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  1. You are having a boy and Nikki is having a girl! You still have a waist and you are carrying low. We are so excited for you.. you are lovely! Both of you! So blessed!

  2. I’m sorry Nikki but ever since we had the baby I would I am I liked you but I sense of sort of video of you hitting answering if you are free I thought that bree was a bit better Bella twins but now I think he’s too all the best and I love you guys andBird is so cute

  3. I thing baby going to have a baby boy
    Because girls babies are visually higher and yours a little bit down and you can tell about the pictures well so I think it’s a boy

  4. I like you too much twin bella
    You are sweet angels 🌹🥰
    I like how you are sweet pure heart and lovely ❤
    Im following you from ( iraq ).

  5. I think you’re having a boy.. I heard that when you carry them higher it’s a girl and lower it’s a boy. Don’t know how true that is but yeah. Also I’m glad you’re doing the measuring videos again. I liked those last time. I loved following your whole journey and I’m so happy to be following it again. 😊 love you, Brie! 💕

  6. Salam Bella Niki nais feis nais dires nais lip nais her so bitifol sexsi garl nais u son u bebi mi cois son nais viduo I love you Bella

  7. Take care of yourselves Bellas 🤗🤗🤗 lead a cheerful and happy life ahead 😘😘😘 Good wishes and lots of love for y'all ❤❤❤

  8. Jis ko subscribers ki zarorat hai wo comment ko like kr do or Mujay subscribe krdo Mere pass 20 Id he may us IDs se aapko follow back krdongi
    100000000% sure

  9. Omg so cute I bet its a boy n my 2nd pregnancy i got huge my 1st one I was tiny 😂 you n ur sister are beautiful 😍

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