t have any plans. That’s some wholesome comedy. The joke is that I’m slave and have to do
as I’m told so I don’t have any plans because I can’t. Mildred warned us both about the guards watching. I ran around while specifically not looking
at Misty so the guards would know that we’re totally not in cahoots. Inside her home she explained me the plan. I’ll be strategically sent out to the Steelyard
to collect enough Ingots to make a set of cobblestone elbow pads in Fortnite. The catch is that the Steelyard is full of
Trogs. Trogs are basically just Tunnelers from Lonesome
Road but instead of being part snake they’re part feral ghoul. That’s basically all they are. Jackson interrupted our scheming with such
godly confidence that he didn’t even look at us as he administered his fair and just
punishment. I killed him and that made everyone sad so
I reloaded a checkpoint and did as I was instructed as a valued worker in this city I’m not
allowed to leave. If there’s a place worth visiting, it’s
in the Mill. The Mill is where the fire is stored until
its ready to be burned. Before entering the Steelyard, I got a free
weapon from Marco: an Auto-Axe. How does you automate an axe? Simple, idiot, you make it spin. I saw my first Trog on the fenced off passage
to the Steelyard. Everette described the Steelyard as a death
sentence, other people described it as bad, it’s really not a place you wanna go to
for spring break. Right at the entrance to the Yard is a dead
body that conveniently has a free weapon and ammo and two of the ten things I need to collect. Just past the entrance I in horror as Greg
finally found his little brother Manny, but Manny, always the freak, killed his brother. I found three more ingots inside a dumpster. The Steelyard was pretty disappointing considering
how hyped up it had been. I did manage to find Wild Bill like I told
someone I would. I don’t remember who they are and I didn’t
remember who they were after I found Wild Bill either, they never got their answer about
Bill’s life. The Auto-Axe blasted the Wildmen to death
with fresh scents for men that tell everyone you own multiple Tapout shirts, even if you’re
not wearing one now, we all know you’ve got a bunch of them. The closest I’ve ever come to being frightened
in a computer game came when numerous Trogs were after me. Immediately after that fear erupted through
my body, I forcefully euthanized them with the memory of how shitty some enemies can
be at finding a path towards you. I let them live, every life is precious, and
despite having more than enough pieces of metal, I continued my exploring up to the
tallest thing in sight, the top of this thing. I know there’s a word for it but I couldn’t
figure out what it was. I got good and stucked up there. As always, turrets become a nightmare to deal
with when you can’t take damage. This one might’ve been the worst turret
I’ve ever found. For some reason it was so stupidly accurate
and fired at me the second I walked out from behind cover. I wanted to explore but like a piece of content
locked behind a micro-transaction, I will never get to see what it is. Eventually I tucked my tail between my legs
with such incredible speed that it propelled me to safety, allowing me to return to the
Mill with my ingots and almost no pride. A single Trog tried to avenge its brother. Their family is dead and I’ve never been
more happy about it. I gave the steel to Everette, I had my Labrador
outfit, and could return to Milly to discuss the best way us slaves could start a revolution
that ended with the masters dead and slaves in control. I needed to know how she was going to make
that happen. There was a minor revolt on the way to her
house. Mold informed me that Ashur will be gracing
us with his words in the near future and may even open up the arena. Ah… the arena. The perfect place for someone who dies when
the wind blows a little too hard. I was volunteered for the Arena. I had no say in the matter. I’m fighting whether I want to or not. If I wanted to fight over nothing all the
time I should’ve just gotten married, right Boomers? Back in the Mill, I met Faydra who seemed
malnourished and eager to watch me die. Good news is, I kept all the stuff I’d gathered,
all the weapons primarily, for the fight in the arena. I thought it would be with machetes or bare-handed. It wasn’t, which was good. What I really didn’t anticipate was the
barrels of radiation falling from the sky and filling the room with their fancy air. The problem is that the second the radiation
counter ticks over into “Minor radiation poisoning”, I die. Not only did I have to survive the fight in
