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5 Rolex Watches I LOVE & The ONE I Bought

5 Rolex Watches I LOVE & The ONE I Bought
[0:00:00] All right, gents I did it. I bought my first
Rolex and I love this watch. And in fact, the one – oh, I’m not going to show you
yet. Guys, in today’s video I want to share with
you the five other Rolexes I looked at and I came really close, but then I tried on this
one watch and it’s just saying to me, I read that this would happen to you and I was
like, wow. And I’ll talk a little bit about that story here in a second, but let’s talk
about those other watches I looked at and I’ll talk about why I like them and why
they’re on my hit list because I am going to be definitely buying more than one.
Are you ready, guys? Let’s get into it. [Music]
Okay. So, we’re here at the Rolex website and as you can see beautiful website well
laid out. Let’s go ahead and start off with number five on my list, guys. It’s the iconic
Submariner. So, great watch and I felt I was obligated to look at this iconic piece. Went
out, tried on a var — you know there are a number of them that I tried on. I have to
admit I really did like two-tone right here with the steel and yellow gold, the blue face.
And here is the thing, I love the blue face and I really thought I was set on my first
watch having a blue face. Whenever I saw it I tried it on I’m like, this looks really
good and this was probably my favorite Submariner one that I looked at, the steel and yellow
gold. I didn’t expect to like the two-tone as much as I did.
I also went over and looked at a straight steel and they were beautiful as well. It
was definitely something high on my list and I thought it was a great looking watch. I
just didn’t feel this was going to be though my everyday wear. And I have to admit I wanted
something a little bit unique, so I went ahead and moved on and let’s go ahead and talk
about what came in at number four. Next up, we’ve got the Explorer and not
the Explorer II. So, the Explorer II if you’ve seen this one a lot larger face 42mm. The
Explorer the 39mm in the classic – more classic design, I thought that this was a
very nice watch. It was smaller than the Submariner and there was just something, the more I learned
about this watch and its history and just how Sir Edmund Hillary apparently had one
like this. I mean it was something that I was definitely drawn to when I looked at the
overall – the dial, the face, everything about it was just simple and elegant. This
was high on my list. And then, I went over and I looked at the
Oyster Perpetual and I have to admit I did not expect to like this. To me this was the
entry level watch and – but when I looked at it I was like this, again, very simple
very elegant and, oh, that blue face. And it was the most – actually the best priced
the most affordable of all the Rolexes I looked at and I’m looking new here. The only thing
that threw me off about this and I couldn’t tell if I liked it, then I tried it on and
I sort of liked it was actually the green. The green right in here, you see that part
right there. That was what threw me off and I looked at some of the other colors and I
thought, you know, they looked pretty good. I like the blue quite a bit more. I didn’t
expect to like the gray face as much, but I thought I was like, oh, I wanted to go something
with – with the blue face and that’s really where I was going. I felt I would get bored
with the Oyster Perpetual. I am probably going to pick one up here in the next couple of
years. But then, I went like let’s look at something that’s got a lot more complicated
something that is definitely a lot more expensive, but something when you put it on you’re
just like, wow, that is a timepiece. And for me, that was the Daytona.
So, I went over and looked at the Daytona, all the details on this, the history, definitely
was drawn to this. This was a beautiful watch and I even looked at some older watches that
were in the Daytona. The thing that threw me out with the Daytona, I mean I knew they
would be expensive, but man they blew out my budget. And it was something that, ah,
there were so many different options. I was with a gentleman that was wearing a
Daytona, so he was the one showing me around and they were just – they are beautiful
watches. Probably maybe in the next five years, I’ll pick one up, but it was something I
also I realized because of how busy they were I didn’t see it as my everyday wear. So,
this next watch I came really close and in the next probably six to eight months, I want
to pick one up. All right, gents, so this is the watch that
I almost purchased. I love this watch. I didn’t actually expect to like the Jubilee bracelet
as much as I did, the blue face, the – actually the flat bezel versus over here the fluted
bezel and I tried this one on as well, I like both of them. I don’t know if I like the
fluted bezel as much. I did just that blue face, the simplicity of it. And it was really
the bracelet that I was trying to make a decision on and was holding the offer making this purchase.
The Datejust, guys, it was owned by Martin Luther King. He had a gold Datejust and to
me it was just, ah, it was just such a great watch and I’m still going to purchase it
in the next year, I’m going to grab one of these with the blue face.
[0:05:02] But, before I made this purchase I tried on
a few other watches and there was this one that I did not expect to like as much as I
did. And as soon as I tried it on, I knew it was the one.
All right, gents here is the big reveal right there, you can see it, Yacht-Master 40 everose
gold and steel with a chocolate face. Just a beautiful watch that honestly when I saw
it in the case I thought it was a nice watch, but when I put it on my wrist I was like,
wow, this is my watch. And I pretty much made the decision right there. Talked to a friend,
he had a friend in the industry got me a great deal and I was like, yeah, I’m going to
make this happen. I just love this watch, guys.
And, it’s funny it’s, you know, I – I’ve owned quite a few nice things, but when you
have a watch that for me represents and that’s what this is about. This represents for me
the success we had in 2017, no one can ever take that away from me. And to have something
that when you wear it every day reminds you of the goals you accomplished and how far
you’ve come over a decade, that’s, yeah, it was special to me.
So, guys, — oh, and I am in the market for another Rolex, so if you know an authorized
dealer that cut some pretty sweet deals, please feel free to put me in contact with them,
guys. I’m excited, I’m probably, yeah, I’m going to pick up that other Datejust
here soon. But, that’s it, guys. Take care. And, again,
let me know in the comments what you think of my choice – agree, disagree. Would you
see me wearing a different watch? What should be my second Rolex?
Guys, that’s it. Take care. I’ll see you in the next video. Bye.
[Music] [0:06:51] End of Audio

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