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Brand New comprehensive Renekton guide on my FREE website! (Announcement)

Brand New comprehensive Renekton guide on my FREE website! (Announcement)

Attention Summoners! A New Challenger Approaches. In fact a lot of them do and they are eager
for your attendance to RTO Academy, a new site with the latest and most up to date strategy
guides for your champion. With no sponsors, RTO Academy is a community
project where we provide the guides from the best players in the world at zero cost. We know you care about your rank performance
more than ever, so why would you care to learn from anyone other than the best? From one tricks to All Stars, RTO Academy
will have the perfect teacher for you and you will climb like never before. I would promise you your money back… however
we are not asking for it. Forget those other guides trying to sell you
a Top 10 soloqueue list and listen to the players who built their name on their champion. RTO Challenger Guides. Always Free.

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  1. Get HYPED! Completely Free Guides made by Only Challenger! Don't pay for a subscription anymore. This has been a massive undertaking by me and my brother over the last couple months which is why I haven't been uploading as much. Enjoy!

  2. Nice Now i will always open that for my Renek because I can't face darius and fiora. And RTO because of you I loved renekton more than anything

    Also This is My Mom account and I forgot My pass on my Google account Love you RTO<3❤️

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