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251 Days – Corentin Tolisso’s Way from ruptured cruciate ligament to his comeback! | FC Bayern

251 Days – Corentin Tolisso’s Way from ruptured cruciate ligament to his comeback! | FC Bayern

Allianz Arena 15.09.2018
Matchday 3 Day Day 0 It’s our 24: Corentin – Tolisso Bayern are in possession – and now: Tolisso, and again. GOOOAL! Oh la la, très chic! The World Cup winner has equalised! Corentin Tolisso. Boom, zack, 1-1! He follows up the rebound first time, doesn’t quite connect fully with his left foot, but it’s perfectly placed! Coco scores, just as he did last season. I had hoped it wasn’t so bad, but the pain was really bad. When the doctor came to the pitch and I stood up, I thought: ‘ok, Coco, you’re in pain but you’re not completely broken.’ Then in the changing room, the doctor examined me and said: ‘Coco, there’s a 99% chance you’ve done your cruciate ligament.’ I was really frustrated. FC Bayern training ground When it became clear that the injury was worse, I only had one thought: ‘I want to have surgery immediately and then begin my rehabilitation.’ Day 78 That was really tough for me. I could see my teammates on the pitch every day. It was hard, but at the same time it was also my biggest motivation. I wanted to be training with them again, fighting and laughing with them. Welcome back! Thanks. Super! So you shoot with the left and on the other side with the right? I wanted to fly with the team to Doha, but you can’t make that decision alone. I spoke to the doctor and our physio about how feasible it was. They all said: ‘Okay, Coco. You can fly!’ I was really happy about that. Training camp in Doha, Qatar Day 110 The gym. So, let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s go, let’s go! Yeah! Yeah! Better! Day 137 He’s back! He’s back! Super! Let’s go! Servus! – Servus! Hi! – Bonjour, ça va? – Ça va bien! Rasen (grass)! – Rasen? – Rasen! Carry on alone! Coco, great to see you out on the pitch! Four months, five months… inside! I’m very, very happy! I’m very happy! There’s no pain. Not too quickly! Watch out for… But keep the pace slow! Move – exactly! Nice and slowly! Slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly! Come back slowly! This is all recovery. Speed through – two at a time! Other foot! Yes! Make really small steps here! Yes, that’s good! No risks. Keep it slow! Yes, that’s good! Perfect! That’s really good! Great pace! Massage room, Säbener Straße Day 143 I never had any motivation issues, I’m a footballer! This is my life: I always want to play. It was hard to accept that I couldn’t play. Is it working now? – Yes, that’s ok. Aaah, good! – Aaah, good! It was hard for me to watch the games. If the team won, I wasn’t there on the pitch to celebrate with them. If they had problems, I wasn’t there on the pitch to help them. Both games against Liverpool were horrible for me. Unfortunately we’re staying here. I would love to go… you too, right? I’m staying here? I would be happy if we both travelled to Liverpool. Anfield! Anfield Road! I’ve never been – have you? Have you been to the stadium? No! Me neither! Day Day 186 I was so, so, so happy! The first training was perfect for me. It had been so long since I trained with the team, so it was an important, emotional day for me. At the start I was obviously a little more careful. I wasn’t doing any positional work, just warming up and passing drills. Each day I became more and more confident. Back home, Corentin Tolisso! I was always, always motivated. I had one goal: I wanted to be back on the pitch soon. Day 215 So many times I thought about my return to the pitch at the Allianz Arena – with the fans, the lads, my family in the stands. Everyone helped me a lot, but especially King. He spoke to me a lot and gave me a lot of courage. That was really important and good for me. My family were also a great help. It was also a difficult time for them, but they were always there for me. In times like these, you realise as a player who you can and can’t rely on. Day 251 Mia san mia! Here is the starting XI of the German record champions. In goal, our number one: Manuel – Neuer… our 24: Corentin – Tolisso! Javi Martínez is making way and now a wonderful moment, as Coco is coming on. Corentin Tolisso – everyone knows the story of his cruciate ligament. He missed almost the entire season, but he’s fought hard and worked his way back – now he is coming into the game. I never thought I would comeback in a cup final, but I was ready. It was an important game and I hadn’t played before then, but I was focused. When the coach said, ‘Come on Coco, come on.’ I was shocked at first, but immediately 100% focused. It was a perfect moment for me. The most important thing is now playing a whole season without injury, winning every title available and, of course, getting back in the national team. Fun! I want to have fun with the team and our fans.

