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24 Hours “Yes” To My Boyfriend! — Couple Challenge

24 Hours “Yes” To My Boyfriend! — Couple Challenge

Vitalii: Hello! And hello to you! Vitalii: Do you know what day is today? Vitalii: It’s 24 Hours “Yes” to my boyfriend day! Vitalii: Isn’t that fantastic? Jakub: Terrific. Vitalii: And I have plenty of wishes that demand fulfilment. Vitalii: I always wanted to have breakfast in bed! Jakub: You just hit my head… Vitalii: (laughs) Jakub: I don’t want to do this… f*** off. Jakub: I am too… Vitalii: Too lazy puppy? Jakub: Too lazy puppy… Vitalii: Say wuff. Jakub: Wuff. Vitalii: Louder!
Jakub: No. Vitalii: But it’s 24 hours say yes— Jakub: I don’t care. Vitalii: What the f***? Vitalii: We need to think of a punishment if you say 3 times no to me. Jakub: No one can punish me or make me do something. Vitalii: I sure can. Jakub: You know, at some point we are going to reverse this challenge and I will revenge. Vitalii: You said one time “NO”. Jakub: Take this as a second “NO”. Vitalii: Don’t show it to me for the next 24 hours. Jakub: F*** off. Vitalii: Beg your pardon? Vitalii: Shall I consider this as another “NO”? Vitalii: Now, kiss me and go prepare breakfast for me. Vitalii: And I remind you that this is your last time to say “NO”. Vitalii: Kiss me on my lips! Jakub: You didn’t specifically tell me where to kiss you! You only asked for a kiss. Vitalii: Yes, but I am telling it to you now. Vitalii: Now kiss me as if you were in love with me. Jakub: Fuck off! Vitalii: Go prepare my breakfast while I stay in bed and enjoy myself. Both: (laugh) Jakub: While you enjoy yourself? How? Vitalii: I mean… browsing stuff in the internet. Jakub: I see. Quite the enjoyment indeed. Vitalii: And bring me the charger for the laptop. Jakub: I hate you already. Jakub: You should be kind to me because I will revenge for everything today. Vitalii: Breakfast. Immediatly! Vitalii: (Russian) Come on! Vitalii: (Russian) Go! Vitalii: (Russian) Dog. Vitalii: (Russian) Smelly dog. Jakub: What does that mean? Vitalii: Smelly dog. Vitalii: (laughs) Vitalii: What’s wrong? You don’t like that word? Vitalii: You know… I changed my mind. Put it on the table. Vitalii: Now bring me to the couch. Jakub: Move your ass yourself. Vitalii: Beg your pardon!? Vitalii: I said… Move me to the couch! Vitalii: Now! Jakub: I will just drop you and you will break your ass. Vitalii: Why would you do that? Jakub: I don’t know, but I am sure it will happen. Jakub: I think I just broke my back… Vitalii: Careful! Vitalii: DON’T THROW ME! Vitalii: You threw me! Jakub: Хуй тебе. Jakub: How many Хуйов I gave you already today? Probably too many. Vitalii: I don’t like the position I am laying in. Move me! Jakub: Move your ass yourself. Vitalii: Where is my cereal bowl? Jakub: Over there. Vitalii: So bring it to me! Vitalii: Thank you. Now make me a coffee. Jakub: Do it yourself. I have no idea what button to push. Vitalii: You don’t know how to operate the coffee machine? Vitalii: I think I have to considet this as a third “NO”. Jakub: Ok. Jakub: What’s next? Vitalii: I am going to play on your PlayStation while— Vitalii: You will allow me to touch you for the next 24 hours however I please! Vitalii: Also, you are going to go now to McDonalds and order my favourite Menu. Jakub: I hate you… Vitalii: Alright. Bye! Jakub: Hello, cat. Cat: (meows like a kretin) Jakub: Hey, asshole. Vitalii: They are killing me! Jakub: What’s wrong? Why are you crying? Cat: (continues to meow) Jakub: Don’t you cry. Vitalii: Don’t play witht his cat for 24 hours. Jakub: This is not an option. It’s a kitten and it needs a lot of attention. Vitalii: Serve me my food! Vitalii: I am reminding you that this is the “24 hours yes to my boyfriend” challenge. Jakub: Sorry, I have a cat to take care of. Vitalii: You served it like in a restaurant. Vitalii: You’re a good— I forbid you to show this to me for the next 24 hours! Jakub: F*** you. Vitalii: What are you doing? Jakub: Uh, nothing… why? Vitalii: I don’t want you to do it whatever it is for the next 24 hours. Vitalii: Also, you need to help me to finish. Vitalii: I tried yesterday to finish this but I couldn’t. Vitalii: I am talking about this light chain. Vitalii: I want them to hand nicely so do it the way I want it. Jakub: NO! Vitalii: Was that the third “NO”!? Jakub: Stop stopping my from educating myself! Vitalii: Alright. I want this cable to… (explains his stupid project but I am too lazy to translate it) Vitalii: (clears throat)
Jakub: What? Vitalii: Do it.
Jakub: Do what? Vitalii: Shall I explain it a second time? Jakub: Yes, please. Vitalii: Come on! To work with you! Cat: (meows) Vitalii: (meows like a retard) Jakub: You are so stupid… Vitalii: Ey! I forbid you to call me stupid for the next 24 hours! Jakub: You are stupid. There is nothing that will change that. Vitalii: And now count the light bulbs and…. (continues explaining what to do next) Jakub: Count my ass. Jakub: I got what you mean… but I don’t like it. Vitalii: You look like a christmas tree. Jakub: Do I look like a gay christmas tree? Vitalii: No. You look pretty straight to me. Jakub: So how do you like it? Vitalii: It’s neat. Jakub: Really? Because I don’t like it. Vitalii: It’s actually very cool. I hate sitting in the dark when watching TV but I don’t like turning on the main light. Vitalii: So let it be light!… God said… Vitalii: Do you know what I just found? Vitalii: Oh my god, what are you watching there? … Vitalii: Stop it! Vitalii: I just found tape. Vitalii: And I am going to bandage you with it. Jakub: You can go screw yourself. Jakub: Leave me alone! Jakub: I am coughing. You should better stay away from me! Vitalii: I am just bored. I need something new in my life. Jakub: You just need some dick. Jakub: It’s too tight! Jakub: Okay, enough! Jakub: We should better create an OnlyFans account and post such stuff there. Jakub: You know, at some point we will reverse the challenge and I am going to revenge. Vitalii: What are you doing? Jakub: No! You won’t tape my mouth! I don’t want to. Jakub: This is not going to happen! I don’t care. Jakub: Where are you I can’t see you anymore. Vitalii: I don’t want the neighbours to complain that you are screaming. Jakub: Screaming!? FROM WHAT!? Jakub: It will hurt to take it off my lips and leave glue behind. I don’t want this. Vitalii: ALright. Let’s make a pig out of you. Jakub: I will not take an Apple either. Vitalii: Open your mouth! Jakub: No. This is not happening. Vitalii: It would make a great thumbnail! Come on! Vitalii: Yes, this is it. But you still don’t look like a pig. Change position! Jakub: Are you enjoying yourself? Vitalii: Yes. I like it. Jakub: I will shove this apple up your ass after we are done here. Vitalii: Now make a pig sound. Jakub: How if I have a stupid apple in my mouth!? Vitalii: If you won’t do it I will have to punish you. Although this already looks like a punishmen…. Jakub: It’s more than punishing. You are humiliating me. Jakub: Stop that. Jakub: Are we done here? Vitalii: No. Now I am going tot tickle you! Jakub: This is too much! Stop it! Vitalii: Apple suits you. Jakub: Too bad I am not wearing my Apple Watch today… Vitalii: How does it feel to be tied up? Jakub: Great. We should make use of it. Jakub: Do whatever you want. Vitalii: For real? Vitalii: Like, whatever I want? Jakub: Whatever you want. Vitalii: Alright! Vitalii: Bye! I am going to gym now. And you will stay here.

