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Ausgerechnet Mallorca | WDR Reisen

Ausgerechnet Mallorca | WDR Reisen

Mallorca. Dream island for some, party mecca for the others. Over eleven million tourists a year, up to 180,000 passengers daily and 22,000 cruise tourists. Daniel Assmann in the middle. What do you pay? One week half board with flight – 600. Nine days. 1,260 euros, half board. Would you come or fly to the island if it were more expensive? Nope. Who works for us on our
Favorite island cheap vacation can do? Would you agree: next year you do not need to come? We can say that … So time contract, eight months. A lot of holiday for little money. How can this work? To blow up the planes, you always need volume on this island. Mallorca is more popular than ever. This leads to conflicts between tourists and inhabitants. To massive protests last summer. I am on the island for five days and would like to
find out, do we use the island or do we harm our favorite holiday destination sooner? Is it good that we have tourists there?
are or not, we bring more money or do we cost more? which price
we have to pay for Mallorca, and what price does the island pay? Welcome to “Just Mallorca”. The airport of Palma de Mallorca. Almost 14 million passengers landed here in 2017, around one third of them from Germany. In the summer up to 1100 flights daily.
At the moment there is still the calm before the storm. Looking at the scoreboard: sees
actually pretty tight from everything. 16:05 Hannover, 16:10 Cologne, 16:20 Hamburg, 15 minutes later Paderborn … but still clear in here. Time to ask a few new arrivals. What is the holiday worth to you? 465 per nose, with breakfast. In three stars, four stars? Four-star hotel. We pay about 1,000 euros. We have a detached house, approximately 100 square meters. Would you come or join the in
Island fly, if it would be more expensive? Nope. Mallorca itself has just under 900,000 inhabitants. In addition, there are more than 11 million tourists a year. Four and a half million alone from Germany. Two and a half million Britons, and the third largest visitor group the Scandinavians, a scarce million. At the German Majorca vacationers we are from NRW right at the front. On a Saturday in the
Summer vacations there are 37 direct flights. 18 from Düsseldorf, 11 from Cologne, 3 from Dortmund, two each from Münster and Weeze and one from Paderborn. Daniel Assmann on his way to his hotel, in a rental car. He is not alone. who does not
As a rule, a car rents a flat rate. An estimated 70,000
Car rental on the island on the way. What is still well distributed at the airport,
Knubbelt on the arterial roads. I’m just near the airport. And if tourism from the airport and the rush hour traffic of the inhabitants comes together … Then it can get crowded. Almost like my home in the Ruhr area. How do hotels and tour operators calculate? That’s what Daniel Assmann wants to find out. Starting point: a hotel in Santa Ponsa. This is of course the blast here, right? So, the view – not bad. This is the moment where you are happy
that you have booked a double room with sea view. I made it close
400 euros for four nights and there I check in now. Hello! Good day! What’s the name, please? Assmann, Daniel. You have reserved a double room. The industry does not like being
look in the cards. In this hotel we are allowed to shoot. The
Four star hotel has 234 rooms. At very different prices, depending on
Booking type and time. Then again on the balcony … Look, with two couches
yes, the view is of course sensational. Really great. But, of course, what you have is … you get to know the neighbor, if you want, quickly. Is right next door. Hello! One question: I just arrived here … do you find that expensive here? What do you pay, if I may ask? For a week half board with flight and car 600. One week half board 600? How did you manage that? Booked, booked normally. That’s great. Including flight also 600? Per person. Okay, that means now for the room
a total of 1200 euros. With transfer and car rental. You are here together, yes? Should Mallorca not be much more expensive? It would have to be. I can not calculate how to do it myself it comes with such a price, with the flight, the hotel, the staff with the really excellent buffet, which we had here too. So, if I were a hotelier, maybe I would take a bit more if I could. One week half board in the
Four star hotel with flight and transfer for 600 euros. A real fight price. How do such offers come about? That’s what Daniel Assmann wants to find out. The fact is: the tourist flow is seasonal. In the summer Mallorca is almost fully booked. In winter, many hotels and restaurants have closed completely. Nevertheless, the travel offers remain cheap. How it works? Daniel is
meeting with someone who needs to know. Hans Müller is chief buyer at one
big tour operator. He knows his way around in business with the
Package tours. If one says now, the island is too full? What many people say. Is not that too cheap? The hotel is really nice, and everything fits. Could not you make it more expensive? I do not think so. The island needs volume, and in order to utilize Mallorca accordingly You can not do anything with price
go upstairs. Mallorca absolutely needs the masses. Mallorca offers holidays for everyone, and must be available in every price category. It is our job to ensure that. You as a tour operator do not want to make the prices more expensive? A good product bought in the best possible way and fairly priced, that’s what we as tour operators want to offer our guests. “Volume” means nothing other than mass tourism, and the masses only come when prices are comparatively low. That is, the island, and everything that happens on the island would be without “volume” as you just said, does not work at all? In order to blow up the planes, they have to have a reasonable basic load. And that’s why you always need volume on this island so that the air connection, the flight bridge between source market and target area also exists. This also has the effect of having a perfect symbiosis between guests who are interested in cheap accommodation, which ensure the necessary basic flight load, and then the guest who wants to go to Son Vida and play a round of golf at the weekend also has the option to fly back on Friday evening and on Sunday evening. A tour operator buys big ones
