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  1. No heartbeat monitor, no connecting to your smartwatch? way to overpriced, a digital watch of 10 euros tells time more precise and gives more information.

  2. The 250.000 euros watch will not last as long as the 16,666.66666666667 x 15 euro watches one can buy in several life times!

  3. 'Vacheron Constantin built this watch not to fulfill any kind of useful purpose but to burrow deep into the primal parts of our wallet' (that's what I heard)

  4. I have a replica Rolex Explorer with Seiko automatic movement inside… quite a strange watch, runs a little fast but for £50 off a guy from a guy who knows a guy from somewhere who works on Marine Engines I couldn't say no lol.

  5. I love watches but I totally understand the man hours that goes into making the expensive watches and the workmanship that's put into place.
    I would never pay 250k the Seiko is a perfect watch but I'd choose a g shock with all those cool features for around 200.

  6. Tried too hard with the overly descriptive language and neglected basic maths, already noted in the top comment. Must say that Seiko goes alright for that price. About $40k is the most I would pay for a watch and plenty of beauties before hitting that level. Six figures I think is a bit silly, regardless of net worth.

  7. i like seiko watches own one myself (1 of 6). only wear it on rare occasions mainly for special occasions or dining out. its a fully automatic and well made along with high respect from watch repairers.

  8. The only problem with Seiko is the brand name

    You see it on cheap Quartz movements, you see it on tacky wall mounted clocks

    I'm willing to wager that the price and prestige of its watches will skyrocket if they simply used a more pretentious name, like Miyamoto Aiken, or Zenn, or MWC, or some thing like that

  9. is it just me or is having "swiss made" printed all over such a beautiful piece is like having a tailor made suit with a do not tumble dry label?

  10. This is proof that the way these videos are shot makes watches look nicer than they are. I have this Seiko and it's pretty meh compared to what I see here.

  11. I can afford this watch and a house in the most expensive place in the world (Bay Area, CA), but I would feel like absolute shit if I bought it because it's dumb as fuck.

  12. Mmmm….. too expensive for me. I mean the Seiko. ?
    I have a 7 melody electronic watch for over 30 years and is good enough for me.
    I like the look and feel of these mechanical watches but i enjoy the years of working with no meintenance required of electronic watches.

  13. who thinks seiko is the new kid on the block?
    I would say everyone thinks of it as an old school and even old fashioned brand, definitely not the new kid on the block.

  14. Most I'd give for a watch is 50 bucks and it will be a fossil or smth. If I were a billionaire, I'd wear the watch you get in a bag of cereal.

  15. The only reason why the VC costs $250,000 is because it's a VC

    I can bet you that if a new start up company were to produce the exact same watch under a sillier name like Accurato 5000, it won't cost nearly as much

  16. Conclusion every watch tells the same ⌚ time????……. Its just the name thats makes it expensive………..

  17. I'm sorry but none of what you said was convincing enough. If the mechanism only works properly for a pocket watch then there is simply no point having it here.

  18. My quarter million dollar watch is water resistance can your $9 watch do that if it sinks in water ? No but I can buy a new one many times

  19. I have a very nice soviet era made mechanical pilot watch that costs not much but has a swiss licence built movement, works great!

  20. Simply: no watch costs more than a few thousand pounds to make – even from the most expensive materials. Anyone that pays more than a thousand pounds for a watch is an idiot. That device at the bottom does not work when the watch is worn! The expensive watches are just for people to show that they can buy an expensive watch. Ps. Bill Gates' watch cost only a few hundred pounds!

  21. I have just bought a Chinese-made Pagani Design watch with a Seiko movement for $60. I will use the remaining $300,000 to buy a very nice house.

  22. Love the videos❤ I'm only now getting into watches and before finding your stuff i was pretty much just looking at the most expensive watch i could get within budget. Now i understand that that isn't what this is about. Fell in love with so many watches way below my planned purchase price. Thanks!

  23. automatic winding or manual winding that doesn't give accurate time (compared to my phone) is reasonable. but what make me go crazy, even digital watch can't keep their accuracy.

  24. how about Rodania watches? I own a Rodania Kiruna (it cost me 129 euros, new still 329 tho) but i really like it, but i'd love some opinions on it for discussion's sake…

  25. Yes, it stops my breath. Just like a subtle swindle scheme of a beggar gypsy who behoves you into a game and after he disappears, you have that breathtaking feeling of change in a feel of your body that remembers all objects pressing against it in the area of your pocket. And whoever knows a tiny bit about gravity, its impact on spinning objects of this size is so small that it does not require any field to counter the gravity, for goodness sake!

  26. Could you possibly review Seiko SRPC21?
    I realise it isn't really anything special but at current price (~150 euro)… well, it kind of is.

  27. When the people involved with this video have so little grasp on the value of money that they don't immediately see that the more expensive watch is 1,000 times more expensive, and mistakenly say 100.

  28. I adore Swiss watches, though the VC is really having a lend isn’t it. There are numerous finishing issues with the watch. I compare that to the Seiko and it’s surprising what you get. Oh and save your biscuits and get a glasshütte, gp or similar…

  29. Buy Seiko and spend money for enjoying in world, like travel, food, women's. When you die one day you can't bring watch with you only memories from good life.

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