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🎯 vfxSignale & Pocket Option im Test 🎯 Kostenlose Binäre Optionen App Runterladen

🎯 vfxSignale & Pocket Option im Test 🎯 Kostenlose Binäre Optionen App Runterladen

hello and welcome to the second video to Pocket Option and the vfxAlerts signals These are short-term signals for binary options In this video I introduce the filter function. First you open the signal window in the members area! Just click on Signals above! Register for free before of course! Here you can also download the software! In the signal window we select the signal variant! Here are the different algorithms and timeframes There are both crypto-currency and normal currencies to choose from! then a distinction is made between Trend Reversal and Trend Follow! Click here to open the filter then select values ​​and signal strength I prefer only the strongest 2 signals then click on CLEAR and then on ADD Here is also a signal Very strong, but the trend bars below do not fit! The bars down here indicate the trends in the M1, M5, M15, M30 and so on! SIgnal and Trend should go together! Instructions by vfxAlerts So I do not trade this signal! This example is a bit better-trend and signal match! But is already too old to trade! Here was, for example, a downward signal That would have won, too! I did not do it! I find myself at Pocket Option! I have 3 options left, let’s see what happens! At the moment they are in the OTM-The last signals were ok! A total of 6 winners today-out of 9 trades! Depending on how these options go out, it was profitable or not! The options are still about 7 minutes and more-still everything in it! The 5 and 15 minute signals work best! Pocket Option is very good for these signals, Finmax is ok too! Actually only the strong signals act! And pay attention to the trend development! Each of these bars symbolizes a timeframe-green is an uptrend-red is a downtrend! Timeframes start at 5 minutes and go up to 4 hours! Depending on the signal duration, not all bars are really important! Depending on the bottom, top or middle! More exactly you will find that in the instructions! There is no guarantee, of course! You should always make the decision yourself! And judge the market yourself! Use your strategy in combination! I would rather not act in doubt! Overall, vfxAlerts are quite helpful! I’ll take a short break and wait for the option let’s see what comes out The first option is won-only a few minutes to the next! 2 are still running-both are currently in the money Here’s an example-good up signal-about 65% The trends do not fit so well! Here’s another signal-this time put But even here the trend is not quite right! But is not that bad! I hope you understand what matters! And now know how the whole thing works! It will always be lost-even many in a row! But overall I am very satisfied with vfx and pocket option! Especially with the 5 and 15 minute signals! Pay attention to the right parameters before the trade! There are also shorter signals-but beware! As you can see, the two options are far in the profit! 18 seconds left to win! Then that would be 3 losers and 12 trades! Makes about 75% win rate! Quite satisfactory! As I said-between 60-75% is possible with this service! Here is a nice signal example! Signal and trend are almost perfect together! and that looks good, too, for example, it takes only 30 seconds to get to phasing out the option! Will be tight again! Just won! As I said, in total between 60-70% I hope you enjoyed this video! Give me a Like or share my video with your friends! Use the links in the description and test Pocket Option and vfxAlerts yourself! Free and without obligation! More information in my channel!

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