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AP vs Rolex – Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore and Rolex Submariner Gold. Which is Better?

AP vs Rolex – Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore and Rolex Submariner Gold. Which is Better?

Thank you for joining us today at Watch Your Style. My name is Eric. Today, we’re going to discuss a few of my favorite brands: AP and Rolex. First watch we have here is a Rolex 40mm Submariner in solid gold, 2003, which brings the aluminum insert blue on blue. Second watch we have is an AP Royal Oak Offshore, 42mm stainless steel safari on a bracelet.
So you’re looking to spend anywhere from 16 to 18 thousand dollars.
Which is going to be? Rolex vs AP. This is a topic that we can go on for hours, but to make it short and quick, it’s two different watches with two different
amounts of status level. Both in the same area of price range, but
both have a different impact on what you’re trying to do with the watch. Lets start with the Rolex. This is a classic Submariner, solid gold. Anywhere you go with this watch, they’re gonna notice you have a gold watch. Beautiful watch, this is good for if you wanna be on the boat or if you want to wear it on
a suit. You wanna go to a wedding and you wanna wear it in a suit. Fantastic watch. It’s always gonna have its
value if you buy it right. You’re always gonna have your money here. Second watch, stainless steel. This stainless steel AP is one of my favorite watches.
It’s not gold. It’s priced the same. People are wondering, “but how can a steel watch be the same price as a gold Rolex?” Well, let’s just talk about design. The AP is just the most expensive stainless steel watch other than a Patek or anything more fancier than that, but the design of it is very unique it’s more of an edgy watch. AP has undeniable quality. It’s a chronograph. The AP is a stainless steel, white face, Royal Oak Offshore on a bracelet. This is a very traditional design. Same thing, this can be a daily wearer. You can wear this daily. Same thing as the Rolex. You can wear in on a yacht, or you can just wear on a suit. Wear it for work, whatever you like. I guess it really just boils down to what type of style you’re trying to go to. You see, what happens is most people won’t spend this kind of money on an AP. They’d
rather go with the gold watch. The problem is once you have this watch for a little while, you get tired of it. You wanna go with something new, the next level.
That’s what happens, that’s how you end up spending that kind of money on this.
So for me personally, if I had to buy one and it was my first watch of this money,
I guess I would probably go with the gold Rolex just because you know if I’m gonna spend that kind of money, anything from 15 thousand and up, I mean I want some gold, you know. I wanna be able to make an impression for a while, but later on after you’ve had this
watch for a while, you kind of decide well you know maybe the gold watch isn’t what I want all the time. Maybe I wanna wear a watch that’s 15 thousand and up, but I don’t want
to be noticed so much and make so much noise. That is when this comes into play. You see, this is a watch that is over 15 thousand dollars, but most of the people are gonna walk by you and not even notice. Some idiots might even think it’s a Michael Kors or something, but
that’s fine because in the watch world, I mean you’re not really trying to impress the
guy that doesn’t know anything about watches. So this is more of an understated watch, same value as a gold Rolex, but more sophisticated more of a watch connoisseur, where as any idiot will probably walk in and can buy this. Not taking anything from this watch because this is a beautiful gold Sub, but you understand what I’m saying because some people just can’t fathom the idea that a gold Rolex and an AP stainless steel are the same price. That’s
where the versus comes in. You see, we get into the topic of if you could only buy one, which would it be? And I guess this is what I would choose. I would go with the AP because if I only had one, this is good for everything. I can dress it down. I can dress it up. My money is always there. AP is a solid investment. They’re always gonna be worth money. It’s not something that’s just going to lose
money the day after tomorrow. It’s not like a new brand that just came out.
We’ll talk about that some other day, about these new brands. But, you see the gold one you’re always forced to have a gold watch, which I guess for some people that’s what they want, but I just feel
that the stainless steel AP is more versatile because sometimes you can dress it up, you can dress it down, but the gold is that one factor that always just screams out the attention. AP is a total different brand than Rolex in
the sense that it’s just not so much of a traditional product. There’s a lot more Rolexes out there on the wild than you’ll see of APs.
Chances are that you’ll probably end up seeing a gold Sub before you see an AP Offshore, even though the gold Sub is rare, you see a lot more Presidents.
When it comes to Rolex, the gold Rolex that everybody thinks of is the President and I
think after that might come the Yachtmaster the one in gold.
There is a lot of them out there. Sub, not so much. However, the AP is a lot more rare. There is just not a lot out there,
AP is brand that brings a lot of tradition. It’s not a new brand. It’s not like let’s
say Hublot for example. That’s only been around since the eighties.
AP’s been around for a long time. It has a big brand tradition
and the quality is just impeccable. Let’s talk a little bit about the styling
it has. You know, it has this octagonal bezel design, which comes from the classic Royal Oak design from Gerald Genta.
Beautiful design. It has a combination of satin and polished edges
which kind of just makes it pop and gives it a lot of character.
To me, it’s just a watch with a lot of character. Very understated, beautiful.
Now, one thing I don’t like about the AP Offshore is that it’s very scratch prone. It’s not a
good watch for the first time wearer. It’s something you need to have some practice to
wear this watch. The gold Sub, beautiful, look at that.
Gold Sub, blue dial, blue bezel. I mean, how could you say no to this?
You know, if I had to choose between one, it will be really hard
just because they both have their own things to offer.
When it comes to investment, these are both safe investments.
If you buy them at a second hand watch, chances are if you buy them at a good price
and you keep the watch in a good condition, you’ll always have your money there the day
you are ready to do a trade-in or something. AP holds just like Rolex, sometimes maybe even
better. You know, it is the next level after Rolex.
After you’ve had several Rolexes in your collection and you’re tired of Rolex,
AP is the next level before Patek and from that point on, they just get crazier.
You know you’re pretty much wearing a house on your wrist.
But AP is the next level after Rolex and I would definitely go with the Offshore.
OK so that’s my conclusion with Rolex vs AP. I think overall they’re both solid choices.
You cannot make a wrong decision here. They both hold their value well and overall
exceptional quality. If you found this video helpful and you enjoyed
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and don’t forget to Subscribe to our Channel. Until next time, this is Eric with Watch your

