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Battle of the Brands S2E9: Stolen Superstar and Newly Acquired Legends!

Battle of the Brands S2E9: Stolen Superstar and Newly Acquired Legends!

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  1. Why are the promos on here better than the actual product?
    Let’s not even mention how much better the booking is.

  2. I don't get this game as well, Woods got 3,8 stars overall and Breeze got 3,6 and still won.
    I might be missing something just like Woods.

  3. Match quality + popularity + rivalries = fans. I've been team breezy from day 1, allegiance had changed, team Woods for the comeback. No better time for the butt cheeks.

  4. Anyone else find it funny that in this universe Aiden English is twice as popular as the legend Trish Stratus 😂

  5. If i had to guess, i think the reason why creed keeps losing is because smackdown has no advertising, how would ppl know to tune in if they arent told beforehand therefore the early mercy rule xD

  6. Woods @ 22:45… yup. maybe put Woods on Raw & Breeze on SD! and see if they didn't actually intentionally code the game for SD! to actually be the "B Show"

  7. Y'know, I've hated all of the wrestler intercuts this season because of how dumb they've been,, but Drake redeemed the whole thing.

  8. Would really think maybe… next season Creed and Breeze switch brands? I mean, mercy rule at max 30 episodes in at this rate.

  9. I watch because I enjoy it and look for to watching you to playing gm mode but I've feeling your going win next show

  10. Creed-i dont undestand how the game works.

    Me-fire the yokels, focus on two main event fueds, example stone cold/mcmahon and undertaker/kane fueds building up to the main event. Use the promo spots to add money for a good month to secure contracts then use the promos to hype the main event fueds. End smaller fueds within a month but attempt to keep the main event fueds up to 2 months when possible. Your main focus is to build up for the world title such as not only focus on two main superstars but at least 4 to 6 competing for the title 1v1 and contenders for the main fued. The cruiserweight, tag titles and us titles should always be just to get the next step to win the world title.

    So, dont worry about those lesser titles. Use all your focus on the world title making that scene as important as possible. Then use the extra time for the midcard and lower.

    You also want to sign as many workers to 3 month contracts so you can free up promo spots to hype fueds. If you can only afford one 3 month contract then so be it but you also need 5 weeks for multiple workers. This would be so much more easier if contracts were disabled but for a youtube channel that would ruin the fun of this series and tension would be lost.

    If a fued upper midcard fued is 4 stars use that in the main events over superstars with 3 star fueds. Use the promo spots to hype main events and at times change up the matches to include different workers who arent apart of the fued for one week while using a promo to feature the fued.

    Example, davari vs gable are in a 3 week fued, book a match not including one of the participants while booking the other in a singles match while using the promo to highlight the davari/gable fued during that week to keep the fued going in the next week.

    With your main fueds for the title, switch up the main fued matches from time to time while using both your promo spots for the two main fueds going. Undetaker/cena as a fued for the title and orton/shelton benjamin as the #1 contenders fued. You can taker/benjamin and orton/cena one week while using your promos to keep both fueds going for one week. Danger is that the fueds will get a thumbs down in later weeks while you can also attempt to keep the fued at 3/4 thumbs up awhile longer then usual. And strongly suggest you dont use the promos to hype the main event because you lose the fued with this method. Only hype main events with ongoing fueds.

    So, to recap. Focus on your main title and keep at least 6 contenders in mind for fueds at all times. Even if your top guys are at 75 popularity they can still add some spice to the contender scene. One main title, 6 contenders for the last two spots on your card. Mid and lower cards are only build up to the main event, spend less focus with these guys while attempting to make your main title scene as eventful as possible.