Quotas for airlines and hotels, So first has enormous costs. Only from
a certain number of holiday packages sold he makes profit. If he is too expensive, he will sit on his already paid contingents. The mass business thus ensures that prices remain relatively constant. And what do the hotels have of it? The finca Ca N’Aí, located in the valley of Sóller
For 14 generations in the family estate. Originally citrus plantation, for 30 years hotel with 62 beds. Amelia Morell Salom leads the hotel in second generation. What do I pay for a double room here, now, at this time? Our best category, the price is 200 euros, and in the finca 185 euros per room, there is breakfast. Half board is 35 euros per person. About the tour operator, if you book at the moment, because they also sell directly to their customers, and she sells through tour operators and if you have this hotel in this now
Week booked, you would have paid per person with flight, with transfer 1200 Euro including half board. For a week per person. So there are two ways to the finca: the
Package tour with flight, hotel and Transfer from the tour operator, or the
Direct booking in the finca itself. In this case, only the deserves
Hotel owner. Why do you still need it?
Tour operators to manage your hotel? Why do not you just do everything yourself? That’s a good question. In the main season, it is very easy, because all buy directly. But in the other seasons we need a bit of this help. Today’s hotel generation, which is more modern, also uses the other instruments, but the solid base continues to go through tour operators. The “volume” of the tour operator also guarantees the hoteliers a secure income. The deal here is: a large number of occupied rooms at a reasonable price. So both have something of it, tour operators and hotel owners. Do you make a lot of profit when you sell yourself? And a lot of loss if you sell through a tour operator? In any case. For us it is much better if we sell directly, via the website, by phone or email. But the tour operators take much more. Okay, that’s what the crowd does. The last ten or 20 percent of
Occupancy that the organizer has not filled they will be sold,
directly, with an extremely high profit margin. However: the best rooms
Retain hoteliers sometimes. The tour operator gets then only
the standard. Inquiries in the direct booking is well worth it. And what is cheaper: all-inclusive or direct booking? A week for two people, direct booking at the finca, plus the cheapest flight, makes around 2800 euros. The package with the tour operator
for the same period costs about 2500 euros. If you see this here you will say, Mallorca is not full. What do you think, Mallorca is too full of tourists? Yes, I think so. In the last few years it was very busy. I think it’s bad for the guests who come and it is also bad for the Mallorcans, the people who live here. Hans, now you say nothing. You just told me in the car that you would like to bring more tourists. The problem is triggered in the last two years by the fact that in addition to the 250,000 beds, of which her 60 beds are part, additionally increased by another 250,000, which are counted in these portals, which are sold directly to the end customer by private, apartment owners, which instead of renting residences to long-term tenants, now also go to this holiday market. And that’s 250,000, which lead us to replace the original 250,000 guests, have space here on the island, which has twice the number. For holiday rentals, there are strict rules in Mallorca. Apartments in apartment buildings may not be rented to tourists. Nevertheless, there are numerous offers. More than 100,000 illegal guest beds. One reason is online brokers. The biggest one is Airbnb. Here, individuals can offer their apartment for rent or sublease. For the mediation Airbnb receives a commission. Estimates assume that 90 percent of Airbnb apartments in Mallorca rented exclusively as holiday apartments. Only ten percent are actually private rooms that are occasionally offered for sublease. The problem with that is that many of these private landlords are not paying the city tax, still comply with the usual safety and fire protection regulations. Add to that the burden on the neighbors. Tourists live a different rhythm than the working population. More and more illegal rentals. In the summer months, the island is bursting at the seams. So many locals see it and call for protests. Last summer, the situation escalated at the marina of Palma. Nora, Paz and Kiki are part of a non-violent protest group. Twenty-four-year-old Nora from Berlin has been living on the island for four years and even she says: Too crowded and too cheap here! She has joined an organization protesting against mass tourism and demobilization. Demonstrations, sit-ins and, as they call it, the reconquest of public space for locals, as an expression of protest. Who are you actually targeting, is it the government, is it against such capitalists, is it against the tourists? against whom are you judging? Against all so a bit. This island has
just limits. Nora and her colleagues are always on the lookout for illegally rented apartments and also report these regularly to the authorities. Because they barely act so far. Just 15 official inspectors are on duty for inspections all over the island. This illegal apartments are usually easily recognizable. That’s such a key box now. Then you enter your code and then you get the key to
