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🤘『新手英也能虐S』最硬霸王!免傷狂控開團壓爆!抖M流吊打緋淚! 【MAD Team】【傳說對決】【Liên Quân】字幕 Subtitle TH VN ENG JP ID KR

🤘『新手英也能虐S』最硬霸王!免傷狂控開團壓爆!抖M流吊打緋淚! 【MAD Team】【傳說對決】【Liên Quân】字幕 Subtitle TH VN ENG JP ID KR

Every hero can win S RANK (*’∀`) ~ ♥ This time directly on the S RANK To use a novice hero (◉◞4◟◉ `) Easy Kangshangkangbao Points on easy (.◕∀◕.) Opposite explosion killed 扛爆:.. ° ヽ (*’∀`) No゚.:. Who in the end is the opposite Yes (✪ω✪) Is our lovely Cow TORO Ryo (1’ㅂ `1) Do not underestimate him ( ‘▽ `ʃ ♡ ƪ) He’s a Super powerful shoulder injury tanks hero (• ω •) Super-powerful In the end how in the new attire esoteric magic pattern? (^ Ω ^) Among the high-order field In the end how to match what a hero? (ºωº Xiangxi Xiangxi) G What a hero? What are gram hero? (♥ д ♥) Enjoy it (* ω * people) See across two more injury-free skills silence We’re not afraid of control On the one hand to the big move lovemaking session Three received a direct shock Come back to take another two skills And then finally closed out across the rabbit Luo children to see him direct control Healing hand again to save the teammates Put his head down so close Hello everyone I am MADWoWo We started with the TORO S RANK auxiliary words The first care of its own red zone BUFF Hook up directly to the red Then go to the opposite In the end is a red or blue open open Or you can Go its own playing field To organize Nakano See the opposite Just the opposite is certainly Fei tears Hook a blue buff his home Then we can immediately put the blue BUFF You can try to look at the anti-wild Fei tears gone, then Quite clear He knows we went to his home in the Blue BUFF Because we assisted gone It did not matter was able to fight with him See the blue BUFF Road to the match immediately took direct TORO carry the hurt is very powerful He also has two skills Shield to avoid injury Able to play Because we playing field soon Has been on the 4, etc. A closing out a stamp Continue to carry again There is a small LORI wearing a white hat You also accept Directly opposite the three heads So it’s a win Seemingly effortless In fact, we play to assist Really have to constantly look at Go to the field of vision With this hero also tell you What a hero you can be easily divided on WoWo with a different hero In S RANK game All completely different Each put with a different Then 12-game winning streak That is to tell you What a hero you can TORO novice hero of you can There are ideas An operation Then the months would dare Opposite basically it is difficult to deal with you So some little brother Ask what to buy good hero on points Actually, I think what a hero is good More importantly, the concept of Here to see the opposite Shi Lanzi Riboud direct the tower Riboud chasing people are strong We continue to fight Atta opposite of the current version Has not weakened condition under He returned too exaggerated blood We bring up the rear And for shoes, then you play to TORO Distillate Bo鞋 why Because you are the hero He had skills when released Control of a state that is free So if you’re out to Mofang shoes Unless the opposite is really a lot of Master Otherwise use less The death of children playing out across the dill He wants to play We pay a cure The blood teammates back After closing out to put it And then saw a small LORI Suddenly hit him Two skills constantly playing in front of injury In fact, the hero TORO I have always felt that he could ah Really you can make improvements Not that it’s information He’s actually very good just chopped The question is where If you really want to change, then His words change Do not put the blame Ono waste Do not mean to remove him You can open group If there were three little brothers of course can Open-handedly big move Fight constantly sticking up He returned to the tower to shoot It hit a drop of blood Rabbit want out We stretch a kick out fluctuations in boxing Ono also keep our own take blame Be able to get them all to take Two skills is to increase the Shield Opposite to avoid injury hurt the rabbit Opposite keep back the words We are not going to press the middle Said that he could strengthen How can strengthen In fact, the big move that three sections I think he is cast into a movable Here is the really want to return back to the city Not a provocation Really I want to return to the city No blue L crouched grass Just see In fact, our playing