Reader Comments

  1. Love this love you both stay strong and happy and healthy together forever God bless love Win's😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  2. Ủa rồi ở đây có ai người Việt ko :))?
    Chứ nãy h là thấy toàn cmt tiếng Nga ko á 🙂

  3. Seriously, Vatalli? With such a beauty tied up on your bed, and you do nothing but go out to gym? I don’t believe!!!!!!!

  4. A job well done for this was a very entertaining video., but there were times while watching the video I did feel sorry fro Jakub. I do love your videos very much and the both of you also have the greatest challenge videos as well.

  5. 11:25 Я не могу понять: это было по сценарию или Якуб сам прихуел с Виталия 😹

  6. Ураааа❤Как же мило😍Обажаю когда Якуб на русском матерится😂💜

  7. Yo pensaba que hiba a darle por el anastasio 😅😅😅😅
    pero seguro despues de que termino el video si le dio por el anastasio 😏😏😏😏😏😏

  8. ой русские случайно захватили комментарии, ничего нового

  9. Просто ору
    Кот: (мяукает)
    Виталий: (мяукает как умственно отсталый)

  10. make a 24h where Jakub has to ignore Vitalii, but Vitalii makes it difficult for him. Let Vitalii touch him and kiss him (Let it be more Vitalii than normal 😂😂), while Jakub doesn't have to correspond to any of his innuendo. If only one look corresponds to him, he will lose and have a punishment that Vitalii will choose. 😏

    Sorry if my English is a bad thing, I'm learning.

  11. 6:24
    Мяукает как умственно отсталый
    Интересно, кто субтитрами занимается

  12. Улыбка, смех Якуба это то что нужно. Я так по ней скучала♥️
    (Последние видео он казался мне каким то грустным и депрессивным)

  13. 💔💔😋😋😋🍌👙👙🤩🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇮🇶🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🖕🖕🥰💔😋🖕🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🙋‍♂️👏👙👙

  14. Agradecido con la persona que traduce al español en especial cuando tradujo lo del minuto 6:08
    Todo un crack

  15. только челлендж '24 часа говорить да' превратился в 'виталий запрещает якубу что-угодно 24 часа'

  16. Love the scene at minute 7:34. anyway, I need more scenes like that or with more "passionate" kisses in a nutshell I need more action between you, but I'm still happy with this

  17. Как будто фанфик почитала о буднях двух геев. Однозначно все мои плодские фантазии в отношении вас двоих были исполненны. Спасибо . надеюсь Виталий не прочел это.

  18. Ну почему же никто не говорит о том, насколько сильно Якуб любит эту кошечку???😻😻😻
    Все видео умилялась с того, как он с ней обращается, это слишком мило 👍👍

  19. Расскажите, откуда у вас появился этот новый котик, пожалуйста!

  20. ก็คิดว่าจะทำอะไรเเบบนั้น

  21. -Я запрещаю назвать меня глупым!
    -Хорошо, дебил

  22. Боже, переводчики на русский простой офигительны

  23. В последнее время Якуб вообще не хочет целоваться и он чё та грустный или мне так кажется? 😮😮😮😮😮

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