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Blindfold Tasting challenge,Tesco Brand VS Normal Brands

Blindfold Tasting  challenge,Tesco Brand VS Normal Brands

A jackielegs production
Hi guys it jackielegs for another video And today were doing a taste test so we got
a verity of food in front of me blindfold well need that
So what we got is coco pops and got the cheap version Tesco own coco snaps and we got aero
bubble Tesco’s own jam sandwiches jammy dodgers mmm we got kit Kats and we got there
version which is called snappy fingers we got coco cola and we also got classic coca
cola so in front of me not supposed to see which one which yet so let’s get them all
uncovered so the idea of this is to see which one is the cheapest and yep see which one
the cheapest right let’s get tucked in blindfold on I am a bit nervous get milk first get the
cow get the cow well start off with first I better put the milk in first cause I know
what will happen it go everywhere start of the putting milk in each one first that the
cow in let’s get started lets jumble things up a bit so I don’t know which ones which
right so I can’t see anything that’s in front of me at all right so I got something
here so let’s see (laughing) I should have put a spoon in the bowel (Laughing) I got
a spoon I think I think I have watch this I miss my mouth in a minute right so I put
it back immediately and see which one it was (eating) I think that one is coco pops I think
I put it back right it was right chocolatey that one was coco pops let’s see what this
one is its actually hard to tell taste much the same I think that’s the cheaper version
right I take of the blindfold and see which ones which I was right that was the cheaper
version and they actually look the same when there in the bowel that was defflently the
cheaper version you can tell the difference this one is more chocolatey now or the next
one let’s see downside is I won’t be able to see which one which so what I do is just
that muddle them all up again right what should we do next coke now I can tell which one which
by feeling so I should have got bigger can each never thought off that one let’s just
get on with this and see what it taste like if I can thing open well I know this is cheap
by the feeling the cans drinking taste aright actually it tastes just like proper cola just
taste cheap if I thought about it more I would’ve got a bigger can then I wouldn’t be able
to tell the difference drinking not much difference slight stronger that the right one slightly
more stronger taste to it right so that’s classic cola and that’s coca cola right
so were going to taste biscuit’s now and sweets the packing is slight different I think
I got the dear one let’s see what it taste like it’s the taste that counts eating that’s
defiantly can tell from the wrapping that’s defflently can hear something behind me what
is that get away from my stuff it taste the same I hope you’ve not licked that folks
if the cat licked the jammy dodger please let me know in the comments (laughing) don’t
so well do the jammy dodgers first before the cat eats them blindfold on I can feel
cat mix them up so I can’t tell juggle them about so you viewer’s known which one which
which the cheapest I bet the cat having one now (eating) that’s defflently the proper
branded one I can hear a cat licking a bowl I don’t usual talk with my mouth full
so that defflently the cheaper version it actually
taste the same I find the jammy dodger sticky in texture so that was defflently more stickier
than the other one defiantly stickier hey get your nose out of there so before the cat
gets his head in the bowel so that was the cheap one and that was the proper brand get
your nose out of there so wrap that up I don’t know if the cat had tongue all over it go
and say hello to the viewers turn around and say hello hey no that’s mine jammy dodger
blind folds on next up aero mmm lets do that famous thing were you let the bubbles melt
in your mouth let’s do that mmm I haven’t got the patience that’s nice going to try
the cheap brand it’s alright it taste cheap the bubbles don’t melt I can tell the difference
this is the cheap one and this the good one so I find in the aero that the bubbles melt
in mouth better than the cheap its more delightful so if you liked the video please hit the subscribe
button and leave a like I hope we will be doing a part two we were supposed to be doing
crisps but (bike horn) got the wrong type so if you liked the video please hit the like
button and subscribe to the channel and if you like to see sooty as well in future videos
hit the subscribe right that’s all for today snappy fingers out

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