field Fei is definitely the tears to close off Do not waste time Think that point in time You can immediately return to the city Why etc. You do not need to hide the grass Opposite the head Where you see the word Strengthen his Try the big move three sections can be moved, then The better The way to release big move Because then you TORO Now the big move easily empty Here we help him carry the hurt This wave can not be beat We try to control the Slap fight Unlikely words We also can two escape skills to avoid injury TORO very flatness enough You say the words to carry the hurt This can be a hero The top of a shoulder injury a few The problem is really His big move too easy to hide If he has a big move three sections can be different directions When can I move released The true hero of the rate of appearance I can conclude that substantial increases Have continued to probe the wild across the region See across the blue BUFF There is a rabbit to remove Or to continue into view If you want to open teammates We gave a vision After all across the rabbit’s blood unhealthy Do not fight, then on the back Anyway, you are assisted To open group of words If the group can open teammate nearby You can try to open Do not fight, then It will not play Shoulder injury If you are soft secondary For example Annette This Alice We must be careful comparison Because you carry the hurt And did not say TORO so much Here in one hand and a large earthquake two strokes Then we put the middle tower Directly to tear down Even across all the skills Pour upon us Tanzania is still very Attire aspects gem, first-out Does not run out first aid equipment The finish, then drag a bit too loaded Here the opposite Lolita can close it out See so many heroes 3 dozen bad 4 Fei tears ability to pursue people very strong In this version Fei tears did not say To exaggeration as before But there is still a very powerful Sometimes I think now before Fei tear layer 4 Do not really want to be able to show them how Now five layers are so beautiful I want to think about it before Only 4 passive layer can be stacked too exaggerated After the blue-BUFF Here waiting across the skills to pay the Before the big move to single-handedly Continuous control Received a To take another Continue to carry the hurt After out shoes You can out of a knight plate armor This high value equipment CP The fourth piece of equipment, then Druid well Some little brother asked Or need a fire A A fire unless you are TORO wire To fire a less need for the otherwise It sort of soldiers line speed increases The opposite will stick to hurt you but TORO playing less need for assistance Up output Here we try to To protect their own playing field To protect it as much as possible to protect Because a secondary life can really say Is relatively inexpensive compared to Although aid is a head But sometimes you really need to carry the hurt If you hit the field, then head out Or that the shooter off the head Hao Master Ye Hao Buff or who have been terminated It would be even greater economic value See the road Here we give vision Constantly extended stay Sure enough, there Atta Atta really in this version Sooner or later the cut But a hero is just fine with This is what I just said In fact, you use the big move TORO Opposite to see you jump immediately before fleeing If you can distance farther Or the way the cast can be moved if This is really perfect To be otherwise everyone in the field of higher order Little time to see TORO aid There is Few people with The opposite of all heroes Direct continued closing out Remove across from the main fort Win victory Carry the highest injury What a hero he is fit to take it? Quillen Because we can lie to opposite strokes Then sudden ability to have the ability to open group Let Quillen reap But after Hai k is good As we say Let’s carry the injured Then Pianzhao Then hai k approach without being controlled Then he would suppress what a hero? Alaisite There Diao Chan He would be a hero to suppress what? Yong Luo children (tons really hurt) Thanks for watching I MADWoWo Like them then Do not forget to subscribe thumbs Share Thanks for watching We see you next time Bye

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  1. 偶來了(*´ω`*)
    每次順風太衝被控到直接被一波( ;∀;)

  2. 以往牛魔王的被動在施放完技能後還會持續0.5秒左右,現在技能施放完就立即失去被動,坦度差很多。 另外牛魔王建議改強:二技能施放仍可移動,甚至加快移動速度。三技能敲擊速度加快。這樣會好很多

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