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9 People You’ll See During a Virus Outbreak

9 People You’ll See During a Virus Outbreak

(suspenseful music) (static) (typing) – Yo, I think there’s a new
fashion trend going around. – What? A fashion trend? – Yeah, everyone is wearing these masks, trying to follow the K-Pop trend, all looking like their idols or something. – Juhi where have you been? Haven’t you heard of the virus? – Viral video on Tik Tok, right? – (stutters) What? No. This is a health crisis okay, and I’d appreciate it if
you’d start taking this a little more seriously,
everyone is freaking out. Nobody knows the cure,
nobody knows the vaccine, so this is definitely not a K-Pop… – ♪ Aye, oh no, I got a
disease, walking ’round ♪ ♪ through my neighborhood
spreading the virus. ♪ (elevator dings)
– Hey, guys. – Hey. – How are you doing. (click) – Germs. – Right, germs. – Kevin, is that … – Yep. (squishing sound) – I mean, safety first, right? – Right. – Excuse me. – This is totally normal. Totally normal. Yeah, clean that, yeah, right. – (speaking muffled through mask) – Excuse me? – Sir, I need to take your temperature. – Oh, right, is this
like a new procedure that (rubber glove snapping) (groans) Is this normal? – Yes, yes, let me sanitize your hands. (spraying) (screaming) – My eyes, it burns! What the hell man? – It’s okay, I’ll take your temperature. – It’s okay? (thunk) (moaning) What the hell? – I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Are you okay? I think you just go inside, it’s okay. Your temperature is okay, sir. – Hey man, looking fresh. – Looking fresh, feeling fresh. But do you know what is not fresh? (sniffs) The air, the air is not fresh. And when the air is not fresh, what do you look for? – I don’t know, you tell me. – A mask. So this is what I got you. A friend to a friend, here
you go, help yourself. – All right. – A hundred and twenty five dollars. – What? – Yeah, that’s after
discount, so you’re welcome. – You’re selling this and making profits off of it, at a time like this? How selfish of you! I mean, think about everyone else who needs a mask and can’t get one. – I do think about those
people every single day. That’s why I ordered more. You see there’s this blue
one, this orange one. You see when there’s a
supply, there’s a demand. I’m sorry. Hey, hey, give me a queue,
be civilized over here, okay? Are you buying that? Okay, any way, I have
the best size for you based on your face I think
this one if you wear. (rocking guitar riffs) (car door opens) – Wow, nice car! – Yeah, who is that? (rocking guitar riffs) (car door shuts) – These masks are from Korea. – What? – So Oppa got you
three-ply, 30-ply, multiply. – I’m the one with the car. – Yes, yes, help yourselves, pretty faces like yours will definitely
fit my masks. (laughing) Help yourselves, help yourselves. – Stupid guy. (rap music) – Put on your mask like a turtle, turtle in the rocks in the ocean, and I’m feeling so good, yeah. – Hey, June, whatcha doing? – I’m making my own mask. It’s sold out everywhere and I’m not gonna to buy overpriced masks from people. – Okay, that’s really
weird, but all right. – Hey, better be safe than sorry. – Yep. – You want the other side? – Is it used? Wait, nevermind, thank you. (coughing) – Dude, what the hell man? Put on your mask. What’s the point of having a mask if you’re just going to cough at me, man? – Hey, do you know how
expensive these things are? What do we do? Throw them away? Oh, god, some people, come on. – Gross. – Wait up, Vince. Since you were coughing do you want to, you know, sanitize your hands? What? So are you implying that I
have the virus right now? – I’m just saying that during this time, maybe we should all practice good hygiene, you know, wash our hands,
not touch our faces, and maybe not cough at each other? – You know what, maybe
I wanna touch my face. Maybe I wanna cough at all my friends. Maybe I wanna lick this wall too. Do you wanna see me lick this wall? Yo, I’m gonna lick this wall. (squeaking) I licked the wall. Is that you want? Is that what you wanted to see? (scoffs)
(snaps) (guitar music) – Exercising helps increase
the production of cytotocin which helps build your immune system. So do you feel the burn, guys? Do you feel the burn? That’s the virus leaving
your body, all right? Fighting the virus is like
fighting your laziness. So come on, Kevin, sit up. Let’s go, Kevin. Come on, let’s go, Kevin. Sit up, you sit up or the virus sits down. Yes, Hakim, show me your shoulders. Yeah, you gotta fly. You believe you can fly. That’s right, yeah, fly
away from the virus. Let’s go guys, burn the
virus away, let’s go. (sitar music) – Namaste, everyone. Yoga helps to change
your genetic expression as well as boost your immunity. Especially for a time like this. We need to learn to relax, calm down and all together, inhale and exhale. And one more time,
breathe in and breath out. (relaxing flute music) (coughs) (screaming) (huffing and puffing) – This is bad, this is bad, this is bad. – Kevin, chill, we’re
in a gym, it’s normal. – I feel a shorten of my breath and I think it’s one of
the symptoms of the virus. I think I have to call the doctor. Kevin, you tend to breathe
faster when you’re exercising. That’s normal. – Yep. – No, no, I feel myself heating up. I think I have fever. – Kevin, that’s how you burn fats. – Excuse me? Are you trying to say that I’m fat? – Whoa. – Yo guys, I really don’t feel fine. – Kevin, you’re gonna be okay. You’re fine, all right? Go take a lap or something, okay? Go, go, go. (coughing)
– Yo, yo, yo, are you okay, bro? – Drink, drink, drink. – Do you need to see a doctor? – More, more, more, more. – Do you need to go hospital? Do you need us to call an ambulance? – Dan call.
