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Apple’s Not So Smart Watch-Apple Watch S2 | WB Ep.8

Apple’s Not So Smart Watch-Apple Watch S2 | WB Ep.8

Last Episode we chose editing software with William um~I’m sticking with kinemaster! For more score info go check out the video Ali- Chea… Al-Chea… Ah~Never Mind said: KEEP IT UP! Ha Thanks iiColbyYT !!! said: MACBOOKS SUCK!!!!🖕🖕 I totally agree with you, check out the MBP WB video for more info Today We We, um forced William to use our Old Apple Watch William: Nah…This is a 3-year-old apple watch, why are you even making this video? um, we just need a quick video, we are not out of ideas~ Ha Today it’s my first day with apple watch I’m so excited Apple Watch is great It’s very premium it looks good just like any Apple product The design’s impressive it’s made out of aluminum the glassy screen and the colorful watch band but the best thing it is for it’s to show off to the homeless man everybody look-everybody look! I have an apple watch SSB: Woo, is that the Apple Watch? William: Yes it is! SSB: OhMyGodOhMyGodOhMyGod Apple Watch? I’m going to make a lot of YouTube revenue today! William: it also have Siri William: Hey Siri SSB: Wow, that’s so cool bro William: it also have Apple Pay Wow, that’s so cool Pay for my cigarettes! SSB&William: WTF This is my second day with the Apple Watch Today when I woke up, SSB tould me that I can buy a watchband at they are some nice Hermès Leather watchband 489U$D William: Sighs My 3rd day with the Apple Watch SSB: Wait, isn’t they’re a workout mode on the Apple Watch? William: Oh no! William: I still have to work on the video William: I can’t do it, I’m too tired! it’s very good for work out it has different work out settings it calculates your calories depends on what are you doing And your tracks your calories and steps, for your goals once you complete the goals it gives you awards um if you didn’t complete your goals you and your apple watch will be very disappointed but sometimes I don’t feel like it because I don’t have times for all those complicated settings Because work out it’s not about all of the trackings and work out settings no, the apple watch won’t help you be better at working out it’s not revolutionary it’s not going to making a difference but it’s going to help you such as planing your work out it tracks your hard beat it’s not very useful it’s used to flex on other people William: Ayeeeeeee William: hehe But, it’s too easy to scratch Um, accidents happen but it’s also waterproof So that helps it charges wirelessly Ten minutes after my work out Battery life it’s not very good for a smartwatch Apple can receive text from your iPhone So you can replay to those messages But sometimes it doesn’t work Nevermind but it’s okay because the screen automatically turns on The screen’s also very bright um very important when it’s so sunny outside there’s also different watch faces they are fun to play with but it’s mostly a toy to play with while you’re in class today I discovered that you can download apps to your apple watch like Fimic pro remote as a filmmaker is important to me William: Wow I don’t even need my phone anymore! SSB: You sure? William: Yup! SSB: You sure? William: Yup! SSB: You sure? William: Yup! SSB: You sure? William: Yup! well it might be a little bit laggy My last day with the Apple Watch So remember when I say that it’s good for work out? Well as long as you are serious about working out once you get back to work you really don’t get a chance to work out And some times the apps get wried glitch or too slow or the app it’s incomplete Even if it’s working correctly I rather use my iPhone because of a better screen and better reliability Well… Mine watch is just asking me to use my phone Ha! Exposed! Apple Watch-we had some fun time together when I first got you it was cool you flexed with me but we got harassed by the homeless man also working out with you it was fun I ran ten whole miles for this video we made a movie together we played in class Everything was new But you got boring fast Because I don’t work out I want to watch TikTok So the Apple Watch scored a 6/10 Hey Guys Thanks for watching this very delayed WB Apple Watch it’s mainly because of school And I want to say a “Merry Christmas” to everyone No matter if you are watching this live or watching the replay of this I want to say Merry Christmas to you guys And I’m sorry I couldn’t do a Q&A right now Because people are watching me filming this They probably think I’m cringey So I better get this quick WTF, I’m good enough for someone to stalk? Anyways thank you guys for watching Please tell us what do you think about the Apple Watch And I will keep trying my best to post videos very often I tried Bye Guys

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