Reader Comments

  1. Thank you for the review, it was insightful! I am a 19 year old college student who knows nothing about the watch game and has never owned a proper watch (the fact that I own an Apple Watch goes to show how much of a noob I am hahaha). Today I decided today that I will be purchasing this very AP (in pre-owned condition of course) within the next year. In the meantime I will not only put some money to the side but I will also make sure to educate myself as much as possible.

  2. 30 watches in including AP, JLC, VC, GP, I only have one white gold Daytona which was a gift from my fiance. My stainless steel sub is like New because every time I look at my watches I pass on it.
    If I get a gold watch it will be a Lange or Patek

  3. Great channel! What do you think about the watch I just bought, Vacheron Constantin (5500V B074)? Man I've loved it!

    Submariner is maybe my favorite Rolex model, I just hate how here in my home country the watch enthusiasts really don't respect them. Like, I'd rather have a new Daytona with ceramic bezel than an old Omega Speedmaster (which is a great watch too, but c'mon)

    Nice channel, keep it up 🙂 I subscribed earlier and recommended to my friends who love watches too.

  4. I do prefer the AP more than the Rolex. Your point was right on and after collecting many Rolex’s, I finally got the AP Offshore rose gold. Such a beauty of a piece with a beautiful decorated movement!

  5. AP sucks, they charge the unreal price just to try to say they are the best, and reallity is that they suck, aren't even beautiful

  6. With a lot of over time I ended up picking the AP Royal Oak Stainless. I'm very happy with my purchase I got it used at a good price.

  7. The AP is the perfect answer for anyone whose tastes shout Macy's clearance rack, but who has way too much money to be seen there; really, biggo fake bezel screws announce the Steampunk Hillbillies have arrived. I once saw a Lotus Elan jacked up in the back with big-ass street slicks, and perhaps this watch would look cool on that idiot's wrist – although, we all know where tasteless fools really want to wear their watches, except that member can't lift so much weight. The gold Rolex is at least a clear no nonsense statement that your boys will take care of anyone who disses your wife or watch. AP reputation for service sucks, so is perfect for suckers.

  8. I prefer the Royal Oak design over just about anything else. The octagonal bezel with the screws is the key to its appeal. I'm no fan of the funkier designs they've created with it though. Some are just ugly. A watch like this deserves an understated beauty that compliments it, not some tacky looking bling. In a perfect world, I'd match the bezel & strap of their new Perpetual Calendar black ceramic with the minimalist blue face of the 14790ST. Oh… and make it 36mm. Perfection never exists though.

  9. Erik I like your videos, you often hit the point but your tastes and advices are very limitated to america market. I am italian and here nobody, except a mafia godfather would wear a gold rolex sub at a wedding, it is very awful. Even the AP ROO is a bad choice for an elegant situation, maybe the normal AP RO slim could fit the situation but in my opion if we are talking about forma events you need a dress watch like JLC Reverso, JLC Master Control, Rolex Cellini in we want to stay with Rolex and many others that can range from few houndreds dollars to thousands. I wear a gold zenith stellina, manual wind, ultra slim on a very elegant lizard brown strap, it is cheap compared to these watches but i think it looks much more elegant. this is just my opionio. Good work bro

  10. Really not into the Offshores. If going RO it’s gotta be 39 or 41mm. Date, chrono, SS or PM it doesn’t matter. That said a gold sub is an iconic piece. Not the watch for formal attire, but a great sports watch.

  11. "….and from that point it just gets crazier, its like..umph…wearing a house on your wrist" ..great statement!