the arena, I had to do it quickly enough to avoid dying from radiation damage. If it wasn’t for the limited amount of medical
supplies I had to deal with the radiation, I’d have failed. Faydra heals my radiation between fights,
and there are only 3 fights in total. The last one, predictably, was the hardest. Even with a decently high Small Guns skill,
I sucked at landing shots on Gruber. And he was so tough that if I didn’t kill
him with the first shot, which I couldn’t do, he would open fire with his special gun
and end me immediately. Once again, I was prepared for this. I used several Grenades to blow him up before
he had a chance to scream for his mother to help him after he noticed his left arm and
both his legs have been blown off. With my freedom won, Crenshaw showed his power
over this dimension by gliding through reality without moving his legs, I got all my supplies
back that I’d gathered in the Capital Wasteland, and was moving up in the world. I was told to go speak to Ashur. Why? Couldn’t tell you. But when the big man watching down from Haven
tells you to stop by to say howdy, you will say howdy and like it. The Raiders, while sophisticated in their
thinking about how to handle the many current socialical issues of our time, are stupid
when it comes to naming things. The big people live in Uptown, the little
people live in Downtown. A lot of where they live is on rooftops and
on the tops of buildings. I passed between the legs of Lady Liberty,
entered Haven, and spoke to Ashur. I know a good opportunity when I see it. Why start revolt among the slaves and climb
the stairs to revolution when I can slip the guy at the front desk a couple fingers and
take the elevator to the top. I successfully failed at telling Ashur that
I didn’t know Wernher, told him I was joining his side, and just then the ultimate test
was placed on my desk. The slaves are revolting, do I help the slaves
or restore democracy and put the slaves in their place? I fucked up a while back and didn’t take
the Cannibal perk so I can’t eat the baby. The one time I actually have the chance to
kill a kid in Fallout and I mess it up. Typical. As expected, kidnapping a baby belonging to
someone most people refer to as “Lord Ashur” does not go over well with the common folk. They were maniacs who didn’t care for the
health of the baby that’s actually a damaged garden gnome if you use console commands to
drop the baby from your inventory that’s real I’m not making it up. The Raiders inside are mad. The Raiders outside are mad. Everyone except for me is mad at me and it
makes life difficult. So difficult, in fact, that I went against
my motherly intuition and didn’t steal the baby. The Slaves Rebellion was going rather well. A lot of them were dead and because I didn’t
help them die, their deaths are weightless on my conscious. Midea wasn’t happy that I sided with management
over the common worker. She wanted to kill me or have me kill her. Every good leader knows that when a worker
isn’t being efficient, you go for their throat by threatening their family. Mossberg gave up the location of Wernher,
I was tasked my His Highness Lord Ashur to take him out. The Slaves made their stand in the Mill with
their little toy axes. They all died for nothing, I entered the Steelyard,
parkoured over some dumpsters, the game crashed, and I found Wernher inside Wernher’s Hideout. He, just like the Moldy woman, actually expected
me to kidnap the child. Werner wouldn’t get off so easy, he had
no family to threaten, so I took the only thing I could from him, his life, and left
the Steelyard. From there, I backtracked through the Abandoned
Area, the game crashed for like the 4th time in the last 15 minutes, and I returned to
Ashur in Haven. The workers are still workers, but perhaps
one day their great, great, great grandchildren will one day be on the road to being free. With my job for Ashur done, with the rebellion
squashed from the inside out, I completed the Free Labor quest and beat The Pitt without
taking any damage. That’s it. There’s not much to this DLC. There was barely enough there to make a video
out of it. If you enjoyed the video or learned anything,
leave a like. Leave a dislike if you didn’t enjoy the
video or didn’t learn anything. Join the Mitten Squad Discord server through
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well as other channel members for making videos like this one possible. Follow me on Twitter @MittenSquad. My name is Paul of Mitten Squad. Have a wonderful day.

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