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Alice In Wonderland – Part 11 – Mixed Media Boxed Nail Art – Making the 3D Pocket Watch

Alice In Wonderland – Part 11 – Mixed Media Boxed Nail Art – Making the 3D Pocket Watch

Hi, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video I am going to show you some
3D. [BEEP]. Oh yeah! Hi, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In this video I am going to show you how to
make a 3D acrylic and gel pocket watch. Now we’re going to do Alice’s bow which
is really, really simple. And it’s going to go in here, literally
just there in that space. And it’s only two loops. It’s black powder. It is really quite long. Quite thin. And pat it down. You want it long and thin and slightly tapered off. Do the other end, then fold it over to make
the long loop. Same with this one. And I’m going to join them together a little
bit. A little bit of clear acrylic where you are
going to put it. Pick it up. I’m just making sure that’s stuck down
with a little bit of clear acrylic. And while that’s drying I am going to just
sit it next to the other nail like that just so it can have the right angle, so it’s
coming up to allow room for the other nail to sit next to it. Now that’s set, I’m going to add a little
bit of brush-on glue to it just because I want it to have more of a satin finish rather than be completely matte. Let that dry. We can see that bit’s really nice. For the next bit of 3D we are going to do
the little rabbit’s pocket watch and it’s going to sit here. I have got a rough line of where I am going
to do that, so where it is going to sit. I am going to make it on a form. So I can move those out of the way for now. I am going to start with Golden Girl. Put a nice big bead in the middle and I need
to pull that into a large circle so I’m flattening it and flatten it and flatten it. Pushing it out and pulling it in to make
a circle. Sharpen the edges up and just whipping the
brush around the edges. Now I am going to use a Soft Pastel Yellow more of a medium sized bead This is going to sit in the centre a little
bit more, just there. So you are leaving the gold as the border,
just adding a little bit more colour. And I want it to be nice and smooth. Just tapping that with a wet brush. Just going to use a little bit of Belgian
Fountain, with a three brush You’re literally just picking up a bit of the colour and using it like paint and creating little lines as if it’s marble. Going back to Golden Girl, do the top of the
pocket watch. With a gel spatula I am going to just press
some lines into that little part at the top, that you would turn to change the time. Now I have dipped the spatula into the powder
so it doesn’t stick. Little round ball at the top, going to take
some of the beaded chain and drop that into it and then another bead on top. So that’s stuck in there, we’ve captured
that in there. Going to cut some of the length of the chain,
then I am going to use the Mega Gloss Sealer Gel put it all the way over. Seal it all. Going to turn it over, turn it upside down
just so it slightly domes. You could do this with a builder gel if you wanted, but I am just doing it upside down so it slightly domes. Cure that That’s cured now, so we are going to paint
the numbers and everything on that now. Black Acrylic paint, we need water, need a
steady hand and a tiny brush. We’re going to do the 12, the 6, 3 and the
9 first, which will map out where the rest of the numbers are going to go then. Because we’ve glazed it as well, we’ve
put that top coat on, we can always rub it off if you’re not happy with it. Now with a dotting tool, put a small dot right
in the middle. Then we can do the hands. So it’s slightly shorter than I wanted to there Put in a long hand. Just check your numbers, just check you are
happy with your numbers. This is what I’m doing anyway. I just want some tiny little dots as if they’re
minutes. I don’t expect to get all the minutes of
the day on here, I just want the little dots to represent the minutes and also it will
give a nice border. So with the clear builder gel I am going to
apply this directly over the top. I am going to float it over the clock. But I want I keep calling it a clock and it’s not a
clock, it’s a pocket watch. We just go shy of the edge. Now I’m just tickling this over. Move it to the middle, I am going to turn
it over to dome, so gravity will pull the product down. I’m going to keep an eye on it. As soon as you’re happy, put your light
on, straight in the lamp. Take that out, that’s all cured, nice and
shiny. Pop that off the form, it’s going to go
here. Now we are going to pop it on, using some
clear acrylic and we will then drape the chain. Pop a bead in the centre there, it will be
in the centre of the actual watch. Just pressing slightly, so it sticks into
the clear acrylic. I’m just again using the speed liquid. That’s set a little bit. Going to secure it even more with a bit of
acrylic underneath. Make sure you clean up any excess. You don’t want any excess acrylic sticking
out anywhere. I am going to drape this chain. That’ll be under there and this will come
back around here, put a little acrylic. Let that sit in that, seal that in so that’s
not going to move anywhere. And this part is going to go underneath this
section. So a bead of acrylic, let it sit in, give
it a bit of a squish so it’s all nice and then you can seal that in with another bead
of acrylic. And not only does that bring the pocket watch
to life, it looks really nice. The dangling chains look cool and it just
adds something extra to that nail. And it’s beautiful.

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  1. kirsty, a few weeks ago you said you were going to be doing a design on your own nails and you haven't you lied

  2. OMG this series blew me away – I know the views are low because its super specialized but when it trends it will be HUGE <3 You're a wonderful artist!

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