– We need to go. We need to go.
– Dan, let’s go. – Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Man down, man down. (Dan mimics ambulance siren) (heavy breathing) – Aha, check mate. (coughs) Dude, what the hell, man? Kevin, totally uncool. Not cool man. – Guys, it’s chill, chill, okay? I’m not sick, I just choked on some water. I’m totally fine, okay? I am not sick. – You sure? – Very sure. – All right, we don’t waste a good mask. (pieces slams against table)
– Uno! (coughs and farts loudly) – Guys, guys, it’s just a fart. It’s not a cough. Just a fart. You know, just fart. Totally fart. – Hey, Kevin, if you wanna cough, can you at least cough away from us? – What’s good guys? (coughs) (panicked whimpering) – Kevin, you know coughing
is a symptom, right? You should just get it checked. – Okay, okay, I’ll get myself checked. – Coughing is a symptom? But he just coughed in my face. (light cough) (gasps) Oh my god, I think I have the virus. (crying) I’m not feeling too well now. I need to call my mom,
I need to call my mom. Hello? Mommy? (screaming) What’s wrong, Abbey? Are you afraid of the virus too? – No, Trev, my food delivery is going to be three minutes late. – What? You ordered food delivery? Do you even know where the food comes from or how it’s made, or
who touch it on the way? Aren’t you afraid the
germs are going to spread. – No, man, I don’t really
care about the virus. Life goes on. (sneezes) (screams) – What’s wrong Abbey, what’s wrong? – My driver cancel. And bless you Kevin. – I think I need to go see a doctor. – Well, Trevor, the results are negative. It seems like you’re not showing any signs of the infection by the virus. – Ha, ha, yes, yes! I knew I wouldn’t be so unlucky. I’m gonna live a long life. I’m gonna call my mom,
I’m gonna call Abbey, I’m gonna call my friends. – Well, actually, that’s not all. It seems like you may have
contracted a contagious disease, it’s called the Tik Tok virus. (gasps) What? The Tik Tok virus? (crying) Oh no, I got a disease. Where is this place? – You’ll be fine here. (instrumental pop music) (indistinct pop song playing
muffled in the background) – What? – Mmmm, wow. Oh my gosh. This is my dream. (ominous music) – Oh my god, guys, the virus mutated. It affects our brains now. It makes our IQ drop to zero. This is the worst, I gotta tell everyone. – Can you don’t believe
everything you read? You have to always check your information with a reliable source. – Are you calling my uncle a liar? This is the worst. This wouldn’t have happened
if people just flush more. (cell phone dings) Oh, no! Now you can get infected just
by looking at each other. God, don’t look at me. – Um, excuse me, but can I get
something to cover my ears? ‘Cause all I hear is BS. (suspenseful tones) Let’s face it everyone, the
virus is just a cover-up. – Cover-up for what? – The real virus. – The real virus? – Yes, the Tik Tok virus. It keeps you up all night. It’s like an addiction. Once you start watching
a video, you can’t stop. Just when you think
you’re about to be done with a video, the next one comes along. I mean, think about it, the user interface is so perfectly designed,
anyone and everyone can be a TikToker and all
it takes, is two words. – Oh, no. (gasps) ♪ Oh, no, I got a disease ♪ (brass band music) – All right, so I think
we need more tissues. – Detergent. – Oh, I’m gonna need some of that. I need some of this. I’m gonna need some of that, all right. – I still don’t think it’s enough though. – Not enough. – Baked beans, wow. – We need a lot of water as well. – All right, I think
we have enough supplies to last our house for like what, a year? – Hello!
– Yeah, man. – Hello! – It’s a bit heavy
though, can you hold it. – No, what? You hold it! – Excuse me. Sorry to disturb but you
bought every single … – Run, run. – Oh my god, a weird guy is following us. – What am I gonna wipe with? Hello? What am I gonna wipe with? Use water? Okay, actually water not bad, but hello? – All right, let’s just leave it here. – And I thought I was bad. – What do you guys need all this for? – You know what they say, the early fish catches the chips. – Who says that? – Some guy. – Hao, Nicole, you guys are going crazy. Right now I don’t know what’s worse, the virus or you two. – You’re right. – Yeah, what have we become? – Monsters, that’s what you’ve become. All right, so I’m gonna
take a few of these and go watch some Tik Tok. You guys can have this one. All right, bye guys. (ominous tone) (suspenseful music) (gate squeaks) (suspenseful music) (broom swishing through the air) – Everyone has the Tik Tok virus. – Drop the broom and give me the backpack. – I’m so sorry, okay,
I’ll give you anything, just don’t hurt me, okay. I’ll give you anything you want. You want money? I’ve got tons of that. You want social power? Instagram followers? TikTok followers? TikTok Pro account, huh? Not enough? Fine, how about this? AirPods Pro, PS5, Jeffree Star
and Shane Dawson Conspiracy makeup palette, Kendall
Jenner’s number, how about that? So that’s not enough, huh? How about this: Amex Black credit card, life size Ironman suit, 2000 bitcoins, private mansion at Sentosa Cove, huh? – Yo, yo, yo, I don’t want any of that. I just want a face mask. (gasps) – A face mask? – Yeah, I know you got some of that. Now hand it over. (ominous music) – This is my last one. – Hand it over, hand it over now. (ominous music) – That was my last piece. (screaming) – What have you done? There’s only one option left. – Seriously, guys. (scissors snip) – Thanks. – Go on. Go on. – You have a D? – Is this a push up? (rap beats)

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