get in. And by that you realize that this must now be rented for tourist purposes. Quite likely. The upper floors. And that is illegal. That will not do. Hello. Can you maybe … The resident denies to rent apartments for a short time. This is finally illegal and will be punished! What did he say? Do not do it. Do not do it because it is not profitable. You look a bit like you do not believe him. That’s just the discussion because He himself said that was illegal and he knows very well that this is illegal. and now with the new law, there are penalties up to 40,000 euros. That’s a lot of money. But the next key box is not far. Here. Also with some code. It probably was not 5056. Who lives here? These are the … apartments. These are just the names from the floor. There is no last name. No never. But here is rented in the house. I’m pretty sure. Can we try it? A door on the first floor actually opens. We stay in the background with the camera. Want to get in contact with people who rent illegally. But the lady does not rent – on the contrary; Here it is clear why the peace of the local people is so often disturbed! Rented here in this house? Can you ask that again? Do you ever meet tourists here in the hallway? Well, it’s already done. What would interest me The people who live here in the house, why not go to the police anonymously? and says yes, here is rented to tourists, and bother me? Because the neighbors want to have good relationship. They try to speak first, then police. Here is still rented. That is, soon there will be an ad? So, you get together and then let me know. What bothers you because that is rented here? Is it only because it is illegal or because the tourists are loud or disturbing? How expensive is the apartment now, or how
would the apartment be expensive if I wanted to rent it? 750 euros a month. For how much square meters? 73rd Do you know how much the apartment is let up to a guest? Have you ever looked the internet? In July, August 120, 150 euros. It shows 120 to 150 euros per day and usually 750 euros a month Means: if you let out tourists, you can earn around 6 times a month as with a normal rental as an apartment. A worthwhile business for
Apartment owners. Back at the hotel Daniel writes the two biggest ones
Intermediaries of private accommodation, Airbnb and home away, the
Parent of fewo-direct. What do you say to the allegations and protests? Airbnb ignores all requests Several attempts to talk to the largest provider of private rentals in Mallorca, fail. Written questions remain unanswered. Home away, however, answers in writing. The responsibility sees that
Business with private landlords. Such a registration number assigns the island administration only to officially reported vacation properties and not to illegally rented apartments. But: Fewo directly conveys further
Property without registration number. Only after many attempts we find one
Offer with official number in the fine print. When booking, it pays to pay attention. Only the landlord has to pay fines
fear, however, flies the illegal Rent on, one ends up
at worst on vacation on the street. No nice views. The demand for accommodation continues to rise. Mediation portals for
private landlords are an easy way capitalizing on it, and one more reason for the ongoing tourism boom in Mallorca. What does this boom mean?
for the people who live and work here? Secure jobs, higher wages, They also deserve popularity
her island? Slept well and, compared to Germany, also cheap, I think and as my neighbors find. And where we see this, I’m going to see how people work here so that we can make such a cheap holiday. Daniel Assmann wants to get close to the
People who work here and get first-hand information. Carmen Ossorio has been working for four years
for the hotel. You are Carmen? We have an appointment. You are Deputy Hotel Director here? Yes. And in between times Concierge. I do a little bit of everything here. And you speak German really well. No, just a little. We have an appointment here, because I would like to tackle. I would like to help, I would like to clean up and get to know people, Meet people who work here,
and you can translate super. Are you showing me … are you taking me around? Rum to Encarni Vereda, who works as a chambermaid here for 6 years. Nobody there. This is for me the first thing a strange feeling, so go in strange room. Where do you think, how do people live? But she’s right through, gas directly. She probably does not have much time. Do you have a lot of time? Much time? Does she have a lot of time for such a room? Does not work right now. 15 minutes. 15 minutes for a room. Yes, then … where to go? This one, this one … And once all gone. How many rooms does she do during the day? Sometimes 18, sometimes a little more, a little less, but about 18. Makes four and a half hours of work only in the rooms. There are also common areas such as hallways, bars and dining rooms. This is where stress breaks out, I realize. Will she be paid for rooms too? Alltogether. So, no matter how many rooms she creates? Yes exactly. Of course, the question is, how much? 1,500 per month. You should not talk so much and work more. But honestly, they really do not deserve bad. I’ve just looked: I can spend the night here for 125 euros all inclusive. How does it work, how does it work? Do not you know yourself, right? Nah, honestly, how does it work? So, if we only have one or two guests, that does not work, but with hotel full, we can all pay the 70 employees. That means you have to make sure every bed is full so you can carry it that way. Yes exactly. In winter we are not so full and there we do not have 70 employees, only 30, 35. Because then we have no money. So the mass does it. But not all year. What if it gets emptier? How long have you been employed here, how long is your contract? And when there is no season left, what are you doing? Then she is at home with her children, says Encarni. And the other months we get money from the city. Year after year planned unemployment. 1500 euros gross, but only for eight months. From November to February there is unemployment benefit …
