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Okay broken record, I know off to another trip this time close by What a video I did when I whe that was in, New York I’m doing another one of those except this joke. I may not be as busy I don’t know how much traction I can show you so this video is gonna be kind of You know, whatever comes I guess but a little spread out Arthur’s in Florida is flying in at 10:30 at night I’m gonna go pick up Alex or golden Gate’s mama that crazy place rank from all the parties and stuff He’s at a party good till 9:30. So I’m gonna leave my house now about 30 minutes away from there. Don’t grab Alex head out to Brooklyn Little bag wake up and see if we can make some much Downtown Brooklyn we’re back, New York I wjj see what kind of actions agents so grab a bite to eat go set up and try to sell some stuff One of the things that I didn’t want to tell you is this type of small guilt show is a dying breed, unfortunately And there’s quite a few reasons for that one reason is really technology It’s costly for people to come to shows like this You get charged a couple hundred dollars at the door you want to trade is bad just to give more money It’s happening now with today’s day and age of technology Everything is moving on the line and you would think well, how do you move a trade show online? It’s actually very simple dealers will do a business to business now more virtually than ever There’s no need to get into a single room anymore. And Trade among each other when we can do a deal whatsapp via FaceTime unfortunately, this shell is been around 30 years is dying now actually gonna have a conversation with the owners of the show of how I Could probably revive it a bit more to make it stick around for a while. Maybe here are some pointers It’s pretty tough to convince them certain things that I’m gonna tell them but I’m gonna try to do that care about the show I want to see it move on. This is the first show even my whole self start period I would hate to see you die Anyway after breakfast I’m gonna come over here talk to my Spanish clients and friends. So show me show me the latest pic Show me the other one So boys and girls what we have here it would have the original a serial Diamond bezel diamond dial royal what number is this one like 700 number 700 mm ace Okay, this is 1972 much like the a series that I’ve showed you guys before on my channel This is a pretty sick pick up and made him I’m gonna have some words in regards to how I can make that my house business overall. It’s good every house, Mexico Yeah, when you come I’m afraid I won’t come back. It’s gonna be so nice Anyway, how much you asking for the Montoya? 65 but paper extra I remember selling this watch for over a hundred Will don’t in talent at all of him look at him Alan tell me about the rollers. She’s gonna continue This guy’s predominantly does a lot of roll like so probably considering one of the experts. What do you think? Are we gonna see a drop or we’re not gonna do that rather be honest a little drop in the great success a little dropping a great success all in one sentence Look at that if this kid has a clear store downtown, Philadelphia again, mainly Rolexes whenever I need a rose This is one of the guys that go to but the artist at GM teas right? Let’s talk about testing for seven right now It’s back down at sixteen seventeen. It was a twenty Should it not be back down to about twelve thirteen thousand you don’t see that happen? Not yet Yeah, fourteen thousand, but what’s gonna happen next year in basel ii they’re gonna obviously show can you some I’m thinking right now? But I hate to these prediction videos But you’re gonna show a new sub once they come out with a new line of shit new subs or something else Don’t you think that’s gonna put the other within the shadow a little bit a little bit But the new subs work retail is going to be ninety five hundred sell for twenty right over here Yes, I’m gonna come back down to sixteen and seventeen like it goes So the key to this conversation is that don’t buy new. Olace is the minute wait a minute exactly other rollers got commitment, so you predominantly specialize in pre-owned still Give me three safe products models That will not be subject to the crazies of going up and down and there’s something that’s gonna be nice and steady throughout times Any steals but still subs also hide shit right now, especially the new ones, you know I’m talking about because there’s a lot of guys out there. Yeah, they want the GMTs They want the Batman’s they want all that stuff. And the reason they want it is because Is because of the dumb is great, you know It’s like supply and demand the more you can’t have something more you want it but there’s a lot of guys out there that want To spend up to ten thousand dollars up to six seven thousand dollars on a Rolex which they don’t want They’re not looking to make money on it They’re not look at it as an investment, but just want something that they won’t get hurt. I think I Mean I see you have a lot of teachers And again, this is a wholesale show but roughly on the retail and what do you figure these two thumbs up? Sixty-two trees or now very very safe at the anything Rolex you touch nowadays Even though the market will fluctuate long-run you’re safe And this is the kind of stuff that is not really gonna get break the bank for anybody It’s not somebody it’s not somebody they’re paying under its original list, obviously And it’s always kind of like money in the bank Mr. Michael from watch box. How are you? I see you how you feeling about the show so far It’s not bad considering a definitely lighter turnout because of the holidays, but why are you being so nice nobody family? Anybody showed up everybody showed up but people who showed up for a vine were someone some stuff. We’re gonna make that trade I Don’t know life you gotta call Rob I think we should do some he’s here we’ll talk to us I’m getting itchy at this point. I