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[BANGTAN BOMB] BTS ‘ON’ MV reaction – BTS (방탄소년단)

[BANGTAN BOMB] BTS ‘ON’ MV reaction – BTS (방탄소년단)

Can I press play?
[The members are gathered to watch “ON” MV a few hours before release!] Lets go!
[The members are gathered to watch “ON” MV a few hours before release!] Sit down -Fantasy adventure
-Whoa It has gravitas Whoa it’s like a Netflix movie -Is that real smoke?
-Whoa that’s awesome It was freezing cold -Is that from Lord of the Rings?
-Really? -I almost froze to death
-Oh I heard Jin’s set was really cool It really looks great in the video -I was seriously freezing
-It’s like a movie Jin? On the ground? It’s like a movie Yep a zombie movie It’s like an American drama He finds a bird hit by an arrow Where do we go from here? How can our people survive? My mind was just blank
it was so cold Here we go JK!! JK, lookin’ good -I’m running away
-You’re escaping your tribe -Jimin!
-Whoa Jimin! The lighting’s amazing Jimin bought an old car j-hope uh, I mean V V, what character were you? No idea That kid was really cute Oh yeah, he kept beating the drums This turned out great -I ran all day
-JK! You really kept running They were real thorns You’re being chased Sunlight in LA– Real nice The light’s different Whoa hey, Jung Kook what’s up! Why’re you down? The guy in the back is me Haha really? Why’s that bird flying away? “I’m the guy in the back” It’s amazing I was in some barn for this -SUGA
-Here it is -Just like that?
-What’s this It’s turned luxurious all of a sudden -I have soot all over my face
-Were they real extras? So cool! V found something -Taehyung’s really handsome
-Oh, I’m… fixing the kid’s eyes You’re a god? You’re Dionysus? They put in the wall The war commences! The gates’s opening Whoa so handsome That’s where we’re all gathered Ohh there -Oh there
-CG’s amazing That’s not CG -The gate’s CG
-No it’s not -It’s really not
-That gate was there already -It was there
-It was open before -Really?
-Yeah -Was it really there?
-Dunno -I’m sure it wasn’t…
-Yes it was -Ugh, I suffered for this scene
-It really wasn’t there There was no gate I went in the water
It was freez– You really went in? -Weren’t you cold?
-The water’s not CG? -I almost froze to death
-Heard it was freezing Water’s not CG? It’s us We took like 20 takes of just walking My hands were frozen solid Are you fishing? A bird flies away Jin’s Magic Show! In Lord of the Rings– -Are you drinking water?
-No I’m blowing it You called over the clouds? Isn’t that from Lord of the Rings? -It’s like a spiritual–
-Oh, that’s how it turned out The color’s a bit different Where’s our walking scene? -Oh yeah
-Running up the mountain It comes at the end The dance break’s kinda random -That’s how it goes
-It’s our tribe dance It looks great Whoa man It’s awesome It’s like real cinema Tribal dance -They spent real money on CG
-Run run run The trees grow Isn’t this from Lion King? -Simba?
-Yeah When they hold up Simba -Pride Rock
-I think our chorus’ll come again at the end Let’s go! Hey we’re walking Oh yeah, I see something I see a bird and then… Oh yeah -It’s Lion King
-Now I start running JK! Run! Run JK! -Oh there’s no chorus, I thought there would be
-No it’ll come later It’s just the scenery -Isn’t that the Paramount Mountain?
-It’s a movie! It’s like Lion King That’s it? What does NO MORE DREAM mean? “No more dream” turns into “Dream” This is our reboot right? -So, so
-So “No more dream” really means “Dream”… “Don’t dream” right? But it’s turned into “Dream” again That’s right -Our MV is
-It turned out amazing I think people will really like it I know, the sunlight in LA is just amazing -How many views will it get?
-I get why people film stuff in LA I think like around… -Jung Kook, great job wow
-It was great The part where the scene cuts back and forth The kids… they all had to stand up at “Win no matter what!” But every time a couple of kids would miss the beat But really, I think people will love this Thank you so much I hope you love it Yeah, we did our best for you guys We really did -That’s right
-We looked cool I’m so glad we got to make these different versions I hope you watch it and get to love “ON” -I think it’ll be a hit
-Yeah thanks so much -That was great
-Really I loved it I hope you like it everyone! [j-hope and Jung Kook is watching the MV again] Whoa Jin
[j-hope and Jung Kook is watching the MV again] The bird’s speared aww It was hit like this and pinned to the ground I think the bird was eating me Whoa the scenery’s to die for The lighting’s really amazing Were you really cold? I was freezing You know how we soak our feet in ice water after our concert? It was like that I poured hot water in my shoes when I got out My hands are red There was an overseas crew -for CG and stuff
-Oh yeah -So cool
-All this Look at the flame roaring Wow Tada! That’s awesome The trees in the back changed It would have been so cool if we all ran Some scenes were cut Like us running? Yeah, and the other scene… with the actors walking, remember? -So we do run
-Yeah That’s actually all CG, when we run… -We ran one at a time
-One at a time Wanna go? Let’s go So cool, wow Dream…cool It’s a reboot album Thank you, I loved it

