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24 Hours Russian! — Couple Challenge

24 Hours Russian! — Couple Challenge

Duck. Set timer for 24 hours. I can not set the timer for a specific time. Probably I should better set the alarm. Probably go duck yourself. I came to you to say hi. And tell you that the sun has risen. Get the duck out of here with your greetings. You broke my heart. Love of my life. Sing Russian, bitch. I didn’t know that love can be so cruel. What did you say? I didn’t touch the dick of a goat. I wouldn’t be so sure. Milk me. So what we have here. Brush me. No, it is full of cat fur. What plans for today? First I want to eat breakfast. Talk Russian! And then you can go duck yourself. First I wanna have breakfast. I wanna eat sushi that we didn’t finish yesterday. And then I would like to go to the gym. The cat is naughty, yeh? Stop it. Don’t make it more difficult than it is already. It is full of cat fur. I don’t understand. But a small one. Here is our breakfast. Sushi from yesterday. It is not enough for both of us. You can eat it yourself I will have muesli. We both going to eat sushi and muesli. But shouldn’t we start from muesli first? No, it sweet. You are bad at talking Russian to me. It is very difficult to talk Russian to him. Especially when he all the time talks English. This is why we should all together teach Jakub Russian language. Oh, we didn’t change the colour temperature is going to look shitty. We are going to look blue in this video. Too much wasabi but at least we are not blue anymore. You in Instagram show people how you eat wasabi so, please. We are not blu anymore, because I change the settings of the camera. Because this animal forgot how todo it. You are an animal. We are going to the zoo to tich Jakub the name of the animals on Russian. Your coffee, bitch. Thank you! What? Nothing! Wow, I missed this place actually. So we decided to visit the zoo again. To teach Jakub. But because of Saturday, it is to many kids here. Don’t go to the zoo on Saturday. Because there is plenty of kids. Like this one, look at it. Don’t step into it. So what is the name of this animal? It those bitches which eat ants. Honestly, I don’t know myself what it is. So what the name of it? Central American tapir. I don’t know this Tapir. look they are fitting. This is a wild pig. It is you. Do you think it delicious? No Here are your relatives. What is the name of this horse? Tell me. Zebra. Oh, it is so bright outside. Look, it has dick instead of nose. You are so funny. Why are you talking English? Because. What is the name of this one? I don’t know but probably they have a big one. So sweet, yeah? Omg, it has the tongue like a snake. This huge line just to see pandas. I don’t understand these people. Do you like pandas? It smells here. Smells terrible here. Come hire. I think it doesn’t like you. It is ignoring me, yeh? Something is wrong with it. White bear. Is there a bird behind me? No, just interesting flower. It might be toxic. It is very fluffy. I’m so sleepy. I’m tired and want to sleep. Ducking birds not letting me to sleep Let’s go home to make babies. Hey, you are in the cage and I’m not. For now. So what the name of this one? Flamingo Are you hungry? No! And who is this? What Sobaka is doing here? Eating from MacDonald. After the zoo I really become hungry. Ist he adorable. Look at this blue eyes. I’m so tired of you. You always yelling. Let me just translate what you saying. Because this is a Russian evening. We are going to. We are going to have dumplings and vodka. Dumplings with turkey meat. And vodka. Of course. Have you seen that machine gun cat? We should show them a machine gun cat Where are you going funs? We deserve all the dislikes. I don’t know it was very painful. You hit right in a spot. You are like a Robin Hoot. Killer. Wineholics drinking vodka. I must admit I am not fun of vodka. We are going to eat Dumplings. I will eat with pepper and vinegar. And he will eat with mayo. No, with
sour cream. How do you like most of all to eat Dumplings, wright, down below. I used to mix ketchup with mayo, but now I have a problem with my gall bladder. And I love to eat them with
sour cream. Wake up. This was all for today. 24 hours is passed. Half of it we slept over. But 24 hours is 24 hours. This is why subscribe to the channel. Wright in the comments what dumplings do you like most of all. And please do not torment me anymore with such challenges. Good night. Wanna say bye? Say bye. Is this all? Maybe a few words? Bye, see you.

Reader Comments

  1. 11:19 домашние пельмени со сметаной и бульоном мои фавориты :з

  2. Hold on, hold on,hold on! Are you guys in Germany there? Because at 3:32 the family I the back is talking German…

  3. Эволюция человека дошла до крайней точки:
    (Обращение к птицам) " ВЫ В КЛЕТКЕ, А Я НЕТ!!!"


  4. and damn I never knew Russian was such an amazing language till I head these both handsome men talk and I was like,

    ”BOOTIFUL!!!!! But like I would never remember a single word” 🤣

  5. Возможно, об этому уже говорили, но у Якуба очень хорошо получается говорить на русском. По мне, так он идеально сказал "мур мур мяу", без акцента, хотя я знаю, что "р" у них звучит мягче. Были ещё пару слов, которые он произнёс практически идеально, лично мне не особо резал слух его акцент. Это, я думаю, яркий пример того, что учить язык с помощью самого носителя данного языка лучше, чем у школе/универе, если только, конечно, данный преподаватель не является носителем. Хотя, возможно, играет ещё роль в их близости. Не могу сказать точно

  6. I introduce how to eat sashimi which I recommend.🤗
    I prepare favorite sashimi.
    I put black pepper, sesame oil, Dark Mentuyu(Japanese noodle soup), Yuzukoshou (The Japanese seasoning which was made from chili pepper and citron)and attach it in 1 evening.
    Then 10000 times of the normal sashimi becomes good.👍👍👍👍😋

  7. "Иди нафиг со своим приветом"🤣🤣🤣Понимаю,что в это время чувствовал Якуб…Спать мешают бедняге😅

  8. Боже правый, какие же вы милыееееееее
    Сидел и умилялся всё видео

    Хмм…пельмени с кечонезом это вкусно, но со сметаной лучше

  9. Я давно смотрю ваши видео,но только сейчас узнала что ты русский

  10. – я пришёл к тебе с приветом, рассказать, что солнце встало
    – иди на х*й со своим приветом

  11. Я люблю кушать пельмешки с кетчупом и мазиком:)
    Жаль что Витальке нельзя(

  12. Sorry, but I have a question : I thought both of you were Russian, so… where the hell is Jakub from?
    Love u gays ❤️

  13. Бля…
    Это так мило…они прям идеальная пара!
    Люблю смотреть на них!

  14. Моя девушка любит пельмени со сметаной, а я – с майонезом

  15. о божеееее
    так не привычно слышать русский от него

  16. пробовала пельмени с рыбой это было отвратно

  17. The only words I know is привет, здравствуйте, я тебеа люблю, меня завет
    Btw I'm French soo I know a little bit of 3 languages 😏🤙🏻

  18. Русские Маты это всё, что тебе нужно, потому что ты англечянин!

  19. Как же я вас обожаю, ребят.
    Счастья вам, здоровья, хуев, шоб все было хорошо))0)

  20. Никогда не думала что они так хорошо знают русский

  21. Я щас вот ахуел, это так ахуительно что прям ахуеть как ахуительно.

  22. Вааа~ я мимокрокодил, но не могла не оставить комм. Вы такие милашки! Хотелось бы пожелать вам удачи и успехов! Вы сделали мой вечер, спасибо за это х)

  23. I speak spanish
    I'm watching a video in english and russian
    And the coments are in russian
    I really don't understand why I'm here 😆

  24. "как ты меня заебааал, постоянно кричишь"
    Уровень моей любви к своей кошке: Виталий

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