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Baselworld Watches 2019 – Rolex & Patek Philippe OMG!

Baselworld Watches 2019 – Rolex & Patek Philippe OMG!

So it’s that time of the year and Baselworld
is about to premiere the new releases for all the brands. It’s literally hours away and here are a couple
of the predictions that I feel will be coming out for Patek and Rolex. [opening music] Unbelievable man. I swear to God, like it never fails. I feel like every single time I’m gonna jump
from Downtown Miami to Brickell, this freaking bridge has to open up. OK, so some of the obvious things that are
gonna happen with Rolex is the rumors are confirmed, they’re discontinuing the Submariner,
the current model Submariner and the GMT and of course, the same play as always, they’re
gonna replace it with a new movement, blah, blah, blah…and maybe some like subtle little
changes. So there’s not much you can do to a watch
that’s already perfect, but some of the things that I predict are gonna happen and I’ve been
waiting for is… For example, which is a really easy play for
them. They already have the models. The chances of a new model happening are slim,
so all they gotta do is play with the dials and the metals. But one of the watches that I’ve been waiting
for and I feel that this year is gonna happen is the gonna be the two-tone Daytona in rose
gold. And if they do a two-tone Daytona in rose
gold, that’s gonna be an instant success. I mean, everybody’s girlfriend or wife is
gonna be asking for that two-tone Daytona in rose. So as far as the dials and whether the bezel
is gonna be ceramic or rose, I mean…I’m not really a psychic, but I have a feeling
that this has been overdue and that is what I feel is gonna be one of the for sure releases. Another one that there’s a slight possibility
would be perhaps the Sky-Dweller two-tone in rose. Not sure if they’re gonna milk it already
and just drop that or there gonna wait a little bit longer, but since I feel that the two-tone
yellow Sky has been so slow, it would be pretty smart for them to drop the rose and spice
up the market. So another thing we wanna touch is the whole
GMT speculation, you know, whether the Pepsi, the Batman, I mean I don’t doubt it the Batman
is permanently discontinued. I mean, it’s had a pretty long run. I don’t know, you know, I wouldn’t miss it
that much if they got rid of it. Now, my prediction is, I don’t see anything
else at least for right now in a Jubilee band because I feel it would take away from the
whole buzz of the Pepsi. However, I do think that I predict that what
they’re gonna release is an Oyster strap Coca Cola. There’s no reason why they wouldn’t have the
Coca Cola being that it’s an iconic model. I just think that they’re kind of milking
it. My prediction is a GMT Coca Cola on an Oyster
band. Now, there’s no doubt in my mind that these
guys are gonna play the standard card of just a bunch of funky dials and stuff like that
with all the Datejust and all that. That’s not really what we’re trying to go
for here. You know, another model that I think would
be necessary and some of you guys might not agree with you. But I feel like Rolex needs to come out with
something in stainless steel with an Oysterflex strap. I don’t know. I don’t know, maybe it’s an Explorer. I highly doubt they’ll do a Sub or a GMT,
but maybe they’ll give us perhaps a Yacht-Master in steel on an Oysterflex strap. But they gotta come out with something in
stainless steel with a strap. It would be kind of weird and not really in
their normal doing because mostly all of the times that they put either a leather strap
or something of that nature is usually precious metal. How cool would a stainless steel be on an
Oysterflex strap. So moving on to my quick for Baselworld 2019,
let’s go over the Patek. Now Patek is such an elusive brand that there’s
really no telling what the heck is gonna happen, you know? I’m gonna go right now and say that a 5980
rose gold with a blue dial is not gonna happen, even though that would be absolutely amazing. But they won’t do that. Who knows? Who knows if they’ll do a 5980 all-platinum. I doubt it. But what I think is one of more of the realistic
predictions is perhaps the 5990 in all-rose. I mean, that’s coming, whether it’s gonna
be this year or next year, that’s coming, but maybe we’ll be lucky enough that this
year we will be blessed with the 5990 in rose. However, if that happens, there’s always the
chance that the 5980 in rose will be discontinued. And if that happens, those things are gonna
be going through the roof in price. I mean, I already feel booty hurt that I sold
mine in December for $105,000 and I can’t even replace it for $125,000, but whatever. So another prediction that I have for Patek
and now guys, this is a little bit of a wild one. Why not? Let’s just shoot some crazy darts on the board,
is perhaps a 5726 in all rose. Not gonna lie, that’ll be a hot piece and
you know, it would kind of diversify it a little bit because I think just having the
rose 5711 and the rose 5980 doesn’t give a lot of options, so perhaps maybe a 5726 in
rose would be kick ass. So the Baselworld Show is hours away and soon
these brands will reveal what tricks they have hidden up their sleeves. You know, we’ll see what happens. It’s an easy playbook for these guys. All they gotta do is get the models, switch
up the dials and the metals and it’s a win. You know, the one that I’m really hoping for
is the Daytona because I feel that that one would be an instant win for them. That’s been overdue for quite some time. Who wouldn’t buy a Daytona in two-tone in
rose gold if that’s the model you’re interested in. So feel free to comment below how you feel
about some of my picks and also maybe some of the ones that you think they’ll be releasing. And don’t forget to hit the notifications
bell until it looks like this or otherwise, you might not be catching our latest episode. And if you liked this video, please like and
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Reader Comments

  1. It would actually be a disadvantage to drop the rose if the yellow already failed on the skydweller…. Not sure where your business models are coming from that Richard Mille on your wrist must have you blinded to common sense.

  2. The ONLY non precious metal Rolex line, the Sea-Dweller, for fifty years has now been desecrated with a two tone. I have a 2002 SD, so I have skin in the game.

  3. is people loosing interest on rolex watches? since they are no available in the A.D's, you can't get what you want unless paying premium

  4. Wrong on all counts bro but that isn't your fault – rolex was a complete let down this year, save for the jubilee batman

  5. That’s the word “predictions” are. Well at least better than some other videos that says “Leak” which some how feel cheated when the whole true crash that “Leak”

  6. You need to make a post Baselworld 2019 video . I was waiting for a Rolex Explorer II with a black ceramic bezel on an rubber strap .

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