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And the Chicago Blackhawks select… Kirby Dach — On The Clock: Season 3, Episode 4

And the Chicago Blackhawks select… Kirby Dach — On The Clock: Season 3, Episode 4

– With the third pick, the
Blackhawks are proud to select– (upbeat music) – [Kirby Dach] Winning
to me is everything. There’s a saying where you gotta hate to lose
before you like to win, and I hate to lose. So, anything I do I always have
to win no matter what it is. (upbeat music) – [Steve Cochran] Kirby Dach is here. Blackhawks’ first pick, third
pick overall in a draft. What was that like? – Yeah. It was nuts. First of all, thanks for having me Steve on the show today. So, it
was kind of a surreal moment. I mean, you work so hard
for it your entire life and to kind of hear your name get called and honestly the city of Chicago
and the organization itself is first class so I’m thrilled to be here. – [Cochran] Well we’re
thrilled to have you. It’s going to be a lot of fun. – [Newscaster] From the Saskatoon Blades, he’s the newest Blackhawk member. And he joins us this morning. – [Sportscaster] You
want to do a comparison? It’s Ryan Getzlaf. – [Stan Bowman] He’s got the skill to play with the high skill players. He can make plays that will wow you. And he’s also got the competitiveness to show that he wants it
more than anyone else. So I think we got a special
player here, and as you’ll see we’re excited for what’s to come. [Bowman] Kirby Dach, yep. – [Announcer] And please
welcome the newest member of the Chicago Blackhawks, the third overall pick in the 2019 NHL Draft, Kirby Dach. – [Announcer] He’s going to
get a chance to go to the Jonathan Toews school of
learning how to play center. – [Kirby Dach] The third overall
pick, there’s a group of us that could have went there. And for my name to be
called, it’s surreal. And I’m going to prove them right that I was the right choice. – [John McDonough] You get drafted,
now it’s prove it time. Expectations are high. – What separates him from
a lot of guys is his desire and determination to
be a difference maker. – He’s a very, very unique player. And that’s what makes him so exciting. (instrumental music) – [Bill Daly] The third
overall selection in the 2019 NHL Draft belongs to the Chicago Blackhawks. – [Bowman] Up until that point we were looking at a
different group of players. So, when we found out
we were going to be picking third, immediately our attention
shifted to a different group of guys that we had familiarity with, but we wanted to really zero in on. – [Announcer] They move all
the way up from the 12th spot. Three Stanley Cups this decade. Kane, Toews, Keith, and
now a number three pick in June in Vancouver for the Hawks. – I talked to Mark that
night, and we had a, I think we both were smiling
quite a bit with what could be. Mark. – [Mark Kelley, On The Phone]
How’s your night going? – Much better now. – [Mark Kelley] All of a
sudden we were looking at a different group of players. We had a real — At that point in the year we had a good idea that
the first two players who were going to go off the board. Hughes and Kakko. And then we had about seven
or eight players after that, that we felt were worthy of consideration for that third overall pick. And before the lottery
we were picking 12th, so we really we moved into a different area code. – [Kelley, On Phone] No,
it was unbelievable. When they flipped that card, I just, I mean, the thoughts that were
just running through my head Everything’s changing. I was going to the Piestany
tournament tomorrow, but now I’m going to head to Saskatoon and catch game 4 of Saskatoon and PA. – [Kelley] I was scheduled to go to Vienna and just that night I had
to call the travel agent and cancel that and then I booked a ticket to go out west to see WHL playoffs. I mean, ironically, the team
that I went to see first was Kirby and the Saskatoon Blades. – [Bowman] Well yeah, we’re all
going to have to kind of get, put our minds together and figure out how to spend our next few weeks here because there’s some
important games to watch, and obviously it changes
our focus a little bit. – There hasn’t been
much physicality either. – Yeah, a lot of speed. – [Bowen Byram] We have
a lot of good athletes here so I got to just go to
work tomorrow morning. – [Kelley] What was
the biggest difference for you in your game? – [Dylan Cozens] It’s been a dream
of mine, my whole life. – [Trevor Zegras] After the first two, the draft really starts there. – [Kirby] I know where I need
to be at the end of the year, and I think I want to step in right away. – This kid came to our
combine too. I liked him. – Can be anywhere second or third. – But if the screw loose too? – Yeah, real good frame. – There’s a chance that Vlasic
or Helleson would be there? – Vlasic? I think he’ll be gone. (instrumental music) – [Kelley] Good morning. (instrumental music) – Draft day 2019. We don’t have much to
go over this morning, just kind of loose. Anybody has anything, or
wants to put in a comment? (instrumental music) OK, have a good pre-game nap. Be ready. Hudson, are we ready for our mock draft? – [Bowman] The mock draft is
something we do each year, the morning of the draft
we just randomly assign each scout a team and
then they have to pick who they would pick at