  11. I believe around 10 min in , our friend Austin (Mr Creed if ya nasty ) is listening to the hit song "Love Me Sexy " made famous in the phenomenal hit movie
    "Semi Pro" starring the musical Casanova, "Smooth Lungs" Willy F- star of hit movies such as the Anchor of Man , and Blades of Glory

  12. Yo Creed, I'm not sure you're reading through the depths of these comments, but you're not paying enough attention to your wrestler's popularity. Those multi-man matches that Breeze keeps putting on may have the same – or even lower – star rating as the singles matches you put on, but four popular wrestlers putting on an okay-ish match is gonna get more asses in seats than two less popular guys putting on a clinic.

  13. That was a big leap of logic for Creed to say Breeze using Zelina was cheating this whole time. This man will say anything lol.

  14. The key to winning Austin is to pick RAW as the GM. Everyone knows Vince thinks RAW is the "A" show. Especially 15 years ago when this game was released. The developers knew this and Breeze knows this.

  15. Based off of stars, I feel Austin should’ve won. But as I watched Breeze build his show, I felt that was the better show.


    Also Austin: *has access to the save, plays for an in-game year, has all the footage and roster details, blames Breeze

  17. Creed: "the corners of my mouth are turned upward towards the sky"

    20 seconds later…..

    They're turned downward towards the ground

  18. Breeze is smart to give both randy and rey new superstar promo. That gives 3 popularity points to them. Breeze is definitely gonna win this season too.

  19. Creed is correct. A trade does not cost you money, as the superstar's contract was already paid for by the other GM. This is why a tactic you use against the CPU when playing GM Mode works, where you sign a high popularity superstar for 5 weeks, then offer to "trade down" to the CPU. The CPU always signs for, like, 6 months or something nonsense, and so they end up having to re-up your 5 week contract and it buries their cash.

    Breeze just charged Creed for the mistake, making the advantage he got from it larger rather than mitigating it. 🙁

  20. 3 3 1/2* matches
    2 3* matches
    1 2 1/2* match

    Over breeze’s
    1 3 1/2* match
    4 3* matches
    1 2 1/2* match

    Shows that you have to focus on rivalries, showing off new stars and NOT interfering

  21. Creed was right they should have traded. The Mouth of the South Local Yokel’s salary would have offset Zelina’s. Now he’s paying for both even if he releases Yokel.

  22. "I didn't have a spot for him right now." -Creed saying why he didn't take Undertaker and yet DRAKE MAVERICK IS HIS CHAMPION RIGHT NOW!

    You clearly don't understand how the game works.

  23. I thought I needed to see a back and forth close battle, but I'm surprisingly content to watch creed just get utterly dominated lol

  24. “Stole Vega”
    Am I bugging, or do they not see each other’s simulated matches, and Zelina popped up plenty of times?

  25. Does woods know that the code of the game makes it easier for raw to gain fans. They literally skewed the favor to benefit raw. There is literally nothing he can do about it.

  26. Breeze will always be a half step ahead. lol he is more aware of Creed's roster than Austin is. but really the game probably is just positioned in the algorithms for Raw to be the A show like it used to be in real life

  27. In SvR ‘06 the game opts for Raw I did a two year simultaneous build w/ Raw having low tier superstars and Smackdown having almost all of the big names in the game and it only barely won both years

  28. Why I watch these: to see the strategy involved in making the best card possible by two people with experience in the industry, the drama of seeing what will happen, the reactions, and the witty banter. This is all very entertaining!

  29. If Wrestlemania gets cancelled then this channel should have the people on the card come to play each other in WWE 2K in order to simulate what the card would have looked like

  30. Look at episode 7 of season 1 and they are at a near identical spot breeze does have 45,000 more fans this season though

  31. Creed, go ahead and start new feuds that way by ppv time, everything will work in your favor. If you continue with your current feuds, they'll start getting thumbs down and your ratings will be lowered

  32. Breeze’s show was full of 2-3 star matches. Woods had 3-3 1/2 star matches. Woods had the better show yet breeze still wins the fans support. Even when woods clearly wins he still loses. 😂

  33. I look forward to these every week. I love the little promos and seeing who is going to get heated and when. Watching the rage build and then explode however is my favorite. I am looking forward to a mercy rule…

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