  12. AP looks ugly. I don't care what kind of movement or material it has, if it's ugly as shit I won't pay 20k for it . PP all the way.

  13. Ap is a waste of money really. If I want to spend that kind of money, why am I hiding it? Might as well wear a G-shock!

  14. AP are soooo much better than Rolex in terms of quality and reliability. Rolex are victims of their own success, nowadays they are everywhere, every young guy who gets his first bonus runs out and buys a Rolex. Us grown ups know that AP is where it’s at, check out the top golfers, top tennis players, F1 drivers…they all have AP’s, Rolexes are ok for daily wear but they’re not the best by any stretch!

  15. What about the Blancpain FF? I think it’s a clear winner between the AP and Rolex. I have only collected Rolex in the last years but had the opportunity to see the Blancpain FF in metal. Best diver watch out there

  16. AP is a more stand off watch then Rolex nothing more then that, if you dont want to follow the crowd you buy a AP, but i dont think its a 'next level' watch. Patek might be.

  17. I have an AP Ro diver, I’ve changed to the above mentioned steel bracelet. It’s lost almost 40% in value if if if I sell it myself. 50% if I sell it to a dealer. My 20 year old half gold sub has gained value. I’ll have to keep the scratch magnet & use it twice a year & spend 2k servicing it every 5 years

  18. there is a lot of comments going are undo that AP charges about $3000 for a basic servicing. Given Rolex Charges about $1000 for a basic service thus significant difference needs to be mentioned for an informed decision Your thoughts?

  19. I've had two bad experience with AP with reliability. They've stop manufacturing parts on a Royal Oak that was 15 years old. I find that hard to believe.WTF

  20. Solid gold bluesy Rolex is all-ways nice,, they holds your money well and as for collection its a great allrounder .
    A.P Is like "Patek Phillip" they are Pices of Art on your wrist with the hand craftsmanship is the Top in Horoligy and this is the Difference so When you consider AP Offshore Royal Oak this is really a new level for the buyer and buying it new it still hold its price.

  21. also with the vampire ? are they hold there value well, I Just bought one pre-owned because I keep watching ur video eric.

  22. I had a Yachtmaster platinum 40mm and it got more bad attention than good, so I sold it and got the AP ROO Navy 42mm and find it loud to me but nobody knows what it is, usually. It is certain that AP ROO is far superior in quality compared to the Rolex, but by golly the Daytona Black Dial is sexy.

  23. F*** new brand watch companies you stupid b** can't even answer some f**** questions like a chump ass mother f***

  24. Social statut lol …only stupid people judge on the value of a watch or a car.
    It s like people who playing golf to do business, it s just pathetic.

  25. Rolex gold sub, rules…it’s classic from the 80’s until today! If you have ever been in Bimini and seen an 80 foot Viking sport fisher pull up …with the owner wearing the 18k sub, on the wrist shining in the sun with blue water, it’s incredible

  26. Rolex is driving a Harley-Davidson it's gets old that's why I ilke AP 💎⌚💎 ow iam not Knocking Rolex because there's ate some ice out ⌚ I have seen are badass but I be seeing the same different color face on the Rolex but i really don't know but my big choice is the AP it's just stance out more 💎⌚💎👍🏾👌🏾🤘🏾🖖🏾👨🏾💯%✌🏾

  27. This is ridiculous. It’s either gold v gold or you can make the same negative arguments against a gold watch regardless of the brand you’re putting up against a quality stainless piece. If we switch it and have a Gold AP Royal Oak then what will the snob set say? It’s tasteful? Lol. They are one of the tackiest/flashiest watches on the planet and renown for delicate movements just to add insult to injury. Jeez.

  28. Its 2018 AP steel is still $16k and Rolex Sub Gold costs $35k. I guess brand has some value but precious metal wins any day over steel.

  29. You said it yourself “it stainless steel “ about the ap! The design of both Rolex bracelets the President and submariner are the MVP’s! Don’t let yourself be brain washed that an AP is a next level above Rolex! That’s like going to Thailand and thinking it’s ok to sleep with a ladyboy, because it’s acceptable over there! F that’s it’s not acceptable!

  30. Well, they are both brands for flexers without their own taste who want to impress others, so its just that ap is more expensive and prestigeous, but other than that its the same stuff…

  31. Ap is a scratch magnet. Why get a scratch magnet when you can have a ceramic rolex that never scratches and always looks new. Its a no brainer rolex all day every day.

  32. One would be a fool to buy a new 18k Rolex. The moment you walk out of the AD, your "investment" has dropped by XXX%.

    Why not compare apples to apples. Compare the SS Daytona to the SS AP? Yes, the SS Daytona would be cheaper, but it would be a more fair comparison from a technical standpoint.

  33. Of course the AP. Rolex are for weak ppl that need to impress others with a expensive watch. AP is for the ones that wear the watch for themselfs.

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