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Awesome Clock Tower Medieval Rustic Minecraft Tutorial Video

Awesome Clock Tower Medieval Rustic Minecraft Tutorial Video

Hello guys and welcome back to a new tutorial. Today, we will be building this Medieval Rustic styled clock tower. It actually follows up the Medieval gate we built in a previous tutorial. The idea is to make this in to a city with a market square around the clock tower, housing around the market square, then walls around the city, and perhaps even a castle. But, lets just get to building. We’ll start of with a square 11 by 11 blocks just like this one. And if you want to build this correctly, then you want to put the square 29 blocks away from the outer blocks of the gate. With that done, in the corners of that 11 block square We’ll add this little pattern. Just like that, so 5 slabs and make sure that that corner block doesn’t have anything on it. And we’ll do that on every corner. And that will be our starting base for our clock tower. Now in between those, we’ll add two stairs on both the sides like that. ♬♬♬ And then behind the stairs, with cobblestone blocks, I am using slabs to save space on my action bar, but we want to place 5 cobblestone blocks behind the stairs. so, one, two, three, four and five We’ll do that behind every stair so we have the pillar base done as well. ♬♬♬ Like that. ♬♬♬ Then in between, so those corners between the pillars, we’ll add two jungle wood blocks Again, I am using jungle wood for this build because i used that in the gate as well, but you can use any would you want for these builds. With that done, between the gaps at the doorways we’ll add 3 stone brick stairs. And then we’ll add a little pattern in the center. And we’ll start with andestite, or you can also use ‘gravel’ because they look exactly the same in the standard texture pack. but in this case I am using andestite. Let me just place these 3 stairs. and then in those corners, diagonally from the wood, we’ll place four more andestite or ‘gravel’. Now, lets see… we’ll switch to cobblestone stairs and pointing in this direction we’ll place two stairs. next to the andestite blocks. ♬♬♬ and then in the corners, we’ll add four stone brick blocks like that. NOTE: Fill up the gaps near the wood with stone brick as well. and then with stone brick stairs, in between that… Well… you can do this in two different ways… This way you will see the glowstone in the middle a little bit. but we’ll cover that glowstone up with carpet but as you can see, you can see it a little bit. You can change the direction of those stairs and that will hide the glowstone completely. This is actually what I prefer more, I don’t like to see glowstone and torches or anything like that. So I try to hide that as much as I can But with that done We will start with the… No, lets remove that pattern on the floor first Lets get rid of those blocks that you see. and then we’ll start with the archways above the doors. So… Just place two stairs. then two on both sides pointing inwards Upside downs against it and then on the front row only… Place a normal stair on both sides with an upside down in between. I’ll do that one more time slow ♬♬♬ Like that, then upside down stairs against it And then only on the front row well place two normal stairs with an upside down between. And then we just need to do that two more times to finish of that part of the build. ♬♬♬ With that done, in the corners at the bottom of these stairs we’ll place three slabs. Make sure they are correct there otherwise you’ll have problems later on in the build. One more time in this corner. They just have to be at the bottom of that second stair basically. and do this on every corner. That one block is where the pillars will add Well, where the build will continue, right there. We’ll add two blocks on each one. ♬♬♬ Then against those blocks on the inside, we’ll place two stone brick blocks on both the sides of that wooden pillar basically Like that. then, oh, ignore that block as thats wrong. We want it over there and then we’ll just close of those 3 block gaps so you have a circular pattern on this level. And that is what you should have right now Here’s a little shot of what the build will look like. Slowly but surely we’ll progress on this and I think its going to look amazing once its done. For the next part we’ll add two stairs, and two stairs like that on the corners. and we’ll repeat that going around Like that. Then on the wooden pillars we’ll place cobblestone slabs. and also on the inside, at the top of those stairs, we’ll place a cobblestone slab. Thats where the next pillars will start. In the gaps in between we’ll place upside down stairs to finish that layer of. Like that. Now on these slabs, we want to place 9 wooden blocks. Again, in my case I’m using jungle wood but go for any wood you like. Like that. and then behind the stairs here, we’ll place full blocks. let me just put that upside down stair in between there. and on top of those full blocks we’ll add 4 more blocks. This is stone brick. one two three and four And then we’ll repeat that on the remaining 3 sides ♬♬♬ Its quite a detailed clock tower, I love it ♬♬♬ Like that Now at the top of these pillars we’ll place upside down stairs going outwards. And then we’ll add the detail above the windows. These are actually four windows. so two upside down stairs, two normal stairs, its the same pattern we’ve been using throughout the build I try to keep that so everything resembles each other. And we’ll bring those stairs back 2 more like that. then we’ll close of the backside with a full block and then finish it of with two slabs on top like this underneath we will place two fences, in