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#AskGaryVee Episode 104: Growing Lazy, Twitter Video for Brands, & We Have A Bucket!

#AskGaryVee Episode 104: Growing Lazy, Twitter Video for Brands, & We Have A Bucket!

– On this episode, we have a bucket. (laughter) (hip hop music) – You ask questions, and I answer them. This is the #AskGaryVee show. – Hey everybody
this is Gary Vay-ner-chuk and this is episode 104
of the #AskGaryVee show. All right, by the way I
think I said episode weird in that intro, so I gotta
go back and listen to that, but I won’t, and number two, who, somebody tweeted me today and said “Why don’t you pull
questions out of a hat?” Which I thought was clever, so India that’s correct, right. you don’t have the name of the person. I could tell by the look on your face. So, that’s OK, person who asked– said that, at least I
replied and said good idea. And so, we will do that. – [India] Jeff Rivera. – Jeff Rivera, great suggestion. So now the spit bucket that
used to be used for wine, is now gonna be used to pull out questions for the #AskGaryVee show. Yea, I guess that’s it. I guess we have a company-wide
meeting coming up, so the background’s a little
bit different than normal, which I like, a little change of pace. Hope everyone is doing well, really enjoying the show, it feels like it’s picking
up some momentum, seeing a lot more sharing
of the show in social, which means a huge fat
thank you to all of you. That was also a subtle
guilt trip to the ones that aren’t doing it. All right, India, let’s get into the show. The first question is from this person. – It’s from Lloyd, @LloydKnap, I’ve become comfortable with
my income from my business. As a result, I’ve become lazy. How do you stay motivated to keep growing? – Lloyd, you know, I’m
probably not the right person to answer this question for you, because that’s something
that never even remotely crossed my mind, or has
ever entered into my body. I love the climb, the
income level that I was at was never something that
could ever be a variable in me becoming lazy or unmotivated. You know, I would question
if that even matters. Maybe you’re good, maybe you’re good. I mean, to me, if I ever hit
a day where I’m not fired up to keep climbing the mountain, I think that I would actually– and listen, I think it’s po– actually, it is 100% possible, that somewhere out of nowhere, for business reasons,
obviously health issues in my family could be the other variable. But for business issues, if I woke up and I was good, and I
started becoming lazy, I would probably retire. And I, I’m throwing a curveball here, like this is a real answer. I think you may be
thinking that I’m joking, like you may read a blog post,
that just says “I’m done.” Hey, it’s me, remember I said hustle 24/7? I’m out. I’m out, and I’m going to do this. Because, if that feeling
ever entered my body, that’s what I would do. You know, to me, I think
the bigger question is, don’t get ra-ra’ed by me or other people, or live the world or the life that other people tell you to live. Maybe you should just check out, maybe you’re done, maybe you’re just done. Which is, sounds kind of nice. (laughter) You know, like, maybe you’re just done. So, I don’t know how to motivate that, because I never would know how to get into that zone in the first place. I just have no answer to that. My intuition is, you’re making your money in a way that doesn’t inspire you, and that you should go and do something that you really wanna do, and if you still have
the money vibe for it, why don’t you go to Hawaii
and start surfing all the time and then try to build a surfing business on the back, after you
surfed for a little while. Something like that, that
feels practical and real. India– – I like this India reading
– [India] Next– India, you’re like my Vanna White. – Aww. (laughter) I like that. Um, from Ben: You mentioned
using Twitter video, to reply to people, what about brands that don’t have a face? – Ben? – Ben. – Ben, that’s a great question. I think you create a face,
and you can create a face by renting a face, a la celebrity, or an influencer, or you
could go the Tony the Tiger or the Jolly Green Giant route, and I still think that Leo Burnett 2.0, Leo Burnett is the classic
ad agency in Chicago that was really known for this, creating these characters,
the Marlboro Man, the Keebler Elves, I think companies are not doing enough of create something out of thin air, and then allow it to be the face. I think it’s time that we brought back caricatures in businesses. And I think you could
do it in a lot of ways. I mean I think we see it
with like, app logos, right, like, it’s a little koala
bear, it’s a little elephant, like turn that person– that person, turn that thing into an animated character. I think it’d be really spooky slash rad if some, you know, chick
with a huge elephant mask was like answering you on– And obviously, look, you
can answer in human form, the way I do, or you could actually create the animation of that person– I mean, I think an animated
character replying in video form on social would go bonkers and explode. And so those are the two ways, very practical advice, rent it, with a celebrity, hey Drake, do this for us for the day, and people would be pumped and your siphoning Drake’s equity, but you’re renting. Or, do the hard climb, create out of thin air
the next caricature. (murmuring) I give good advice, guys,
I mean, what can I say? (soft laughter) I mean, it is episode 104 of
a show named #AskGaryVee. People like it, don’t
act so goddamn surprised. All right, India. – It’s from Adam,
– [Gary] Adam. – I have a ton of strengths,
what’s the best way to drill down on the best one so I can move forward at a faster pace? – I have a ton of strengths? – I have a ton of strengths. – OK, good, I like Adam already ’cause he’s a brother on the ego train, and I love the ego train. I equally like the humility train, that’s the balance that I try to live and comes natural to me. Adam, I think that you
need to shut the fuck up and just pick one and go do it. If you have so many goddamn strengths one of them is clearly