love you gave me get Ichi good talking to These guys actually buy something they’re just busting your chops for you not really Price everything ha so vile. Yeah. So yeah, I have about 20 grand What so what’s gonna happen when the England officially breaks off what do you think is gonna happen to the marketing of the currency Oh You’re gonna see it go against the euros gonna go above the euro shit now – if it’s a hard bake sale then you know but that should result in your luxury goods market to go up because now You’re gonna have to readjust so, you know, but imma show yourselves if you need to sell off and then readjust Short-term effect Say thank you, you know enough to have your concealed weapons Okay the euros down yeah if you’re buying in Like double raise a cigarette so now they’re put like five five one three two, really strong 1680s or at the highest level whether whether you’re trading a nice piece of papers would be like in the 40s And is that true for Europe over here as well for here as well, but I’m seeing more for me personally. There’s little bars What’s gonna happen now that the both me wasn’t all those things that slow down they’re gonna come back and goes up three steps down two up three steps down to That but it’s still a good buy to put away Long term long term anything mins disparity between mint and then normal and getting bigger and bigger Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma, mommy mommy mama mama on this story But it’s my favorite I’ll be feeling about the show well like the Rose I’m gonna go talk to management right now I Think I should put it on camera it like it’ll be like an official complaint on YouTube and everything Why it’s got to be so early I Was to show that busy now that we can’t sit down to talk we can do it at our booth Sometimes the show gets so exciting that people try to take a nap. Look I Guess you really trust the people around it cuz everything is wide open What You meditating on there exactly why your watches are out people are picking them up taking them away I got you watching my Okay, nice rest my friend I’m such a fan in this instead of doing business. You’re laying down on the floor under your showcase What am I buying? Tell me show me something that I wanted that I want to buy. Can we go? 20200 on this Jaeger What’s the best no, no, she already told me three Okay day one is over and let me just go back to what I was telling you guys earlier when I was going to the show and the fact that the show is kind of dying out and again The biggest culprit of the show is really the times much like a lot of the retail business dies out things change Bottom line is this the way the show is set up. It’s a guilt trip in order to become a member You have to be recommended by two members. It is not a cheap show in order to get into the show You have to pay $250 entry fee But a lot of the vendors the ones that display there like myself we’re finding ourself in a situation where there’s just not enough bodies That go through the doors and we end up trading among ourselves. Yes every show something happens Today was a slow show I managed to Do a bunch of interviews with people walk around a little bit and do a little more taping than usual but nevertheless by the end Of the show we either buy ourselves out Like I showed you guys in Hong Kong video or we’re able to sell stuff and mostly lately at least has been to each other Meaning vendors that are sitting explain behind the booth rather than the walk-in clients. Yes There’s some walk-in client business clients that I’ve sold to for years But what we’re looking for it every single show doesn’t matter if it’s the show that Hong Kong shows We’re looking for some new blood. We’re looking for new clients. We’re looking to pick up that new client That’s gonna call us between shows Looking for stuff wanting to order stuff and so on and so forth and that’s just not happening And the reason it’s not happening cause people nowadays don’t want to pay $250 to get into the show. They don’t need to they can send me a whatsapp They can send me an email. They can go on my wholesale web site. They can do so many numerous things They get my lists on the weekly basis for my sales people So that business it is no longer necessary to you know fly all over the world all over the United States of America to the straight shirt had the show been in Las Vegas who would know rent you have to consider the fact that what it costs us to ship our merchandise via armored service what it costs us to Display would have cost us hotel rooms dinners and so on and so forth it gets expensive Yeah, this is in Hong Kong the show doesn’t cost us a hundred grand to do but all oh no, but by the time all said and done it’s gonna cost about $25,000 when you stop doing business So at least stop doing new business and only doing business with those that you can do business outside of these shows This is when things start to get a little here tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m Who scheduled a meeting with the owner of the show the organizers of the show? It’s us and a few other key bigger vendors of the show Some of the guys have been doing the show for 20 years and more will gonna sit down we’re gonna have a talk I’m gonna put it in front out to say guys. You got to revamp your entire business model I know it’s worked for you for 25 plus years but if things got to change and mainly due to the x times are different you got to do something else in order to Keep the show alive otherwise It’s literally going to dies and the way I feel that problem gets solved is that you get rid of the entry fee Which is hefty fee for 250 plus if you want to trade watches Let’s say you don’t want to both you and just go in and trade you watch it You’re bringing a bag of watch. You got to pay 350 to get it I’m not looking for a guy that wants to walk into a room and spend a half a million hours I’m moving to a guy that wants to walk into room and do