That’s around seven hundred euros. It’s OK? No? How long have you been here … Do you know that you will be busy next year and year after year? How long are the contracts? I do not know how to explain that, but I have a contract, she works nine months a year, but every year. Would you have the right to say next year, you do not need to come? We can say that, but then we have to pay a lot of money if we cancel the contract. Oh, that’s because you end it. After all, something like a recurring seasonal permanent position. Yes, that sounds pretty good,
but you have to say, that is a kind of showpiece hotel. We
are allowed to turn, sleep, work here so be careful with that
enjoy. Look, what else
so reported on the Working conditions in tourism
Mallorca. Many maids on the island are not employed directly by the hotels, but at external cleaning or temporary employment agencies. There they receive little more than the legal Spanish minimum hourly wage of 4 euros 29 euros. In Germany, the at least 8 euros 84. Seasonal work and planned unemployment in winter – a special feature for the staff in housekeeping? Or general system of the hotel industry in Mallorca? Daniel Assmann wants to check the kitchen staff. For the tourists meanwhile mean it: ran to the buffet. Right up front: Gabriele and Norbert Schneider from Berlin. It’s her last night – there must be the best place! Quick towel over it! How long have you been there? Here, in the hotel? Nine days. And what did you pay for? 1260 euros half board. Total 1260? 1260 euros together, a super price. Also transfer, with half board, with flight. Everything in it. They are thrilled? Cheap holiday – at the expense of the staff? Asked by chef Manuela Leon. Do you speak in German? Yes! You do that automatically here in Majorca, you just speak in German. Do you have Italian week or something? Yes, Italian evening. Now we Germans come to Spain, to Mallorca, and you are doing here on Italy. We have different topics, Italian evening, Spanish evening, Majorcan evening, Asian evening, Mexican evening and Arabian evening. I see, you do not skip a nation. Do not Germans or guests want to eat typical Majorcan food? Indeed. But they love too … a lot. Yes, it does not matter, so different, not always the same. Can I help you somehow, I want to … Yes, you can do the noodles ever. You speak German really well, where do you come from? Seville. Did you do that at school … Nah, I grew up in Germany. Where are you from, from the west? Dortmund. Ruhr. What, you too? Yes sure. I’m from Hattingen. Oh, maybe we were even neighbors … From the Ruhr area to Mallorca – plain text among pottlern! How long do you work a day? How many hours do you do? Well, we have an eight-hour shift, but you always have to do a bit more, overtime. We have too much work. How much overtime do you do? How many hours do you have at the end of the week? I do not know. I do not count. But do you get paid? Yes. From the payment … Are you satisfied? Because you always hear, the staff will be not so well paid by the hotels … how is that with you? Depends on how much overtime … Pi times thumb … Between 1,600, 1,900 … Are you employed here the whole year or do you have such a time contract? Time contract, yes. Eight months, yes. The hotel opens in mid-February and November 15 will be closed. And what are you doing in the other months? I’m driving home to Seville. And then you work something else? No. Free then. And then how can you still make a living? Did you get money from the state? Yes, unemployment benefits. Okay, that’s what you refer to. Then you have such an average, you have to expect. Chef Manuela Leon is therefore just like almost all employees in the tourism industry. She has a secure permanent position. But only for a few months a year. In winter, the planned unemployment comes. The average annual salaries of employees thus remain low despite sustained growth in the industry. The evening buffet for almost 300 guests. 6 cooks alone ensure the well-being of the guests. Every evening 25 kilos of fish, 45 kilos of meat and 30 kilos of fruit are served here. Main responsibility: Chef José Ángel Linares. That’s the boss, right? Ask me very nice, if he tells us what cost of goods calculated per person. Eat and drink between eight and nine and a half and a half, between 8.50 and 9.50 euros. Per day per person is calculated for food and drink. Cheap, right? With that you come? Respect! 9 Euro 50 in the purchase. Selling price in the All Inclusive package: 50 Euro. Does the money that the hotel operators invest in stay on the island? Not really. Around 85 percent of the food in Mallorca is imported. The hunger of the tourists is not satisfied by the local farmers but the big companies from the mainland and from abroad. Many tourists are very hungry – but also very thirsty – who is breastfeeding? Party life in Mallorca: for many tourists that is quite a part of the program. The extreme proportions around the Ballermann are another reason for the protests of the locals. Since 2014, the island government with fines against it. Also many hosts in Mallorca try to counter the Ballermann cliché something. They do without the infamous happy hour and flatrate offers. One of them is Uli Rohkst from Bonn, who has been on the island for seven years. He owns the pub “Et Dömsche”. The most popular drink here? Of course: Kölsch. How can he stand up to the big competition? Maybe you tell me, how much do you do here in the season, how much do you spend here, how much Kölsch? I figured that out … 300,000? Nah, wait … 270,000. 