Reader Comments

  1. JK:"I'm the guy in the back"
    RM, the leader that should cared about his members: "Why's the bird flying away?"

  2. I can't get over how cute Suga is in this video. His voice and his laugh although he doesnt say much its just ?????

  3. Jungkook really did represent Simba. In the movie, when Simba is found by Simone and Pumba he is surrounded by vultures, carnivorous birds that feed on dead animals…

  4. BTS: *Pretending they don't know anything
    Also BTS : * Thinking * we know everything but we just do t want to make you feel lonely
    I love you guys

  5. 석진오빠 슬리퍼 빤짝빤짝 예뿌다 (๑ↀᆺↀ๑)
    그리고 뷔오빠 옆에 있던 여자아이 계탔다
    그 여자아이가 나였으면…

  6. all bts wear mask except jin and jungkook

    Rm: havent you heard of the covid-19?(coronavirus)

    Jin and jk: no?

    That sunday….

    Jk and jin: our tummy feels hurt abit

    Corona: see if you dont wear it .-.

  7. they actually looked like they were reacting to some other group called bts who had a music video called 'ON' for the first time

  8. 나만 초반부 슈게임 초밥 가게 생각나나요..?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ다들 생얼도 잘생겼다아!!!╰(✧∇✧)╯

  9. Only Fake maknae:Jin and Golden Maknae:Jungkook,who not using mask,and the others using mask…Jungkook and Jin not scared with corona virus and the others is scared

  10. Alguien más se dio cuenta que todos reaccionaban bien shido cuando salían todos menos cuando salía v

  11. Jin : is that Lion king's rock? Is that Paramount mountain ? ????????????? Yes Jin, We're all discussed that hahaha

  12. If I was a kpop idol and filmed a video I would be so emberasing if I watched it!I DONT KNOW WHY!

  13. Y’all remember when we didn’t have subtitles we would just sit and watch this without knowing what they were saying

    Good times

  14. ya know when I first saw that scene of namjoon with animals, I thought: "wow, RM is dr. dolittle now?"

    I'm sorry XD

  15. Another time when I feel so relatable to Jungkook: Being the dead body in the background. Yeah, I did that for one of my older brother's short films when I was about 10 years old. Ah, the memories~~

  16. You have done a wonderful job …

    I never tire of seeing your performances become more and more incredible every day …

    Thank you for the Love and Joy that you transmit to us …

    Your success is more than deserved, take care of yourself, I keep a warm place in my heart

  17. The fact that bts help with their projects and still aren't aware of what their music videos mean. The way they noticed the lion king scene and the way namjoon mentioned paramount movies ??

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