maybe 10 15 Thousand dollars worth of sales make a couple of grand Have a good day and leave Well when you figure in a 350 dollar charge into that makes that guy’s not gonna show up That means that’s 15 to 20 thousand dollars worth of business that’s missing from the room And that’s what we’re missing these shows used to have a line on Monday morning that stayed a steady line up until 3 o’clock in the afternoon for people just To get into the room I used to not believe my feet for a Second tour people surrounding my booth and I have a pretty big booth and it’s still over people all they surrounded me Mind selling trading etc. So I want that it and another to get that again You got to bring a new fresh blood But there’s a million stores in New York that you can market it to that You can send out an invitation say egg. Come in check us out for free. We have 200 vendors displaying We have a billion dollars worth of merchandise in the room come in check it out Let’s get this done one way or the other because the way things are going right now It’s going to die. Something’s got to be done. It would be a shame for this organization to die This is the one that started it all here. The United States almost 30 years ago, but Burley Bullock was no longer with us He saw what was going on today. He probably be pretty damn upset. So but that’s the thing. We’re one big happy family Here, you know we all know each other. So we’re able to sit down have this time of the meeting We’ll see what tomorrow will bring in an interim today was a good day You know sold a few things what a couple things nothing crazy, but sold more jewelry than watches Which is great just goes to show it’s good to be diversified. So, you know watches are selling at least jewelry So all of us are so sometimes both hopefully well than that. I’m gonna go out and grab some kickass sushi How are you doing Brooklyn thus far speech? meaning you’re Lacking speech I have Your liking speech. How do you say that in Russian? In one word, there is no one word to say that That’s two words How did you feel about the sushi tonight it was It was on point and on key yes, I mean the sake hope Never hurts never hurts, you know, we have to do that in life yet. You have to realize one thing you have to Live work and create. Yes, I would chase great appropriate in that mouth Looks like he’s getting ready to see another exciting one here today. I See the crowds are gathering Early bird catches over and I see more often than not I don’t see any worms. Well, there’s one I did We came together slept on it I got the king here with me. Show me the show me the king of all the busts down, please I’m here with Cameron of Safran Taylor for Los Angeles quick story I met this guy by accident in mob merrin’s offices and what I liked about him I liked the soul swag tries to vintage Porsche vintage clothing and vintage watches. Of course But different what everybody and their mother wants to do today is they want to sell the same old vintage stuff the subs The Daytona’s and not to say that Cameron doesn’t have that He still does but what I loved about him is he? Finds his different completely out of left field vintage pieces that I have heard of but I have never personally seen He’s got me on the radio. Every time you get something cool. I get a text also his Instagram Look at Instagram accounts of people that post watches Oh is there is not always been happenin Otherwise, oh, here’s a nice vintage watch. He does this historical post right historical figures. What is from the racing world movie world? There’s another winner is and related to a watch and actually tell the story He himself takes the time sit down to write all the stuff out and I actually find myself the reading existed in books I don’t know why. Thanks Because Instagram is this straight you Sydney you’re scrolling is throwing the piece of ass catches your attention because skin and love for yourself But for the most part nobody ever reads Instagram post. I actually read what he writes because it does a great job at it Yeah for sure one thing too. I think that’s interesting about You know vintage and at least for me is I love the pop culture and I love kind of just the the Rome On these things and I think there’s a lot of people that might not be watch people but it might be people that are into fashion or culture or Society or things like that and I think that that’s one of the ways that I connected with watches is through other people so we actually have a lot of people that engage with our Instagram that are really watch people that are Engaging in these posts and things like that because of the historical references I appreciate that because I like posting this stuff getting other people involved and inspired and my passion which is vintage watches But ya know it’s it’s fun and me personally like for me if I’m talking about a particular watch when I do my videos I love the history behind it and everybody everything that you put out there whether it’s on your website and I’ll link all the stuff below you guys can check it out whether It’s on your Instagram. It represents this year’s you said it represents culture with its pop culture It doesn’t really make a difference but represents history at the end of the day and to me as a watch Let’s say collect or watch lover rather than the dealer that sings to me so then every time you post something I even though I’m a dealer and I immediately want to buy it just because of the history behind it because of What you visualize along sides with a wristwatch that you put on? If I got a couple so show me something really really cool that I won’t find another vintage dealers showcase So this is what a watch that have been kind of Excited about so this is a Movado subsea chronograph and It’s incredible. But you know watch like this I think is really interesting because there’s a lot of kind of interesting historical references Within a watch like this that you don’t see a lot Lovato