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2020年還能買 iPhone 11嗎?等不及發表會要先買怎麼辦?個人心得分享

2020年還能買 iPhone 11嗎?等不及發表會要先買怎麼辦?個人心得分享

Hi it’s Kang here Now it’s 2020, some viewers asked me which iPhone would I recommend to buy? Because their parents’ phone are broken, and by the end of March there’s a new Apple Event. For iPhone 9 / SE2 Do you think it’s worth waiting? or if I can’t wait which iPhone is good to buy at this moment? So in this video it’s just sharing my personal thoughts for your purchase for parents or elders. So it’s for parents and elders, the concept is different from normal. Especially the CP value (Cost / Performance) doesn’t work now. Don’t for get to sub & like the video So it’s now for parents / elders, the screen size is very important. And I don’t think it’s necessary to buy iPhone 11 Pro/ 11Pro Max for them They will yell at you and consider it’s a waste of money. But it depends on your wealth, if you’re very rich you can just shut of this video and go buy iPhone 11 Pro Max New! Big! Fast! And SHOW OFF! So we only have 3 models in the list. I will share my opinion based on these facts. To help you gain more reference pick the proper iPhone. But I have to emphasize again, it’s for parents & elders, so the update timeline, CP Value doesn’t work very well for them. The first thing is about price! Why I say the CP value doesn’t work well for them in the beginning? The CP value is about buying the things you should have with the lower price than it should have been sold. If this stuff should sell 3000, but you only spend 1500 – 2000 when you bought it. This means high CP value and a great bargin. But you have to think about ” if you don’t really need this kind of function or products” The more you spent the more you waste. No Need to consider if this is a good deal / bargin So for the parents / elders, the fastest chip is not really necessary for them. So if you agree with this point we can start to talk about iPhone 11 / XR / 8 Plus After all, if you really care about CP Value and Products lifecycle the iPhone 11 is the only thing you can buy. If you don’t really care about CP value, we can keep discussing about “PRICE for each model” Apple original Price in NTD However, we need to consider some actual situation like lottery bonus, telecom contract, shopping discout. iPhone 11 can be 1500 NTD less, XR & 8 Plus should be – 3000 NTD. The price will vary by the storage, I think them 64G is pretty enough for them. If the price is the top reason you’re considering, the iPhone 8 plus will be you choice because the function is still pretty good. This is also a part to determine which model you should buy Some elders are not really used to Face ID, they prefer Touch ID. If you have some Face ID devices, you can give them a try to see if they like it or not But even for me, I would say I like Touch ID more than Face ID….. If they like the “button”, you don’t have to think too much among these models because iPhone 8 plus will be your only choice. And one more thing it’s about battery. My mother is using iPhone 7 plus and she always borrow my power bank when we go out. So if your parents, elders they don’t like to bring power bank, I think you should at least buy iPhone XR. Of course, if you want to really get rid of power bank as much as possible, iPhone 11 will be the best choice among these 3 models. For the display, I don’t think people can really tell the difference between 326 ppi / 401 ppi So this is not a key point for your to think. And then it’s about CAMERA! It’s hard and easy for them, since if they’re pro photographer they should buy a real camera or buy iPhone 11 Pro / Pro Max So among iPhone 11 / XR / 8 Plus the iPhone 11 will be the best choice of course due to the super wide lens. When they go sightseeing it’s easier and simple to shoot photos for them. Last but not least, the most subjective point is about “COLOR” My dad insists to have Black / White only for his phones. Maybe for young people like us we love purple & green in iPhone 11, while they think it’s too fancy. Or maybe it’s just the problem in my house, other elders they will like the color from iPhone 11, too. So you can think about “color” to help you select the iPhone you want to buy them, Just like I’ve mentioned in the beginning, since they are not so focusing on the hardware. They may be more particular on colors. These parts are my personal opinion to share and hopefully they are helpful for you to select which iPhone you’d like to buy for parents or elders. But I have to say, these are my PERSONAL THOUGHTS so it’s just for reference. After all it’s you money you should be the boss on your own. Some people may have question about ” Do you think we should wait until the end of March Apple EVENT?” I think it’s mainly impact on iPhone 8 Plus, because iPhone 9 / SE 2 is targeting to optimize the parts in stock. So for Face ID models like iPhone XR, iPhone 11 maybe it’s not so important. But if you’re not in urgent situation, I think you can still wait for the event before you buy. If you don’t want to be affect by any other reason, you want to buy phones immediately you can just buy iPhone 11 Pro Max for your parent / elders / or even yourself. Even new models released by the end of March and affect iPhone XR, iPhone 11 sales, it’s 100% nothing to do with iPhone 11 Pro Max So I’d like to ask you, which iPhone you would buy in this moment? Just comment below.

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  1. 假如iPhone 9 iPhone se2的尺寸變大鏡頭變兩顆或3顆我就會願意買 可是他的螢幕是小吋的鏡頭才一顆我不會想要購買

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