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BABIES | Official Trailer | Netflix

BABIES | Official Trailer | Netflix

Babies are
the ultimate mystery.
They’re much more complex
than we ever thought.
Isn’t it amazingthat the answer to
what it means to be human
lies in the smallest,
youngest creatures,
our babies?-Look at that face!
-Bless!In the first year of life,babies are growing faster
than they ever will.
They can wake up
in a different body
than they went to sleep in.Where is your mommy? Yay!Walking changes
every part of the babies’ lives.
Oh, my God!
Richie just walked! -He did just walk.
-He just walked!It’s just fascinating
to watch him
become his own person.-What’s this one?
-Horsey. Bubble. We can hear where she’s trying
to actually say words now. Can you say “space”?When my oldest daughter
was born,
I felt what it means to love.We realize now that even
the very youngest babies
already know more,
and will learn more,
than we ever
thought possible.
Give her a kiss.

Reader Comments

  1. Oh baby are you ready to Netflix and Chill with me? I already have my Netflix and Chill outfit on. Oh you know which one honey the Nurse Costume and you know what this means you are the Doctor. Yes honey it's Doctors and Nurses. Your significant other Sais, So how do I look in my Doctor outfit? Marvelous Darling, Absolutely Magnificent.

  2. Can't wait for the
    Grand Finale: Rotten Corpses – a tantalizing gaze into the decay of the human body

  3. Hey, it launches on the same date where I am 37 full weeks pregnant and can expect to give birth to my daughter any day. Great way to spend my time while I will probably wait 4 og 5 more weeks to give birth. 😀 😀 😉

  4. We live in a world where those babies aren’t worth a dime and don’t have a right to live until they’re out of the womb…inside=disposable. outside: “aww so cute! Indescribable beauty”
    This place is nuts

  5. While normally I would be very excited to watch a documentary about babies, my husband and I find out tomorrow if we are miscarrying again. I just ask that if by some miracle anyone could send us some prayers we would greatly appreciate it. We’ve already miscarried once before so we could really use some more support.

  6. Dude I’m just gonna watch this cuz I wanna see a bunch of cute little babies waddling around and stumbling 💞💗💕💕🤧🤧🤧💓💕💕💗💞💞💖💗💕💓💓🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧💓💓💕💕💖🤧💖💞💖💖💗

  7. I dunno whats the obsession with babies…..that's just breeding….kids are like pets….nothing facinating about it

  8. The people who made this most likely approve of murdering a baby one day before its birth. Just keep that in mind, folks. If your mind can process it. Mine cannot.

  9. The only way to make the world a better place is to raise better children. Life is hard and sometimes you want to give up, but taking responsibility and having meaning in your life makes it worth it. It's funny places like 3 world countries don't stress over things like depression, anxiety, suicide and abortions. They fight to live, they see life as a gift and children as a blessing. Yet here we are complaining about our feelings.

  10. Babies are truly crazy beings!! They go from being helpless, to walking and talking in a year. My 17 month old is too smart for his own good. Saying new things every day!! It’s absolutely mind boggling

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