270,000 to 300,000 in the season. Kölsch. Uli Rohkst makes a profit of 20 cents on each glass. For Spanish beer, the margin is much larger. But also in Mallorca, the Germans just like to drink their local varieties. Now we are here at one-eighth, that’s not megateuer. I try to keep the price as it is in Cologne. Et Dömsche has room for three hundred guests. The Bierkönig am Ballermann is designed for around 5000 guests. There the business runs over the crowd. Hosts like Uli can not keep up with the cheap offers of the XXL stores – and they do not want that either. I’ve had no fight in seven years now, no people surrendering somewhere, disassemble, destroy, break or anything else. I do not need security, I do not need anything. Why do not others do that too? Because they are afraid? That’s right, if you do not offer anything, you have to be cheap. To get people, yes. I’d rather have 50 who pay normally than 100 idiots who pay half. Ulis concept seems to rise: the Kölsch paragraph in the Dömsche is steadily rising. Many Majorca vacationers like to pay a little more than in the big party temples. The next morning. Palma de Mallorca. Daniel has an important date, because a question does not let him go since the tour with the protesters around Nora: What does it mean for the Mallorcans that the island is becoming increasingly popular? Above all, what does that mean for the housing market? Now I am here in an old grown up
District of Palma on the way. For example, the school of
local children. And tourists rarely get lost here. The houses are, yes, I call them traditional, as you get from
Mallorca knows, and here in this house I have an appointment with Mr. Pfitsch, he is
not just real estate agents, but also Building contractor. And from him I wanted
let me show him what he made of these makes normal apartments and which one
Goal he has here. Yes, the corridor has been here for a few years already. Traditional, quaint, Mallorcan style. Hello, Mr. Pfitsch. Good day. How are you? Thank you for allowing me to be there. I’m just a little speechless right now, that’s a difference like day and night. So below, when you come in, in the
Corridor, go up here and then here … You think, can anyone live in there? Yes, madness, a difference like day and night, really. Do you want to show me something? A business model of the contractor: Buy apartments, rebuild in three months and resell with a huge profit margin. The apartment was completely gutted, everything made new, with natural stone, floors, really great fittings, actually in Mallorcan
Style. And they did that themselves? You are also a contractor? Exactly. We also build that ourselves. Mallorcan style for immigrants! That’s the way you look at it
Imagine, in a typical Mallorcan backyard … Exactly. Really rustic. Quaint Majorcan. The apartment is located in Santa Catalina – west of Palma’s old town. A classic residential district that is gradually becoming a trendy district. Is it hard to sell that as nice? I would say, nothing is written about taste … The customers who like that. You too? I personally do not. But, do you tell your customers that? I say that, there is nothing to hide. And the quaint Mallorcan has its price. Real estate prices have skyrocketed in recent years. In Palma, prices for holiday real estate have risen by 9% within one year. One square meter costs on average 4.770 Euro. Most expensive is a purchase in the Southwest region, with an average of € 5,800 per square meter. In the north, the price per square meter is 3,710 euros. The cheapest are holiday homes in the center of the island. Here, the price has remained constant and is an average of 3,070 euros per square meter. The apartment of contractor and broker Francisco Pfitsch is about 100 square meters. And the price question: What is the fun here? The apartment is on sale for 795,000 euros. So almost 800,000 euros. Which costs will be added? The real estate transfer tax, that’s about 9 to 10 percent, plus notary fees and registration fees. So overall, you can count on ten percent again, so we are at just under 900,000 euros in total. What are those people who buy such a flat? A doctor or a businessman who wants to have a small apartment to come to Mallorca at the weekend, Have a nice meal
go and then fly back on the weekend. The German economy is doing well, so buy German. 32 percent of all property buyers in the Balearic Islands were German in 2017. So the apartment will be whole
be used as a holiday apartment. Right. I will not be the first one to bring you the argument now, that some are natural
to mock about it, that’s where contractors come in, they set up normal apartments like that, that they can and sell them dearly
thereby locals the way away, Cheap to rent normally I say
this time. If you renovate an apartment now, that is good for the neighbors weil die Immobilien dann auch höher bewertet werden. Aber ist schon so, dass dadurch Wohnraum auch verdrängt wird für den normalen Menschen. Exactly. Es ist schwierig für Einheimische, ein Wohnung zu finden zu einem guten Mietpreis. Mal ganz salopp gefragt, schlagen da zwei Herzen in Ihnen, oder nur das unternehmerische Herz? Das ist die Nachfrage des Marktes, Angebot und Nachfrage, und die Leute ziehen dann in ein anderes Gebiet zum Leben, aber das ist kein Problem. Palma ist groß, wir haben 350.000 Einwohner und noch viel mehr Möglichkeiten, noch zu bauen. Rund 100 Quadratmeter für insgesamt ca. 900.000 Euro. In einem ganz normalen Wohnviertel. Die Konsequenzen – weiter steigende Mieten und immer weniger Einheimische in Palma. Mallorca boomt. Die Insel ist nicht per se zu voll. Die Massen konzentrieren sich auf die Hochsaison. Vergangenen Sommer kamen so viele Touristen, wie nie zuvor. Dafür sorgen weiterhin günstige Flug- und Übernachtungsangebote. Und privat vermietete Wohnungen – oft illegal. Das sorgt für immer mehr Streitereien und Unfrieden unter den Einheimischen. Ob Reiseveranstalter, private Vermieter und nicht zuletzt Makler und Bauunternehmer ein Interesse daran haben, das zu ändern, bleibt zumindest fraglich. Obwohl Mallorca immer voller wird, wird
es nicht wirklich teurer. Und daran hat auch jeder, der hier mit Tourismus sein
Geld verdient, gar kein wirkliches Interesse, denn die Branche braucht die kalkulierbare Masse. Wenn Sie Ihren Urlaub auf Mallorca planen, dann schauen Sie doch mal genau, bei wem und zu welchen Konditionen Sie buchen. Und, wenn Sie können, reisen Sie am besten in der Nebensaison. Denn dann lernen Sie Mallorca mal von einer ganz anderen Seite kennen.

