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[BANGTAN BOMB] BTS amazed and amused by Galaxy Wall – BTS (방탄소년단)

[BANGTAN BOMB] BTS amazed and amused by Galaxy Wall  – BTS (방탄소년단)

These are all phones?
[What’s caught Jin’s eyes after he toured the exhibit?] Each one’s a phone stuck to the wall
[What’s caught Jin’s eyes after he toured the exhibit?] No…wait, you’re right [The Galaxy Wall made with phones!] See, you can tell
[The Galaxy Wall made with phones!] [Kookie touched the phone and turned something else on] I’m in trouble
[Kookie touched the phone and turned something else on] [Kookie touched the phone and turned something else on] I…I somehow… -You’ve done it
-Let’s take a photo You’ve done it It’s sort of… These are all Galaxy phones? -Oh, these are all phones?
-Yeah -Wow
-Oh wow -So you touched one?
-I messed something up -What’re we going to do?
-Amazing It’s a fly in the ointment It’ll go back if you do this Wait, wait, what’s this -What’s going on
-It switched to something else -Hurry, try this
-Look at it now -These are all Galaxy phones?
-Do this, and there Hey, look! You can swipe down for the settings [The members received prior permission to interact with the display, and it was restored later to its original setting] Wait Why would you… -Hey, don’t do that
-Let’s play hopscotch You’re not supposed to play with it
[The members are both amazed and amused] Whoever flips the most wins I can’t…these kids… This is Galaxy -Should I try?
-Don’t… -It’s fun
-Come on guys, don’t do that -Such immature children
-What are you doing? I want in -It looks good right now
-It’s perfect -Looks natural
-Hey! Looking good Hey, put it back the way it was -Just swipe up
-I’m having so much fun Go back, press back That kind of looks like it No, you need to do…
[They fix what they messed around with] -Yeah, it’s really…
[They fix what they messed around with] -Whoa
-It’s right -I mean…you fixed it
-Let’s go, let’s go No, no, you gotta do this No, look, this will fix it I did that and nothing happened You need to go with this Let me do it [V tries to fix the very last phone] Come on
[V tries to fix the very last phone] V, I said stop poking at it Taehyeong! -Taehyeong!
-Come on, come on
[That’s what happens when you leave BTS to their own devices!]

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  1. Why is BTS Performance impressive?

    Communicate BTS daily life with SNS steadily
    Like my story, sympathetic lyrics tells the story
    Storm growth exhilaration with ARMY fandom
    Spreading good influence as UNICEF ambassador
    Discover Big Hit Bang Shihyuk and make a stage to unfold.
    Good Leader RM Team members shine
    별 단 하나만 필요했던 우리에게
    방탄은 은하수를 주었다
    Bulletproof gave the Milky Way to us who needed only one star

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  3. 냄준: 말리다가 따라하는 중
    슥찐: 정구기 따라하는 중
    읜기: 그냥 구경 중(?)
    호슥:웃는 중
    즤민: 말리다가 신기해하는 중
    태태: 누가 많이 하나 승부 중
    정꾹: 제일 스따뜨를 끊음. 나중엔 말림

  4. Jk:uh I'm in trouble lol
    Jk:Anyway let's take a pic lol
    RM touches it, then it's a free real estate JK Jim n Jin let lose on phones lol
    Jk:giving instructions on how to cause distraction roflmao
    Just swipe up
    I'm having soo much fun lol

  5. Babanızın malıymış gibi oynayın anam zenginsiniz siz gsiwbwiegiwhdie

    Edit:Ben daha bu telefona dokunmadım bile bi ara vatana gidip foto cekilip duvar kağıdı yaparım

    (T-Army'ye selam )

  6. Isn't namjoon using Samsung z flip? Maybe they went to buy that phn?😀 I wish Samsung had the BTS version phn (like black pink) I would've buy one right now 😊

  7. Seokjin: “Aish these kids!”

    Also Seokjin: “should I do it too?”

    Literally 30 seconds later starts to mess with the phones with the others 😂💓

  8. Kurang kerjaan bener sih mereka swipe swipe layar hp semuanya…. Ampunnn….
    Namjoon nih awalnya…. 🤣

  9. Humble and naughty like always!! their inner self haven't change at all!! that is why they are BTS!! I just love them!! I hope they never change and always stay happy and humble!! <3 <3 <3 MY 7 HUMBLE KINGS!!

  10. Que traviesos mis bebés los amo BTS🤩
    Abeses me hago una pregunta ¿por qué los amo? 🤔 Y me contesto
    Por que son maravilloso y muy guapos 😍🥰😘❤️ ya entendí porque

  11. Arab Army made a song for Suga's BIRTHDAY 😍🎂🎉
    Please help us to let Suga hear it 💜💜💜
    الأرمي العربي 💜

  12. Imagine one day buying a galaxy and you find a random selfie of bts
    I know that's not possible and they probably wont sell those phones but still

  13. This is random but i respect the arm strength of those staff members who always hold the boom mics bro

  14. Jungkook,touched the phone and turned something else..
    Jungkook:I'm in Trouble
    RM;Whoever flips the most wins..(😂)
    Jin; I can't …..These Kids…..ahaha
    same here same here jin…

  15. Ow, just imagine who visit's that thing that has so many phones and found the phone kookie touched and also been able to watch the clip. Well, dang you freaking lucky dude.

  16. 💜💜😭지금 까지의 고생의 보답 이랄까..😭💜💜 방탄 항상 보라해💜💜💜 행복하고💜💜 건강하고💜💜 항상 화이팅 💜💜아포방포💜💜

  17. That song from Arabs to suga . The name of the song is Deagu lovely cat. And thank you 🙏🏼

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