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Alpha Platinum Diamond Pocket Watch

Alpha Platinum Diamond Pocket Watch

later on my club ninety ks dot com takes a look at a very nice platinum in diamond antique park to watch the cases constructed out of solid plan emergency
romy really cases and polly sent retirements course being apart watches manual wind has a beautiful mechanical movement and this piece interest of course the plot and pocket
watch the jewels are said to him blue sapphires if you look at the photos you will see
the movement in greater detail park watches fpr three forty four
millimeters in diameter on the case that including the stem and cry don’t every course is this what you do a scope
shopping two three nine six four nine seven four four seven monday through friday ten a_m_ to five pm eastern standard time rico’s email so it looks like staples at gmail dot com wanker urged us to absorb lovejoy dashing antiques dot com thanks for watching

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