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Apple Watch Series 5 | Change the Way You Wear It | Berad Tech

Apple Watch Series 5 | Change the Way You Wear It  | Berad Tech

what’s up guys Brad Watanabe over here
back at you again with another youtube video and today we’re talking about an
old piece of technology the Apple watch now if you know anything about me you
know that I love Apple products have been using Mac since I was a kid
throughout my college years in the 90s and we those Apple things all around
this studio a couple years back red announced a new phone the hydrogen and
it got me into that Android life even got an Android based watch and I kind of
threw everything off for me so I got back on the Apple iPhone 11 Pro just a
little bit ago and with that needed to jump back into the earpods Pro recently
my wife convinced me to get an Apple watch now this isn’t a video all about
Apple ecosystem even though we could talk for days on that specifically this
is a little tip that I learned from a buddy Ryan kaulana the Apple watch
typically comes configured like this so the digital crown ends up being on your
right-hand side so he’s a surfer and a big part of his life is getting up on a
surfboard and pushing up off of that and he realized that his wrist constantly
kept hitting this digital crown and I know it’s the same problem with myself
so here’s the hack hack is you flip your watch upside down going from your
typical left-hand orientation to a right-hand orientation you flip the
crown and now you have a watch that is the opposite of what you’re used to
so rather than the crown being over here and actually rubbing against your wrist
it goes on the left side a small life hack but it actually is super brilliant
one of the main dysfunctions of any digital watch is you get like skin and
sweat into the crown I had a diesel watch for a little while
and the crown ended up being useless after a couple of months because all of
the gunk gets in there and it gets hard to spin and if that’s one of your
primary function dials you need to make sure that thing is clean by flipping it
around being on this side of the wrist you actually get less of that moisture
from your hand you’re going to get less splashes from the sink and actually it’s
it’s a lot easier to navigate some than it is with your pointer guys
that wraps it up for this video I hope this little life hack was helpful for
you if you enjoyed it if you liked it if you give it a try let me know in a
comment and we’ll connect with you on next one along

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