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Beware Coronavirus Scams: What To Watch Out For | TODAY

Beware Coronavirus Scams: What To Watch Out For | TODAY

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  1. Except maybe the IRS 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 No, they will not call for money ever. Take that off your clip.

  2. Beware youtube and Facebook are taking down videos and posts speaking out against CORONAVIRUS there are more cases and deaths then the government is telling us THEY WANT US ALL TO GET INFECTED THERE NEEDS TO BE A STATE SHUT DOWN!!!

  3. I wonder what she looks like without makeup. She looks so different just from the reporting clip and the in-studio clip. That is why you always need to find a way to see a girl without makeup just to know what you’re really getting.

  4. Plenty of research behind colloidal silver… why would they want you to try that when they want you to die quite obviously… depopulation is their agenda

  5. I have used colloidal silver to cure pink eye. And in the end, it's not too difficult to make your own with instructions on YouTube. Baby with bath water.

  6. Don't worry, the government will never ever reach out to help you. So anyone who contacts you is a scammer. And fish oil is a scam quack cure, but Prescription fish oil is a life saver! And colloidal silver is a scam but perscription silver sept cream is a lifesaver. Alkaline water is a scam but ringers lactate and other iv solutions are a lifesaver! Roundup weed killer is totally safe! Oh wait it causes all sorts of cancer.

  7. So if there scammers for the cdc.
    What do you ask them for? How do you no if there really scammers?? What do they need to be legit cdc employees??

  8. Nanno Silver dose supress SARS Viruses attachment to ACE2 Receptors…..don't believe a News Channel that told you COVID19 was weaker then the common flu.

  9. Just went to rite aid and stocked up on everything I need just incase, lol why do people go to walmart and Costco big places where you run into more people. Got in got out and seen maybe 3 people in there lol

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