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    Also die Preise da
    Sogar in der Hauptsaison finde ich nie

  10. Tolle Reportage, zielt leider sehr auf den deutschen Geiz und Branchenunwissen ab. Die Preise sind nicht zu niedrig, das Geschäft fluriert und das Lohnniveau ist in Spanien nicht so wie hier, das muss man hervorheben.(Man sollte eher eine Reportage über deutsche Hotelangestellte machen, da fangen Sie an zu weinen) Massentourismus ist eben das Konzept der Insel, was schlecht für die Umwelt ist, aber nicht für die Arbeiter dort. Der saisonale Arbeitsmarkt ist normal, so wie hier in der Baubranche, das ist kein Kriterium was sich lohnt hervorzuheben und hätte man deutlicher gefragt, wäre auch klar geworden, dass das für die Angestellten ok oder sogar gut ist. Auch 15 Min. pro Zimmer ist nicht wenig Zeit, wenn man im Job drin ist, ist das kein Problem und den Angestellten geht es nicht automatisch schlecht. Es ist immer wieder lustig zu sehen, wenn Büromenschen oder Reporter mal einen "richtigen" Job machen in dem man was schaffen muss und das ggf. auf Zeit. Die meisten versagen kläglich. Serviceindustrie Deutschland würde ich mir als nächste Reportage wünschen, 900 EUR bei 10 Min. … trotz allem, gerne geschaut, Daumen hoch.

