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Bluetooth Wireless Pocket Barcode Scanner | WWS100i from Wasp Barcode

Bluetooth Wireless Pocket Barcode Scanner | WWS100i from Wasp Barcode

So you’re busy and you need a cordless barcode
scanner that easily integrates with your iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device? Well, we’ve got your covered with the WWS100i
Cordless Pocket Barcode Scanner. The Wasp WWS100i easily integrates with Apple
iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, or tablet PC for instant access, anywhere, anytime. Just sync the barcode scanner wirelessly with
the mobile device and begin working on the go. The WWS100i quickly scans barcodes at 240
scans per second, up to five inches from the barcode, and over 10 feet from the mobile
device. Communication is secure, fast, and easy to
use. The WWS100i includes an integrated rechargeable
lithium ion battery and can capture up to 5000 scans on a single charge within an eight-hour
work shift. To recharge the WWS100i, simply plug in the
USB adapter in to your scanner and then into your PC. This barcode scanner is lightweight, and easily
fits into a shirt pocket to keep you on the move in any application. The WWS100i saves time, increases efficiency,
and streamlines business processes to provide users the freedom of scanning integration
with remote mobile devices. All of this is achievable with one of the
lowest cost cordless scanners available. Click the link below now for more information
on this incredible cordless pocket barcode scanner.

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  1. Can this scanner scan barcodes into website text box fields (which the tablet or smartphone) in question has loaded up on the screen?

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