Reader Comments

  1. Don't get me wrong I'm glad that he's back on the pitch but, Did they really need to document all these stuff and make videos about it? Football has become more and more commercialized.

  2. Ich bin riesen Dortmund Fan und dadurch auch trotz der Vorfälle Auba Fan, schaut euch an wie lange Auba in Deutschland war und gefühlt keinen Satz Deutsch konnte und Tolisso in so kurzer Zeit gut zu verstehendes Deutsch spricht. Meinen Respekt hat er dafür aufjedenfall

  3. Keep up the hard work! As someone who has been through the rehab twice (left ACL and right ACL,MCL,meniscus and patellar tendon) I feel for him. It is remarkable how much muscle and strength you lose in such a short time after surgery. I hope his knee is doing well and he stays healthy.

  4. Wie korrekt ist das bitte von Niko Kovac ihn am Finale teilhaben zu lassen ? Damit er sich auch als Gewinner fühlt weil er mitgewirkt hat ! Niko ist ein klasse Typ, klar regen sich viele auf , aber als Trainer hast du nun mal das letzte Wort und er bleibt seiner Linie halt treu

  5. I’ve done it twice. My rehab wasn’t to the standard these guys get but I am still playing football just not to the standard I’d have wanted

  6. I'm Juve fan.. but I've followed him since Olympic Lyon 16-17 season, his goal against AS Roma at OL stadium is one of my unforgettable goal. I watched again and again.. I hope he'll be one of the greatest MF again.Forza Tolisso‼️ がんばれトリッソ???

  7. Jeder der selber schon ein mal in der Situation war einen Kreuzbandriss oder ähnliche Schäden im Knie gehabt zu haben weiß wie glaube sehr genau wie es Coco erging und schwer es ist wieder zurück zu kommen. Zum Glück stehen den Profi Klubs ganz andere Mittel an Ärzten und finanziell zur Verfügung sodass es auch wirklich wieder wie vorher werden kann. Wäre nicht das erste mal das ein kaputtes Knie das Karriereende von jemanden bedeutet.

    Sau starke Leistung Coco und ich bin krass erstaunt wie gut sein Deutsch mittlerweile geworden ist 🙂
    Und es ist sehr schön dich wieder auf den Platz sehen zu dürfen 🙂 Man kommt nach jeden Rückschlag stärker zurück 🙂

  8. Junge mein Herz ist so aufgegangen als coco erzählt wurde dass er nicht mit nach Liverpool kommen kann er hat mir da so leid getan

  9. I love this video my respect ? I bet it was hard to get back but the days pass every day it’s a great day to keep trying make many goals (; an go Munich ⚽️

  10. Man, you guys probably won't see this comment but i LOVE bundesliga's teams' approach to visual medium. Posting these behind the scenes clips on all our favorites players' personal journeys are amazing to watch!!!!!!

  11. Я хоть не понимаю немецкий язык, но персоналу Баварии Big Respect. Очень трудоемкий процесс,который не каждый оценит

  12. Ich hoffe ihr macht auch von Niklas Süle ein solch tolles Video! Mega motivierend, befinde mich selber ebenfalls nach Kreuzbandriss auf dem Weg zum Comeback!

  13. Dieses Video ist für mich so motivierend? habe mir Ende August auch einen Kreuzbandriss zugezogen? Coco du bist grade mein Vorbild???

  14. Überragend wie gut Coco deutsch spricht !!! Mein Schulenglisch und mein Schulspanisch sind im Vergleich dazu richtig schlecht 😉

  15. Gänsehaut pur! Bin jetzt 17 und habe mir am 02.06.2019 ebenfalls mein Kreuzband sowie meinen Meniskus am linken Knie gerissen. Ist echt eine schwere Zeit, aufgrund der Unwissenheit ob man nochmal auf den Platz zurückkehren kann oder nicht… Vollsten Respekt an Coco für sein starkes Comeback! Gibt mir selbst auch mehr Motivation mein Ziel zu verfolgen und auf den Platz zurückzukehren!

  16. ich finde es gehören viel mehr solche Videos!
    beim Training, in der Kabine,Trainingslager uns. ..
    bei Liverpool funktioniert das
    Mia san Mia!!!

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