  11. Ich finde, dass Mallorca nicht sooo günstig ist, aber dass Deutschland zu teuer ist. Vielleicht für die Deutschen die Priese in Mallorca sind wirklich sehr niedrig aber die Deutsche sind nicht alleine. Für andere Nationen die Priese da sind normal oder sogar gang hoch.

  12. Die Insel hat soviel mehr zu bieten als Saufen und Alkohol. Wir lieben
    diese Insel: Schaut mal hier unseren neuesten Videoclip: I remember you.

  13. Macht mal ne reportage über Urlaub in der Türkei sind gerade dort 4 Sterne, 5 Tage all in + Flug hin u zurück 290 Euro pro Person des versteh ich selbst nicht Essen ist hervorragend klar nur 17 Grad im Moment aber hey besser wie – 5

  14. Für 900000€ für eine Wohnung kann der sogenannte Arzt aber seeeeehr lange in einem 5 Sterne Luxushotel leben also wozu die Wohnung. Schwachsinnspreis oder nur bescheuerte Kunden.

  15. Ja essotanke da geb ich dir recht , und Daniel ist wieder super das hab ich auch schon mal im anderen Beitrag von ihm gesagt. Aber die spinnen ja mit den Haus preisen. Fast ne Million. Ne danke

  16. kann nur immer wieder sagen, dass der Moderator höchst sympatisch ist. Er wirkt auf mich nett und aufgeschlossen! Ohne ihn würde ich es mir nicht anschauen, aber er macht es echt anschaulich! Topp Typ!

  17. Schade dass nur die Flüge aus NRW genannt werden. Das ist eine unbrauchbare Angabe. FFM? Hahn? München? Etc… Da interessiert doch nicht ein Flug aus Paderborn.

  18. Ich bin generell kein Urlaub Wegfahrer, aber selbst wenn, dann würde ich wohl in DE reisen oder
    in die Länder, die nicht so Mainstream sind. Ich würde schon aus Prinzip Malle, Türkei und die restlichen
    Billigziele (Ausnahme Griechenland) meiden.

    Abgesehen von den Arbeitsbedingungen wäre es mir auch viel zu voll. Am Strand von Spaniens Hauptorten
    siehst du kein Sandkorn mehr vor lauter Sonnenschirmen.

  19. Der Typ zeigt sich wie Student 2. Semester. Von wegen alles billig??? Hat wahrscheinlich noch nicht mal ein Euro selbst verdient. So wie dass man alles in Deutschland geschenkt bekommen würden.

  20. Günstig Urlaub…. So günstig ist der Urlaub dort auch nicht mehr. Ich weiß wovon ich spreche, ich bin jedes Jahr mindestens einmal dort. Zahlreiche Hotels, die ich mir vor 10 Jahren leisten konnte, sind heute außerhalb meiner finanziellen Möglichkeiten.

  21. Freitag Abend hin, Sonntag abend zurück …. super fürs Klima! Ich finde Mallorca so wunderschön … lasse es aber nun sein, da das Volumen zu krass ist und Deutschland ebenfalls traumhafte Ecken hat.

  22. Ich habe ja schon viele Dokumentationen über die aktuelle Situation auf Mallorca gesehen. Die meisten davon schildern die Situation noch deutlich drastischer.
    Für mich ist es mittlerweile wirklich schon ein unschönes Gefühl, als Urlauber nach Mallorca zu kommen. Weil man eigentlich weiß, dass man nichts weiter als eine zusätzliche Belastung für jene ist, die dort leben und arbeiten!