this case spruce wood and then two cobblestone slabs bellow the fences I’ll do that one more time slow so two upside down stairs normal stairs, upside down stair Lets place those fences first with the cobblestone slabs underneath. and then we have to bring out the stairs in the back two blocks. so they end right there. Like that. well that pillar is quite in the way. #punchpillar finish of with two slabs and repeat it on the remaining two siddes to get this result. ♬♬♬ again a little shot on the build as it progresses. Now inside where the windows are, we want to place a torch between those blocks then three stairs underneath and a stair against the torch to hide it completely. and we’ll do that again on the four sides to light up the windows. then at the top of the window, you’ll have to be outside of the build, but we’ll place another torch there and then we’ll fill up the window gaps with spruce fence. and we’ll just repeat that again on the four sides Like that. The next part is the clock it self. we’ll start of with a spruce wood planks square like that and then we’ll add two blocks on top, going around that square. ♬♬♬ Now the detail part… the fun part… we’ll start of with a slab on that front slab so it becomes a block place a stair on top with two upside down stairs on the sides. then on top of the stairs we want to place a full block with a slab at the top of the block and then two stairs on top of that slab like that. outside we place a slab, three full blocks on top and one more slab one top. so slab, 3 blocks and a slab on top. Then with white wool, we’ll add 3 blocks on top of the wooden pillars. and then fill up that entire gap with white wool. on top, place three more and one in the middle so you have that… well, kind of a diamond shape i guess. then we’ll add two more wooden blocks in those corners and finish of the detail. Its the reverse of the bottom part, the exact same thing, but in mirror image. stairs on top of that, stair in between, and then we’ll add an extra block for the roof later on. Like that. I’ll do it one more time in a slower pace. so, slab, so it becomes a block, then stair and two upside down stairs. full block on top and a slab against it. then two stairs going outwards. and then slab, three full blocks and slab then three white wool on top of the wood. a wooden block on top of that white wool fill up the entire gap with white wool place one more on top there so you have the same shape and then finish the detail with upside down stairs slab, full block, slab full block stairs on top of the full blocks and then an upside down stair in between and a full block And then, two more times to finish the clock. ♬♬♬ for the roof, we’ll add three more blocks on those wooden corners and then a full block slab, full block slab and we’ll do that around the build again. just to give us a little outline against the front we’ll add a full block and two slabs as well to make it come out a little bit and give it a little more detail. and then with spruce wood full blocks we’ll add a little pattern. a circular pattern just by skipping one block each time like hat. In between every gap we’ll place a cobblestone slab. ♬♬♬ and then behind the full blocks, on the inside, we’ll place two more blocks against each one. at the bottom you can close it of like that. now behind the gaps we want to have a glowstone so just make this pattern and make sure there is a glowstone behind each gap. and place a cobblestone wall to cover the glowstone up. On top of the spruce blocks, we’ll place two stairs and an upside down in between. again repeating that on the four sides ♬♬♬ then a square of planks there. with four blocks on the center ones right there slabs in the corners four stairs on top of those full blocks and at the top we want to make it come out, so place a block in there and one more on top two more on top of that and then a slab and then we want to have an upside down and normal stair surrounding those two blocks so we have that little circular pattern at the top. Gives it a nice little detail. for the clock i placed a full block of wood. with fences so its three O’clock. just make sure you have the same time on every side, You don’t want to have a clock tower with different times on every side. #aliceinwonderlandstyle. so ye, i went for three O’clock then with a stone button in the center and wooden buttons around it, we’ll give it a little more detail like that so stone and then four wooden buttons repeating that on the remaining two sides then at the bottom, well place some grass, just to give it… A little more nature “laughs’. then on the inside the ceiling looks a little plain, so we’ll remove those four blocks. and place slabs instead and one more slab right there, a slab higher then the previous ones on that center one, we’ll add a little chandelier, very simple, with fence, but just to light it up a little bit more. we’ll place four fences, then one, one away from the bottom one at the bottom, one more fence bellow and then add torches on top of those that come out. and with that done, the clock tower is finished I’ll show you a little screenshot of the main build where everything will be brought together But yes, If you liked the tutorial, smash that like button down there . #Ithelpsusalot and subscribe to the channel for more video’s just like this one. It would me so much to me if you guys join me so go for it, smash that like and subscribe button. You can also follow us on our social media if you want to get to know us even better we post a lot more then just video’s there so do have a look and with that I will call it for this video Thank you guys for watching and all your support And i will see you in the next tutorial.