was working with Zenith. So This actually has a manually one Zenith chronograph movement in it and just the color and kind of what’s happening in this watch I think is an incredible and Saying yeah, of course, I think the thing that’s also kind of cool about it is it’s a super compressor So the outer bezel on the inside rotates, but it’s a chronograph so a watch like this would have been made for diving but you know the colors and just kind of the the partnership between Movado and Zenith and Having kind of like almost like this Panerai style case but with this inner rotating bezel paired with a chronograph with a lollipop sweep seconds hand is just kind of an insane mashup so there’s one of the one of the things about vintage watches and I’ve almost The clients that tried to buy the stuff is that what sorta has to sing to you? You can take five of the same vintage pieces One only one of them old thing – what is due to a certain patina? Whether it’s a certain condition of the watch as I look at this watch It actually sings to me and as you tell the story behind it starts to sing Haven more and it’s a very unusual about Ashley Did a video in the history of lovato and this is a very new zermat. I’ve never seen him about or Lakeville So yeah, this is the first one that we’ve had I’ve seen a couple of these in like auction catalogues and on the internet But this is the person that we that we acquire so my viewers they like to give prices retail On the retail and what is a stranger and this is actually a pretty expensive Novato due to the rarity I think this one is sitting in like the thirteen five fourteen thousand dollar range and there you have it if you guys walk by This anywhere without here in the story when I didn’t having that kind of knowledge You would never think that it’s a turkey I needed a night before I sat down it and you know What as you said that it made it a bit more appealing to me, which is the crazy part. By the way, this place is It’s crazy, right? Yeah ladder bracelet. It’s like follow Like missing center link. Yeah, so it looks the nickname is like ladder style bracelet Seafarers made that bracelet. So GF made a lot of bracelets for like on Mars be gay and a bunch of other You know brands and stuff like that. You mind if I pick one? Yeah. Yeah go for it I do know a few things. I read a lot and I’m into vintage watches Brunning is the one thing I have probably the least amount of knowledge for so what are we looking at here? So this is a Breitling navitor 806 this has a Venus caliber movement in it. So it’s early. It’s very well preserved You’ve got a opa on the dial So in early marketing and early collaboration Breitling actually marketed the nabbit Eimer with the AOPA The other thing too is nav nav Atty mer comes from navigation and timer so it’s a mash-up of the two words which I think is kind of a cool little story behind these watches but Aviators watch even though this watch is very early in terms of its production. It’s big, right? So it’s a it’s kind of an oversized watch. It’s a pilot’s watch I think these watches are really cool and they’re very much relevant and you know cool again today you’re gonna get I think you know if you put this on anyone how to get my other favorite watches from the fifties is I have Deborah Brigades up 20 without the barrier rating is probably my most one of my most favorite the Fifty Fathoms From one font in their era. Yeah I think that rugged vintage military look is a whole different genre vintage watches one of those things to maybe be ex-military I guess Yeah, but for the most part Vintage military together is it’s a great theme. I feel like and I feel like they’re always great So I like a lot of vintage military watches. I mean, we actually have a few like this Tudor here is a really interesting tutor Who dinky actually did it right up on this exactly watch here, but this is what they call The Tudor hybrid snowflake. So what’s interesting about this watch is Let me see. I actually have if you want to grab me that guy sure I can kind of show you the differences in what? Makes it this special but if you look the marker configuration on a normal snowflake is like this Where you have that kind of block marker? And this one has more of a that’s kind of why it got its nickname snowflake because of those markers, right? Yeah, because of the markers in the handset so kind of is like reminiscent of a snowflake but this watch here to the to the right is A very special lock because it was issued to the Royal Canadian Navy. So the French marine nationale contacted Tudor and Wanted a different dial and a different handset on their dive watches for military issue that were more legible underwater So the snowflake kind of came as a result of that You know revoir so let’s talk about prices and the difference between the two Yeah, so or your snowflake or was that trading up today the regular snowflake? these are sitting anywhere between Let’s say ten and fourteen thousand depending on condition This being that it’s a hybrid snowflake meaning that it has the more traditional style markers and that in the rare handset This is trading for twenty five thousand So the kind of stuff that you’d get, you know hanging out in the business world tiny little differences subtle little differences that make it watch that much more rare and knowledge is king as they say and this is why I’m glad I have a bunch of friends camera included in the business business because I can always reach out and I can always ask and I thought was say oh wait a minute because if I came across both that he’s I know what the market price is on a Snowflake. I recently sold one. That was a little bit late as I saw one on the big blue dollars holder for like eleven And guess what if it happen? Right now and I would have known that I may have left 15 to 20 thousand dollars on the table by strict liquor and to think the funny thing about these is that some of our the other one looks like legit, so