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Antique Fire Bell Restoration – Huge & Loud alarm

Antique Fire Bell Restoration – Huge & Loud alarm

Antique Fire Bell Restoration Please Subscribe to my channel – Thank’s Paint remover The Fire Bell needs many hours of grinding Now let’s assemble this beautiful Fire Bell I’m still grinding rust on the Fire Bell The old Fire Bell before the restoration Now let’s do the Fire Alarm test I think that we can do 120 dB

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  1. In this video I restore an Antique Fire Bell. It's really heavy, huge and loud. Please leave your thoughts and comment below

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    Warmest regards


  2. Awesome restoration. Would like to have seen the British Make painted white on the front. But this thing is awesome!

  3. very good restoration……maybe i would use brass pins to fix the gents label back on…just my thought…well done

  4. Very nice project. The polished bell portion loks great. Did you coat it with something to keep it looking great? Thumbs Up!

  5. когда автор подключал питающие провода, мне плохо стало

  6. Id personally suggest bettering your painting skills. They turn out good but coyld be a lot better with a little bit more effort into the painting. Even passes with the can starting off the part than running along and ending off the part. Alot more even coats and coverage.

  7. You should add dates of approximently how old something is and if it's estimated date, etc. Gives us a perspective and interesting to think about. Awesome vid btw (as always), your skill is amazing and I'm quite jealous aha

  8. I suddenly need a fire bell , great job with these videos , your camera work is awesome and it's reminiscent of the relaxing end videos , definitely earned a loyal sub here keep up the great work buddy .

  9. Oh god i was hitting subscribe but my phone fall off while I was watching now I can barely see from the screen but ur video worth it nice man keep up ??✌?✌?

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