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Breaking Down Hip-Hop’s Love For Patek Philippe | Genius News

Breaking Down Hip-Hop’s Love For Patek Philippe | Genius News

TIA: Luxury watchmaker Patek Philippe gets
a lot of shine in hip-hop. Artists from Beyoncé to Migos have all name-dropped
the brand. Although Audemars Piguet, Hublots, and Rolexes
get plenty of shout outs too, 2017 was definitely the year of Patek Philippe. A third of the songs on the Billboard Hot
100 in 2017 included a Patek reference, and the trend continues in 2018 with 13 songs
charting so far. TIA: Migos’ 2018 Culture 2 references the high-end watch 28 times, with 24 references from Offset alone. So, what’s the hype? Patek Philippe is a high-end Swiss watch manufacturer known for its intricate designs and traditional craftsmanship. Patek Philippe has been lacing royal family
members for over a century, but the watches are rare items—fewer than 1 million have been made since 1839. It takes over a thousand watch school-trained employees to make one exclusive piece, and only 50,000 are made each year. On top of that, each of those watches can
take anywhere from 9 months to more than 2 years to make. So, how much will a Patek cost you? You’ll have to cough up at least $5,000
for older, pre-owned models but the most expensive Patek sold to-date was auctioned for $24 million
dollars. We spoke to the people over at Icebox in Atlanta,
one of hip-hop’s go-to spots for jewelry, and got some insight on Patek Philippe’s
biggest styles and trends. Patek Philippe beats out other brands like
Audemars Piguet and Rolex as the most popular luxury watch. Plain, iced out, and two-tone Pateks are common among these watch-loving artists, and the Nautilus seems to be the most popular model. TIA: Hip-hop continues to be a trusted compass of the culture. These Patek addicts don’t hesitate to flex
their latest obsession, and we can count on their lyrics to know what they’re on next.

Reader Comments

  1. When you ice out a watch you're fucking it up an that's a fact, all yhose diamonds are worthless, these rappers think they are flexing some high class stuff, but anyone that knows anything about watches will tell you plain jane is the way to go, if you're thinking about getting a watch, please think about it before fucking it up, don't let these clowns influence you

  2. If you know anything about watches you know that probably most of those pateks are fake, because they don't sell to everyone

  3. PATEK PHILLIPE the plain one, that's too much sauce. Hermes in the a that's too much sauce. AUDEMAR HUBLOT now, that's too much sauce

  4. Hearing Genius talk about luxury watches is BRUTAL. No idea what they’re talking about. As they show shots of AP Royal Oaks. “Fewer than a million made since the 1840s” yet they “sell 50k a year”? Do the math. 😑

  5. "Niggas cant front on the flows you got, but ever fucking verse how much dough you got" – J. Cole
    These rappers are basic asf!!🤣

  6. It’s kinda funny that this video is supposed to be about Patek Philippe but the watch that Lil pumps is sporting from 1:11 to 1:18 is an Audemars Piguet (AP) Royal Oak. It’s on the same level just a different Brand altogether, but very elite. You may want to actually look at the watches in the video you post if it’s about a particular watch because all theses rappers often switch between the AP, Rolex, and Patek. Good video though. You should make a video about AP now. Thanks.

  7. Everyone was sayin Patek. Philippe.
    But then Beyonce came out and said….Philippe….Patek!! Dat shit was hard to me lol!

    I also still enjoy hearing Patek mentions even though it has been references a hell of a lot of times

  8. They said Patek Philippe beats out AP and Rolex as the most popular luxury watch? They certainly are higher end. But how can they be more popular when rolex makes a million watches a year and Patek only makes a few thousand?

  9. A feminine watch to match the feminine way they dress. Nothing wrong with a unisex watch for todays rapper.

  10. funny they talk about hip culture and the usage of patek watches yet don't mention at all a song purely dedicated to the maker called patek water lol

  11. This is why I hate hip hop today. I’m sure the rappers don’t know anything about horology either. But I digress hip hop sucks today. No art just bragging. Can’t buy class.

  12. Patek phillipe worth 100. K
    My work schedule out on the block is mash all night & grind all day" Paul Wall (chunk up the duece) 2006

  13. one of reasons why nautilus's are out of stock. jewelers are buying them like crazy and covering them with diamonds. /sigh

  14. The moment u realize what the fuck they were saying. How u spending money on shit u cant pronounce correctly.. fucking dumb rich people

  15. I respect rappers who brag about investing in stocks and bonds versus screaming Patek Patek Patek. This is what white millionaires teach their kids. Meanwhile, black kids grow up broke.

  16. We all know Patek corporate hates it that ghetto rappers like Patek. Remember, they ruined the Cadillac brand and the Tommy Hillfiger brand as well. I am sure if given the chance Patek would pay the thug rappers not to mention or even wear a Patek. A Patek on a rapper is like lipstick on a pig.

  17. It's a very expensive "time piece" that's the only reason every rapper on every other song have to let it be known they got one.

  18. There is no such thing as a flooded diamond patek phillipe, its all done after market and stupid af and a disgrace to the craftmanship.

  19. It pains me to see these rappers destroying these intricate and beautiful watches don't they know if u ice a Patek the value goes down.

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