that point in the draft. The only wrinkle we had a
little bit different this year, with the Blackhawks picking third, we gave Mark Kelley the
third spot in the draft. – [Hudson Chodos] Welcome
to the 2019 NHL Draft – [Bowman] At this point
our scouts were waiting to see what’s the answer.
Who are we going to take? Because we hadn’t, we hadn’t revealed that information to the staff. – The first overall selection
for the 2019 NHL Draft, I welcome the New Jersey Devils. – The New Jersey Devils select
from the NTDP Jack Hughes. – The New York Rangers pick, from Finland, Turku, Kaapo Kakko. – [Al MacIsaac] Home pick. – [Bowman] A lot of talking
amongst themselves, wondering is it going to be one player, is it going to be another? Who are we going to take? – And the Chicago Blackhawks
from Fort Saskatchewan and the Saskatoon Blades, Kirby Dach. (applause) – [Bowman] You know, Mark Kelley and I tried to form our own opinions and then we got together a
few days before the draft and we shared our thoughts and they lined up with each other. So, it wasn’t like we talked
daily in the middle of May, end of May, who’s the guy? We tried to just let it
happen for each other and we came to the same conclusion. Very excited. We’ve talked about this
seems like for months now and the moment is upon us. So all the hard work the guys put in, all the discussions we’ve had, we finally reached the point where we know what we’re going to do and just got to get to the
draft and actually do it. (still music) – [Bowman] It was pretty calm
and it was really a mixture of excitement and calmness because we knew the guy we wanted, we knew he was going to be there, and it was a matter of waiting
until the moment happened. (clock ticking) – [Gary Bettman] Let me
formally welcome all of you to the 2019 NHL Draft. – [Kelley] You have the adrenaline
going, the excitement, the lights are up, the crowd’s coming in, there’s a buzz on the floor. – The first selection belongs
to the New Jersey Devils. – For the first pick overall
the New Jersey Devils are proud to select from
the US program Jack Hughes. (applause) – From TPS Turku, Kaapo Kakko. (applause) – Are we up yet, or no? Kirby Dach, yeah. – It’s a culmination of a
whole year of a lot of work. – Anyone send you a
text who we should pick? – No lobbying? We never did get an offer to trade up. – No, never. You know, contemplating, projecting, trying to, you know, see those
clues that help us decide, you know, what our player’s going to be. – [Announcer] This draft
starts at number three. The draft starts now with Stan Bowman. What are we looking at here? – Stand in the middle, you know the drill. – With the third pick — – [Colin Fraser] Third overall I think could be the future face of the Blackhawks. – The Blackhawks are proud to select — – [Jonathan Toews] Not only be a
future core player, but a star. – From the Saskatoon Blades — – [Bowman] Someone you put over the boards in every situation. – [Announcer] Has it on the
right boards at the hashmarks. Down the ice, he’s going
to try to make a move. He’ll shoot and score.
Short-handed scores. Kirby Dach, Kirby Dach, Kirby
Dach, Kirby Dach, Kirby Dach. – They put a lot of trust
in me with this pick and they could have gone
in multiple different ways. I have to do everything right by them and prove that they did
make the right decision in choosing me at three. – Kirby Dach. (applause and cheering) – [McDonough] When
you’re picking third, it’s all about anticipation and doing the best you
can in disseminating right information to make
sure you get as close to the right pick as you possibly can. But I think he feels that
this is just step one. You get drafted, now it’s prove it time. Expectations are high,
how are you going to deal with those expectations? – [Kirby] I’m touted to be
a top prospect for this team, so I can’t take my foot off the gas pedal because I know there’s guys behind me that are trying to pass me in this aspect and I’m not at the top of the game yet so I know I have a long ways to go. – I think he’s got the right
mindset to be a special player. Not just a good player,
but a great player. And he’s got the skillset to match that, but I think what separates
him from a lot of guys is his desire and determination
to be a difference maker. He doesn’t just want to make the NHL, he wants to be a star. And those things don’t happen overnight. But in his case, with the ability he has and the determination and focus, I think he’s going to get there quicker than people might think. (instrumental music and ticking)

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  1. Us Blackhawks fans are going to remember this draft for decades 💯 let’s bring the cup to Chicago again

  2. Was very surprised with this pick but honestly the more I see Kirby the more I like him and the decesion that we made .. and its just the offseason cant wait to see him play more he is gonna be a STUD mark my words!

  3. Not gonna lie, I was upset with the pick. Then I listened to an interview and I went to go see him at the prospect camp. This. Kid. Is. Something. Special.

  4. Fantastic pick. Dach. Hossa skills we're always going to be difficult to fill.
    This is going to be another killer Hawks crew. Still the most exciting team in the NHL !

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