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Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular ⌚️ – Blind Unboxing & First Impressions!

Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular ⌚️ – Blind Unboxing & First Impressions!

– Hey, everyone, James Rath here. This week I happen to have
something in the mail and I think I know what it is, but not 100% sure, so if this isn’t what I think it is, then this was all or nothing. Oh, all right, we’re in luck, it is what I think it is, an Apple Watch Series 3. Let see exactly what model this is. – [Siri] A Watch, Series 3, 42 millimeters case, space grade aluminum, sport band, black. – All right, keeping it simplistic. I really didn’t know exactly
what watch was coming in. See what we’ve got here, probably just some instructions, yep. So underneath we’ll
find a magnetic charger for the Apple Watch and 5 watt Apple USB. 5 watts, it’s 2017. Okay. Who knows, maybe 5 watts isn’t so bad for the Apple Watch, but this is the same USB power adapter that comes with the iPhone to this day. This is the very first Apple Watch that supports LTE. What that means is before
you always had to be about 30 feet away from your iPhone and that was so it could
connect via Bluetooth and receive your calls
and your text messages. That’s no longer the case. Now you can actually go independently from your phone and still
receive phone calls, iMessages, SMS, and MMS? MMS, that’s what it is. This is the Sport model. Now, Apple doesn’t necessarily brand them as Sport, Stainless Steel Apple Watch and then the Edition. This watch, in particular,
is the “aluminium,” “aluminium.” I know I’m American, but watching the Apple Keynotes and stuff, and Jony Ive always saying “aluminium,” that’s what I say now. So it has the “aluminium” casing around it and an ion-x glass. The display itself is two times brighter than previous models and it’s an OLED. So basically being
brighter, it’s got about 1,000 nits, I believe. That’s a lot of nits. So I can’t actually see what’s currently happening on the Apple Watch screen, but fear not, Apple has fool-proofed this to be accessible. If I just hit the digital
crown here on the side three times, one, two, three. – [Mechanical Voice] I4 Apple Watch. – So we just turned on voiceover, and that will basically narrate exactly what I’m doing on the Apple Watch. All right, so we bring
our iPhone close to it and just like the airpods,
we have a prompt for it. – [Mechanical Voice] Use
your iPhone to set up this Apple Watch. Continue. – Let’s hit continue. So what we’re gonna do
is pair the Apple Watch by using key auto.
– Your Apple Watch is paired. – There we go. So the Apple Watch,
itself, is water resistant for up to about 50
meters, that’s 150 feet. Originally, I saw the Apple Watch being branded as a luxury fashion product and that might be true,
but Apple has definitely shifted the focus in the marketing towards fitness and health. Something new with this
watch is they’ve updated the internal flash
storage from 8 gigabytes to 16 gigabytes. Things like photos and music playlists will be able to transfer
over to your watch independently without your phone. That way you can have backgrounds, you can show slideshows on your watch if you want, or listen to music with wireless earbuds
without the phone having to be within range of Bluetooth. Apple’s currently rocking Bluetooth 4.2, not 5.0 but might not
be necessary for this product right now. So the new Apple Watch
also has a brand new faster Dual Core Processor. Now this actually enables Siri to be able to speak for the first
time on the Apple Watch. Siri’s always been a prominent part of the watchOS Ecosystem, however, now with Siri being able to speak thanks to that faster processor, it’s probably going to be a
lot more handsfree and useful. Before you had to look down at the watch and try to read the small
text that Siri was displaying, she’d be sort of text based. There was a way to get around
that with the previous watches and that’s if you enabled
voiceover, which is– – [Siri] Apple Watch basics. – What I’m using right now, but it wasn’t the most ideal set up for someone who is sighted. But for a person who’s legally blind, makes sense. So after about 15 minutes
the Apple Watch is finished syncing with the iPhone
and any available apps that have a watch version have come over. So keep in mind, it’s
dependent on the developer, not every app will be
available for the watch. So I’m personally coming
from the Apple Watch’s first generation before they
even called it a Series 1, Series 0 maybe. It’s just lighter and I
think this is gonna be a lot easier to workout
with and swim with. I don’t know how I feel
exactly about the red dot on the digital crown. It doesn’t look bad and
actually looks really nice with the current watch face that’s set. So there’s all sorts of different faces you can choose from. There’s activity ones, there’s this new kaleidoscope feature, which
is actually pretty rad. First time checking that out. Siri has one where she
can give you information throughout the day and just some pretty
standard modular ones. I’m curious to know how Siri sounds with that new processor. Let’s actually go right
from that watch face and see if we can activate Siri. Hey, Siri? (beeping) How are you doing today? – [Siri] I’m happy to be alive. – Based on my first impressions, the Apple Watch Series 3 is the most accessible Smart Watch that
I, personally, have used. Let me know in the comments down below, would you consider getting
an accessible Smart Watch? Or are Smart Watches not really for you? I wanna hear from you. I’m just glad that all my previous bands that I invested in still
work with this one. If you like this video,
give it a thumbs up. Subscribe if you haven’t already. Be sure to check out the
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hear you next time, bye.

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  1. Great timing. I just decided to look at the apple watch but I've been trying to work put if it's worth getting it now or trying to wait

  2. About your question, all I want from a watch is the time, the calendar and solar battery. As I am always with my iPhone around, I wouldn't buy any type of expensive watches! 😀

  3. Please tell me what accessabiliry app are you using to read the text on the box? I would live to know the names of the apps you use on a day yo day.

  4. I would love to get an Apple Watch because it would be easier for me to talk on the phone when I’m out and about, that way I wouldn’t have to scramble for my phone in my purse.

  5. I’m planning on getting my first Apple Watch Series 4 but I’m still worried if I can use it or not because I am also visually impaired so now that I hear I can use Siri with it I am excited

  6. I am 13 years old, and I am legally blind. I have an iPhone 6 and I use voiceover every day. I would really consider getting an Apple Watch.

  7. thanks for your video ! very instructive.
    one question: to use voiceover with the fingers, better the 40 or the 44 mm screen?

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