    Ein Anfang wäre es wohl schon mal, wenn der Ballermann-Tourismus wegfallen würde!
    Das würde zwar nicht unbedingt dazu führen, dass man eine deutlich niedrigere Auslastung hat. Allerdings fallen dann jene weg, die nur mal paar Tage die Sau rauslassen, sich wie offene Hose benehmen und dann wieder nach 3 Tagen abdüsen!
    Das würden wohl viele Menschen auf der Insel begrüßen!
    Soll sich Bulgarien damit rumschlagen 😉 😀

  23. Tolle Dokumentation. Nur die holprige Englisch-Uebersetzung nervt etwas. Gibt's beim WDR keine Mitarbeiter mit Englischkenntnissen?

  24. Sehr gute Reportage. Folgt mir Leute und ich bringe euch auf eine Reise durch meine Erfahrungen auf Mallorca

  25. puhh.. das is echt "leichte kost" sie verdient 1500 und das zimmer kostet nur 125?!! und dann die frage wie sich das rechnet? tja.. na dann ein paar wichtige faktoren auslassen und ne unnuetze frage stellen.. hahahah na ja was man nicht alles tut um mal wieder deutsches quali. tv zu sehen

  26. Also ich frag mich wo die die Preise her haben . ich zahle für eine Person diesen Sommer all in mit Flug 1.400€ aber egal was für ein Hotel alle diese Preisklasse

  27. ha, der volumen veranstalter hat absolut keine ahnung. wegen solchen quallen geht die insel, für welche die leute bestimmt mehr bezahlen, drauf. sorry, falsche schule………

  28. 29:10 Ich finde das überhaupt nicht gut, dass der die Köchin geduzt hatte!
    Das Duzen überhaupt von Fremden finde ich respektlos.

  29. dieser Vertreter der Reiseveranstalter ist echt ein kompetenter Partner, wenn man das so anschaut.Sehr gute Reportage ,hat mich echt beeindruckt,super weiter so.

  30. Mich würde mal Interessieren wieviel GEZ gebühren auf solchen Dokureisen Privat verballert werden. Also Privaten Luxus der nicht zur Doku beiträgt.
    Ich kann mich an einen Gast bei Tvtotal erinnern der sich verplappert hat. Da ging es für zwei Wochen ins Ausland um zwei Tage zu drehen.

    Raab hat nachgefragt und dann auf die Art gemeint, jetzt wissen sie was mit ihren Zwangsabgaben passiert.

    Der Gast hat dann halt n bisschen vor sich hergekichert.

  31. Also 600€ mit HP ist jetzt nicht sonderlich billig, ein ganz normaler, wenn nicht schon erhöhter Preis für eine Pauschalreise.

  32. Für mich bisher eine der besten Dokus aus der Reihe, hier wird endlich auch mal kritisch nachgefragt und es geht nicht nur um die besten Schnäppchen, sondern auch darum um welchen Preis Touristen Billigurlaub machen können und welche Folgen dies für die Einheimischen hat. Ich denke auch wenn es bei dieser Reihe hauptsächlich um gute Deals und Angebote geht, sollte der Gedanke der Fairness, Nachhaltigkeit und Umweltfreundlichkeit immer eine Rolle spielen. Grade von den öffis erwarte ich, dass sie kritisch hinschauen und nachfragen (wie es in diesem Beitrag auch geschehen ist). Diese Einstellung würde ich mir bei jeder Ausgerechnet…. Sendung wünschen! Daniel ist ein sympathischer Reporter, der mit seiner Art viele Leute anspricht und ich denke wenn er die Zuschauer darauf aufmerksam macht, nicht nur an sich und den eigenen Spaß zu denken sondern auch an die Anwohner und die Natur, würde er sicherlich den ein oder anderen erreichen. Abzocke und Touristenfallen im Urlaub aufdecken ist ok, aber billig um jeden Preis darf im Angesicht der Klimakrise nicht mehr sein

  33. Zum Glück hat die Regierung den Wildwuchs in Ferienvermietung per Airbnb Einhalt geboten. Der Mietmarkt für Einwohner war sehr schwierig, so langsam war wird es besser….

  34. In der obersten Wohnung, die bei Minute 18 als illegale Ferienvermietung angeklagt wird, wohne ich übrigens. Und ich habe auch seit 3 Jahren einen legalen Mietvertrag. Die nette Nachbarin aus dem Erdgeschoss wohnt schon lange nicht mehr in dem Haus. Bitte nächstes mal besser recherchieren bevor man mit solchen Anschuldigungen um sich wirft! Besonders weil die Bußgelder so hoch sind für diese Straftat.

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