Reader Comments

  1. Hey guys, hope you like this build. PS: 2 minutes in on floor design: Andestite looks like gravel, not dirt. Small mistake there.
    Update May 9th 2018: Due to the requests of adding a list of materials to this tutorial I went back to building it and counting it out for you
    The list of materials you'll need:
    Jungle Log 72 (feel free to use spruce or oak logs. They all work)
    Spruce Plank 64
    Spruce Stair 24
    Spruce Slab 10
    Spruce Fence 43
    Cobblestone 92
    Cobblestone Stair 152
    Cobblestone Slab 112
    Cobblestone Wall 36
    Stone Brick 80
    Stone Brick Stair 60
    White Wool/Concrete 82
    Andestite/Gravel 12
    Stone Button 4
    Wooden Button 16
    Grey Carpet 1
    Glowstone 5
    Torch 10

  2. Really nice and I like that this is gonna be a complete town. You have a real style, my friend – awesome 🙂

  3. I built this on the server I play on with my own ideas thrown in, was happy with the overall result. Used less cobblestone, more stone, spruce, used the new white concrete instead of wool and end rods for the clock hands. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  4. I used this design on in my town Sabbathia /t spawn sabbathia. I didn't add the ornament on the roof or the chandelier. I'm burying my beacon under it so that the beam is centered on this clock tower. I also used item frames and rotated bones for the long and short hands as well as 12 buttons per face. I loved this design otherwise. Thank you.

  5. I am making a Medieval Village for my world and this would fit. And I thank you for providing this information to the community

  6. I’m a year late to the party here, but last week built your city gate design and now am about halfway through the clock tower. I’m going to take a crack at building the whole village. Your designs are elegant and lots of fun to build. I hope you keep adding even more to it! Great stuff.

  7. just stumbled upon your channel, and my god, these builds are amazing. I'm currently building a medieval village, and this plus your other medieval builds, will definitely be there. Thank you for amazing tutorials 😀

  8. I used this for a builder application! I only changed some blocks so the people wont notice I rebuild this!

  9. Hello. I am trying to build your clock tower but where you put the torches below the window at time stamp: 8:32, my torches keep attaching to the stone bricks next to that upside down stair. I'm not sure what to do!

  10. Hey bro, awesome build, I built it in survival and it rocks :D. Ive one question though, what visual mods do you use to make it look nicer than it already is?

  11. much for.making this tutorial with out this tutorial i would not able to find good clock tower to build in my city world

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