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alpha 2 alarm attack spider wrap

alpha 2 alarm attack spider wrap

responding to one of the biggest shrink
challenges faced by retailers in 1996 Alfa created the spider wrap to protect
six-sided boxes the spider wrap pioneered a new era in security and is
used by more than 500 retailers globally alpha’s newest generation the two alarm
attack spider wrap allows for faster application and removal and features an
even stronger locking mechanism and a smaller body for improved merchandising
it comes with either an AM or RF non- deactivatable coil and a non replaceable
lithium battery which provides a long life of service if a cable is cut the
two alarm attacks spider wrap will emit a 95 decibel alarm for approximately
five minutes until it shuts off automatically likewise the spider wrap
will activate the EAS system when it enters its detection field the two alarm
attack spider wrap is composed of the main housing locking clip 70 inch
aircraft-grade cables cable stopper flip- up winder and LED which flashes every 5
seconds as a battery indicator the audible alarm and medallion key locators
and the cable release button before attaching the spider wrap to the
merchandise make sure the locking clip is free of the main housing if it’s not
use a hand key to unlock the unit push in the cable release button on the back
of the main housing to unlock the cables make sure your fingers do not interfere
with the flip up winder extend the cables to the desired length
Center the medallion between the cables place the product over the cables then
bring the locking clip and main housing together then insert the locking clip
into main housing you’ll hear a click indicating the unit is secured now lift
and turn the flip up winder clockwise you’ll hear clicking sounds as it
tightens close the flip up winder ensure there is one cable on each side of the
merchandise and the cables are snug the product is now ready for display to
remove the two alarm attack spider wrap align the detaching locators of an s3
hand key or Super XT key with the key locators on the main housing with the
hand key fully engaged push in the locking clip until you hear a faint
click pull the locking clip completely out finally wind the cables back into
the main housing by turning the flip-up winder clockwise keep turning until the
medallion rests against the main housing store the spider wrap for later use a
word of warning the s3 hand key and Super XT detacher–
contain a powerful magnet keep them away from credit cards ATM cards or any other
magnetic media as it could erase the magnetic strip the two alarm attack
spider wrap it’s just one of the many innovative ways we can help you sell
more and lose less for any questions about the – alarm attack spider app or
any other alpha product go to alpha World.Com
or call one of our customer service departments alpha high theft Solutions

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