not moving fast enough. If you’re even debating this, your strength on moving
and creating action is clearly not that strong. So, I would say that’s a great thing, that fires me up, and I believe that people
have multiple talents. I mean, I feel like a lot of people do. I’m flabbergasted by
somebody not just picking one and moving forward. I’ll give you better advice, cool, you’ve got a lot of strengths? Lay them down, look at them, say I like that one the best, do that. – [India] That’s good. – Right? I mean if you have so
many goddamn strengths, just pick one and frickin’ win. Start winning! You can get to all of them eventually. Ya know, I mean, God. No? Yes! – No, I’m just laughing, Dear Gary, I’m just too good
at too many things, help. – Yeah, I mean, right, pick one, dick! Jesus. And by the way I’m pumped, I like actually think he’s gonna win, like I know I’m being a little zingy, you’re being a little zingy, like, Adam, I’m pumped, just pick one man, just pick one and start winning. It tastes good. It’s delicious. (laughter) I mean– – All right. – [India] All right.
– [Voiceover] All right. – That one got me, that one is, exciting, I mean like, why wait? – From Good News Shared, what’s the best thing that’s
happened to you this week? – Oh, Good News Shared, that’s a good one. What’s the best thing that’s
happened to me this week? First of all, thank you so much, second of all, love the concept
of this Twitter account. Good News Shared, like
just share good news? Like, what’s the best thing
that happened to you this week? That’s a nice concept, I’m into that. The best thing that
happened to me this week, if you consider Sunday
the beginning of the week, I guess you should,
’cause it’s officially, I think that’s the way it actually is. Is it? – [Voiceover] Yes. It is right? I’ve forgotten this. Is that real life though? Sunday is the true, like, yeah, right? It’s not a normal– I would say the best thing
that happened to me this week was spending time with my kids being official, on Sunday, they really enjoy the outdoors, we went to, we’ve rented
a place for the summer and I have city kids, and
they’re starting to get older, and it was fun to watch them
kind of play in the yard, and really enjoy that experience and like spending real
quality time with them. It was, I had one of the– this is not a joke, I had
one of the best weekends of my life this last weekend, all predicated on family
time, it was fantastic. And that was the best part, just seeing, you know, my kids are, Misha turned six this week, Xander turns three later this summer. They’re starting to get to that fun age, it felt different, it felt different, it felt like, I think I saw a preview to
the next four or five years of fatherhood. That really excited me. – [India] That’s nice. – Yeah. DRock’s phone goes off
during that emotional moment. (rustling paper in bucket) This guy’s got the worst timing. I like this hat thing, this is fun. It’s fun right? It’s got a different vibe. This whole show has a different
vibe because of a bucket. – [Steve] Changes everything. – The bucket has changed it all. – Warren, – Warren. – When dealing with
clients, would you rather find new clients, or #hustle to get more from current clients? (laughter) – OK, very good, Warren, I like that So, I call this hunting and farming, do you wanna hunt and get new ones, or do you wanna farm and
grow the ones you have. I think way too many people don’t realize the answer is both. Why not both, Warren? Why not both? And when you’re super
duper, duper duper talented, you can do both. That’s how you go from 30 to 500 people in a flash. There’s no rather, Warren, I just want both. Like, ya know, you want both. You wanna hu– You want both, you want both. – [India] That’s fine– – Let’s keep going, I
like where my vibe’s at in this bucket , I
think the bucket’s gonna maybe get people to a– five is my lucky number, I don’t know if I want to start doing six. But, OK, go ahead let’s do it. – (laughs) From Steph, what
will the next big social network have to do to make it rival
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? (inaudible) – Steph? – [India] Steph. – Steph, what they’re gonna
have to do is win the 12, 13, 14, 15, 16-year-old imagination. There’s no winning after
it hits a certain point. Social networks over the next foreseeable future, in my opinion, have to win the youth, they need to make Snapchat feel like that person’s older brother’s app, and this new thing is even cooler, and that’s how you win, in my opinion. I think you have to under arbitrage, or build off of a utility, I think people don’t recognize how much of a utility Instagram was. Instagram made everybody
better photographers. Which brought a huge,
huge group of people, and then it started getting social. So my two answers are: under arbitrage the 12,
13, 14, 15, 16-year-old, or build a utility, that
starts as a utility, builds a big base, and then flip it, and create the social
network underneath it. Yea, it was a good answer. (slapping back) Question of the day: what do you think about the bucket? You keep asking questions,
I’ll keep answering it. – Hello everybody, this
is Staphon and this is the Ask Staphon, DRock and India show. (India cheering) Episode 104. Interesting fact about the number 104, it is– – I am 104 years old.
– [Staphon] It is after 103, and before 105. As you can see, we’re
set up for an all hands, we’re about to get that
going, talk a little bit about Vayner/RSE, uh… the Warriors won. – Yeah, Bay Area! – And, that’s about it. India, let’s get into the show. – First question, it’s
just a puking emoji. Answer, Staphon? – My answer to this puking emoji is that I could draw a better puking emoji. Next question, India. – Staphon, next question. Um, Judith, from California says, Warriors suck. Go– aww. That one ruins everything. You’re the worst person ever. – Oh, you guys, are you guys making a little television
show for the YouTubes? – [Voiceover] This is the #AskGaryVee show.

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