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Apple Watch Series 3 Unboxing – The Perfect Gift!

Apple Watch Series 3 Unboxing – The Perfect Gift!

Ohhh and here we have it. The Apple Watch. Ho-ho-ho! Merry Christmas! To me! Hey guys, how’s it going? Welcome back to DavidPlays. Yes, as you can see, today, the day I am recording
this video, is Christmas Day. And I found a little present under my three–– Under my Christmas tree. That’s actually––
Christmas for you is probably old news already. But look, what am I supposed to do? This was a Christmas gift, and I want to share
it with you guys. I want to unbox my Christmas… Present. On my unboxing channel. Because I guess that’s what we are now. Now, obviously, I wouldn’t be unboxing any
Christmas present on my channel. Unboxing––opening. Now, obviously, I wouldn’t be opening just
any Christmas gift on my channel. But I just happen to know what this one is. It’s a gift from my parents. Full disclosure. They actually gave this to me last night. And I opened it. My reaction was something like… So I asked them to repackage it. So I could open it live on camera. Yeah. Anyway, you know what this is already. Let’s get to it. We have a beautiful ribbon here. Let’s set that aside. How about we put it right here, huh? That’s a beautiful festive detail right there. Should’ve put it there when it was still Christmas… I’m so excited. I’ll be honest, guys. Today, Christmas Day, I didn’t want to work. The only reason I’m recording this video is
because I really want to get my hands on this present. Hohohohoho. Okay. Alright, here we go. Look at that. An Apple Watch Series 3. Now, when I opened this yesterday when my
parents gave it to me, this is all that I saw. This is as far as I went before I asked them
to put the packaging back on. So everything from this point out is going
to be new to me. So… It’ll be a genuine unboxing experience. Don’t worry guys! First and foremost, let’s take a look at the
packaging. We have the Apple logo: Apple Watch Series
3. The newest version of the Apple Watch which
came out this past September. I’ll be honest with you guys. I didn’t know if the Apple Watch was at a
point where it justified my purchase. However! I will accept it as a gift, thank you very
much. Ohhhh. Let’s just jump right in. Really? Man, I really need to up my unboxing took
kit! I’ll be honest this was extremely cheap. There you go. It just needed a little adjustment there. Let’s take care of this. Here we go. Boom. Designed by Apple in California. Ohhh and here we have it. The Apple Watch. 44mm case, Space grey aluminum, sport band
black. I feel this is the best configuration you
can go with when you are buying it as a gift. You can’t go wrong with that space grey. But let’s actually take a look at it by opening
this up. Oh, dude. I’ve been waiting so long for this. I’ve been waiting so long for my very own
Apple Watch. I’ll be honest, I was afraid it might’ve been
silver or some other color but space grey: heck yes. Black sport band: perfect. I feel like the sport band is the essential
band you need to have, and later on if you want to, you can get the band of your choice. This is perfect. This is perfect guys. Alright so here we have the USB adapter. And the USB to… what do you even all this? I guess this is wireless charging, right? Here we go. There–– it’s kinda––it’s so flimsy,
look at that. It won’t like, stay as it should be. It doesn’t have enough weight. Alright so that’s all that’s in the box. Ohhh it’s on. First impressions: the screen looks not too
bright. Then again, I mean, what am I comparing it
to, the iPhone X? That’s a bit unfair, I guess. Acerca el iPhone al Apple Watch. Well, that’s what I’m doing. It’s right here. Use your iPhone to set up the Apple Watch. Alright, let’s do that. Hold Apple Watch up to the camera align it
with the view finder below. Like this? What? Like this? What do you? Oh. Oh! I’m an idiot. There you go. Is that what you’re talking about? Oh, your Apple Watch is paired. Dude, it feels so comfortable. Apparently I have very small wrists. Because I went to the very last one. There you go. I have the power of the–– Enable route tracking. I don’t really work out but… Let’s enable it. You know, I pace a lot, you know. I walk around my house a lot. That’s what I do. If that doesn’t count as exercise I don’t
know what to tell you, man. Your watch is ready. Press the digital crown to start. Oh my. There you have it. Got the Apple Watch. Dude, it disappears right away, eh? Ohhh you can actually use this as a lantern
or something? That’s pretty cool. That’s pretty neat. This are different watch faces, I guess. Oops. I think I just sent to some friends my heart
beat. So, there’s that. Man… Are you telling me I can’t have custom ringtones
on my Apple watch? My dream of owning a Power Ranger’s communicator
has been crushed. Customizable ringtones on my Apple Watch. That’s what I want Apple. Do it. I want that communicator sound in my Apple
Watch, then the dream––THEN the dream will be fulfilled. I like this face. Day of the week, day of the month, time, location,
weather. I’m just––ah… It’s beautiful. Look at this. I can tell the time. I can actually tell the time with out––
With out pulling out my phone. If I lose my phone… There you go. Well, I can’t wait to keep playing around
with this. Let me know in the comments if you would be
interested in a full review. I hope you enjoyed this video. I definitely enjoyed my gift. If you did as always be sure to give it a
thumbs up. Either way, thank you for watching, and I’ll
see you in the next one. Here we go. There it is. Water resistance technology: the future.

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