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Ancient Temple Shows Cell Phone & Wrist Watch? Built with Psychic Powers?

Ancient Temple Shows Cell Phone & Wrist Watch? Built with Psychic Powers?

Hey guys, today we are going to see an ancient
Hindu temple, which is truly unforgettable. Even if you try to forget it, it will be impossible
for you to erase the visuals I am going to show you. The temple you are about to see is very ancient,
it was built around 250 A.D which means the temple is 1750 years old, but the details
in this temple are mind-boggling and will make you question if the temple was built
by supernatural means. This temple is located in a small village
called Singrikudi and at first sight it looks like almost like a modern day temple with
beautiful and colorfully painted statues. What is so special about these carvings and
statues? Look at this statue, it has a shirt, with
a collar, And look there are even buttons and you can even see the pockets on both sides. He is posing as though he is holding up the
weight of the temple. Now, Hinduism is all about symmetry, so my
eyes are naturally going on the other side of the tower and look, again, the statue on
the other side is also shown with a dress shirt with collar, pockets and buttons. This is shocking, because all historians agree
that buttoned shirts came to India only in the last few centuries, but this temple is
at least 1750 years old. Yes, the painting on it is fresh, because
they do repaint the temple time and time again, and some even claim that these shirts were
done by a quirky painter in recent times. However, many locals claim that these shirts
were originally carved on these ancient statues, and the painters merely paint various colors
on them. Now, remember I spoke about symmetry. Let us go to the other side of the tower and
see what kind of statues exist there. This side is also beautifully carved with
so many stories from Hinduism, and again we see more figures with dress shirts with buttons,
collars and pockets. The faces are a little bit different from
the faces on the front side of the tower, but now we have a total of 4 statues wearing
dress shirts. Right? We are not done yet! Because temple towers actually have 4 sides,
so I decided to see what is on the sides as well. Most people do not see the sides of the towers
at all, and i was able to see more statues with shirts. If we go around the tower, flying like birds,
then we can see 4 more statues on the sides of the towers as well. This is remarkable, because we have a total
of 8 figures wearing dress shirts in this tower. We know as a matter of fact that buttoned
shirts with collars did not exist 1750 years ago. I don’t mean that just within India, the whole
world did not use shirts like this until the last 2 centuries. So, how could ancient builders carve such
accurate statues with dress shirts? But we are not done yet, there are more interesting
details . When I zoomed in with my camera and took close ups on the sides, there are
more details which are stunning. Look at this figure, he has a round pocket
watch which goes from his button to into his pocket. This is typically how we used watches before
the wrist watch became fashionable. But there is something even more shocking,
On his lower pocket, there is a large rectangular object peeping out. It looks remarkably similar to a modern day
Smartphone. Is that a cell phone we are looking at? How are such carvings possible in an ancient
Hindu temple? Locals give a totally different answer, with
a completely different angle. These statues and carvings were done in ancient
times, but they were done with the help of psychic powers. The builder who created them, was deeply spiritual
and he could visualize how the future generation would look, using his psychic abilities. Is it possible that ancient sculptors could
use their psychic powers to visualize how their future generations would look thousands
of years later? Locals say yes and point to yet another interesting
tower in the temple. This is a smaller tower which is built on
the sanctum of a female goddess. Immediately, you can notice something very
interesting. This tower is “Ladies only”, no male gods
are humans are shown, all the statues are females. This is a spectacular carving of a mom saving
a baby from falling off the tower. Hinduism is a very liberal religion, in fact
Hinduism has more female goddesses than male gods. But there is something much more fascinating
in this tower. Here, we can see 2 women wearing modern day
swimsuit! Look at these statues, this is extraordinary,
here are 2 women shown wearing typical western bathing suit from the last century. How do we explain these statues? I have shown you so many different carvings
and temples on my channel, even temples which claim time travel. But this temple was done by some kind of psychedelic
means. The carvings I find are just really bizarre. Look, here is a carving which shows conjoined
twins. They have 2 heads but share the same body. Look at their face, they both have protruding
teeth coming out of their lips. Count the number of hands, there are a total
of 7 hands. Where is the symmetry here? Conjoined twins often have these abnormal,
asymmetric features. And look at the number of legs, there are
a total of 3 legs. We would normally see something like this
in a medical museum, but we see this in this ancient temple. Why? It is said that the builder not only used
his psychic powers to foretell the future, but also could understand how the planet was,
many million years ago. Look at this beautiful carving of Lord Vishnu,
out of his navel, a lotus emerges which has the God of creation sitting inside. This is mesmerizing, but this is not my main
focus. Look at the statue right next to it. It has a human body which is standing on 2
legs, but has the face of a horse. This God, known as Haya Griva is portrayed
as half horse, half human and is sometimes shown with the rear parts of a bird. If you look behind Hayagriva, you will see
bird like, elongated tail. The really bizarre part is this: Recently
skeletal remains of an extinct dinosaur was discovered which has very similar features. It has a face which resembles a horse, has
short forelimbs, and longer hind limbs and even has the hip like a bird. The scientists were in total disbelief, but
guess what they named this species? They named it ‘Haya Griva’ because of its
remarkable similarity to this Hindu god. You can’t help but wonder, are these carvings
coming out of the sculptor’s imagination, or did he have psychic powers to carve these
animals which became extinct millions of years ago? There is a reason why locals believe that
the temple was constructed using psychic powers. This temple is mentioned in an ancient text
called Markandeya Purana which was written around 250 A.D. This is how we know it existed at least 1750
years ago. Markandeya the hero of this text, got access
to various psychic powers, by chanting mantras at a specific frequency. It is said that Markandeya himself built this
temple using his psychic visions. But the story does not end there, even today
a few monks come here and do chanting in order to get psychic powers. Sounds and frequencies are considered very
important in Hinduism. Many ancient Indian texts claim that you can
get psychic powers by chanting specific incantations or sounds. But it is not clear what sounds or frequency
will yield these psychic powers. Is it possible that the ancient builder of
this temple, who was a master of psychic powers gave us a clue about what frequency he would
have used? The temple has a strange energy to it, and
this remote temple has no visitors at certain times, and I have the entire temple to myself. After exploring various parts of the temple,
I was not able to find anything on the ground. But when I switched to aerial view, I found
something incredible. Look at the aerial view of this tower. We can see the circular pattern, the cymatic
pattern of this tower from the top. Today we are able to transform sounds into
visuals and we call them cymatic patterns. Is it possible that what we see here is a
code, a visual of the sound that can yield us psychic powers? If we decode this visual pattern into sound,
we can understand what sound can give us psychic powers. So, what do you think? Is this temple somehow related to psychic
energy? Are these statues really old? Or were they merely painted like this in recent
times? Is there something called psychic powers? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments
section, I am Praveen Mohan, thanks a lot for watching, don’t forget to subscribe and
also click on the bell button to get all the updates. Please give this vide a thumbs up and do share
it with your friends and I will talk to you soon, bye!

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