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AirAsia | 600M Stories – Pocket Money Journey

AirAsia | 600M Stories – Pocket Money Journey

Hey Hitesh I heard you’ve applied for a leave next week? Any special plans? I’m planning a budget trip There’s this sale at AirAsia Really? Yeah, see! [Uncle Bablu calling] Hello… Yes Mom Did you know? Cousin Ritu from Bangalore just had a baby boy Yes, Uncle Bablu called He was very happy Of course he’ll be happy Wouldn’t you be, too? That’s what I’ve been telling you all along! Just get married already! Then you’d give me my grandchildren and I would play happily with them. But no! Stop dreaming already! If that’s all you want then why don’t you go and meet them? You’ll be satisfied then! I’ve been telling your dad to book train tickets to Bangalore for a year! But he’s just too busy! But Mom… I’m eager to go, but he never takes me there! Mom, why will he take you there? Why WON’T he take me there!? I mean, why should anyone “take” you anywhere?.. I’ll book your flight tickets, and you can go to Bangalore yourself WOW, plane tickets? My little prince, have you received a bonus recently? Mom, we won’t need a bonus amount for this. Even pocket money will suffice Oh really!? Here, see this The tickets are just for 899 rupees But Bittu with just 899 rupees, they’ll take me all the way to Bangalore!? Yes, mom, all the way to Bangalore And Uncle Bablu will pick you up from the airport But Bittu I’ve never ever been on a plane and that too alone for the first time? You know what, I haven’t even gone to Gurgaon alone without your Dad and… now…like this. No, no, no… No Don’t worry mom, it’s alright Millions of people fly daily these days Let’s do this. I’ll just book your flight tickets for now Go if you feel like it. If not, then we’ll leave it. Bittu But..wait, listen. If I go anywhere, then who will look after your Dad? Who will give him his morning tea. Hun? He will get his tea on time I’ll take care of it! Both of us will have fun together! Umm… Let me help you with this OK? [inflight announcement] Your phone I’ll put it on flight mode for you This is my son Bittu…Aadithya He’s a good kid

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