Totally I mean, yeah you almost wouldn’t even know and that’s the thing that I love about vintage and the same thing with like cars and that kind of Stuff too is like you really have to be a sport You have to be an enthusiast to really understand it and you can’t it You know, like you said Devils in the details, right? Like for example, we look at that paddock right here This is a really cool paddock. So this is a paddock ellipse The cool thing about this is it’s actually in steel. So it’s normally direct or gold I’m normally how about I’ve never seen a steel rod ever This is I think is the only steel lips actually that paddock I’ve ever made Yeah, so the cosign dial paddock for bear would make this much pretty incredible, you know those crazy Crazy sport and like to going back to what our friend Bob said You know right now they’re doing these manufactured collectible you watch These are the real collectibles the ones with a story behind it one with the history of having a lot with time behind them Really is what it all comes down to it. I feel like although I mostly sell modern I have a fair share of vintage watches and when I talk about something Singing – it’s really the history the story behind these timepieces That sync to someone like myself like to certainly sync is someone who is a watch like this more so than that with modern timepieces Camryn has been a blast. I’m gonna be in LA actually early November. Okay. I’ll give you your shout. Yeah, please do come Thanks, thank you so much. I appreciate it. Yeah great. So I’m here with Georgia Medina you’ve been around since how long Family business. Well, my father started like 40 years ago. And here we are. Yeah, let’s talk about a father for a minute He’s probably the biggest and most important collector encyclopedia professor of Rolexes worldwide there’s nobody out there that I know who’s a bigger walking encyclopedia when it comes to roly’s and what they Decided to do is to take all that knowledge and put it into their book So I’m sure you guys are familiar with all the rollers books Panerai books Patek books This is the first and foremost authority on anything Rolex whenever I have a question, I send Georgia a whatsapp Who’s also walking encyclopedia of all things Rolex, but she also speaks about nine languages at the same time. Not so much His English is not that great to make a long story short I have every single one of these books you can find them on their website and I’ll link everything below I sell their books as well on my website. I refer to their books from time to time well pretty much every time you can find a lot of information online if there’s So much information online that a lot of the times that what’s a Natalia the Fugazi information big fake? yes, when you go to a book, this is also 40 years of knowledge 40 years of collecting and Really really in-depth the research oftentimes I know that some of the people from a lot of rollers actually call these guys to get information something that they don’t know that It’s very very true. I know it sounds odd, but it is true. So why am I doing this interview? I wanted to reduce the latest book, right? This is the Daytona, correct? All right, so the Daytona book It just came out focus on myself winning Rolex Daytona It’s very specific and detailed work about these models from there 16 520 until today to the ferrochrome I surf LexA ever rose. It’s very complete work and such a deep study I really suggest you to have a look online when that but soon and Romance website as well self winning Rolex Daytona and for anything you need Feel free to ask me Follow me on Instagram, Georgia Montana, and I will be happy to reply on your questions and one other thing I must tell you is the fact that Georgia have bought a little bit old school in Georgia that it’s a new school joke, Georgia has created a powerhouse of online influencing I should call it starting from her low Rolex passion and Facebook page that has what almost six hundred thousand followers So Georgia has become a major major influence any time should post something of mine I get a following right away and we’ve been friends for quite a while now In fact the way we met was us and trade show You needed a space to display and I say here Georgia to put your stuff here because I love her books I love her as a person I love her husband just the same and the newest Daughter who’s the cutest thing ever? Who’s in the room right now taking a nap. They don’t do that with jet lag Yeah But this is a plug for my friend Georgia because she does make some wonderful wonderful books, and I wouldn’t Plug them unless I loved them unless I read them and Alice I referred them from time to time again you can find a ton of information online and A lot of that stuff people don’t even know what the hell they’re talking about these books They’re printed before they’re printed all the research is done. Somebody is out there hunting for vintage and modern This is definitely what you should refer to Well, hold on a second, I also had the honor of writing a preface in one of the books That wasn’t because of me But I did I did manage to write a preface waters book when I was extremely honored to do so nevertheless It’s always good to see my friend. It’s always good to plug my friend in their product. Check out the Mondavi books It’s the best you’ll ever find when it comes to printed material and information anything Rolex and not just rollers You have pan-arab books we have You know, so definitely check them out, Georgia. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you Bye. Bye. Thank you. Bye. Bye. And that’s all she wrote for the New York show. It was a bit slow I think we got the message across to their owners in regards to continue some things up So hopefully it will change for the positive eyes back. They’re picking up our stuff It should have it back in the office tomorrow and come back to the grind

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