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집에서 간단하게 ‘이것’하고 운동 효과 내자! (알면 운동하기 싫어질 듯)

집에서 간단하게 ‘이것’하고 운동 효과 내자! (알면 운동하기 싫어질 듯)

I’m sure that you’re hesitant about going to gyms nowadays because of the novel coronavirus, and that your body lacks exercise. But exercising at home is not easy, especially as the noise can disrupt those living downstairs if you’re living in an apartment. However, there’s something that gives you the same effect to your body as walking for 30 minutes, and it’s not even something that takes a lot of effort. It can not only burn calories, ‘it’ also reduces your blood sugar level. Those with diabetes who need to walk regularly to control blood sugar level, might be particularly worried of the virus, because your immune system is weak. Let me share with you, this method which can lower your blood sugar level while giving you the same effect as exercising. Firstly, if you press the red subscribe button at the bottom right and press the bell symbol, you will be able to enjoy the beneficial videos of Love Echo more quickly. That is, none other than a ‘warm bath’. According to a research by Loughborough University, UK, carried out on 14 men, putting yourself in a tub of hot water, about 40°C, for an hour can burn 140kcal of calories, which is the amount burnt upon walking for 30 minutes. Something to take note of this research is the change in blood sugar level. The highest blood sugar level after a meal, upon taking a warm bath, was 10% lower than that taken upon exercising such as cycling. (1) Also, antiinflammatory figures were similar to those after an exercise. This suggests that methods which temporarily increases one’s temperature, such as warm bath and sauna, can reduce chronic inflammation. According to a Finnish research carried out in 2015, frequent saunas can reduce the chances of heart attacks and stokes. Don’t you think that it’s a good replacement for workouts, in this period of time where you’re worried to go out? By the way, what causes this surprising result? Steve Faulkner, a physiologist, says that the secret lies in heat shock proteins. When our body touches hot water, heat shock proteins are synthesized. A heat shock protein is a protein that is generated within a cell when a cell undergoes different kinds of stress, such as heat. This protein protects the cell from heat stress, recovers deformed proteins into normal proteins, hardening the cell. Also, it increases insulin sensitivity, which can be interpreted as the cause of controlled blood sugar level. (2) According to a research paper in 2014, carried out on mice, HbA1c figures of mice that underwent warm baths for 8 weeks were much lower than those which did not undergo warm baths. HbA1c figure indicates the average blood sugar level for 3 months. Also, insulin levels before a meal were much lower, which indicates that insulin sensitivity has increased, resulting in more controlled blood sugar levels. However, there’s something you need to take note of. If a diabetes patient bathes in warm water for too long, he or she can get a hypoglycemic shock. So you need to be cautious and ensure that your bathing time is within a safe range. Also, bathing in warm water for too long can dilate the blood vessels, causing hypotension and dehydration. So it’s recommended to finish bathing within 30 minutes. Of course, only relying on this kind of thermotherapy wouldn’t be desirable, but I do recommend it to those who find it difficult to exercise due to their stamina, or in a period like today, whereby it’s not recommended to go out and exercise. Please share this to your loved ones, and please don’t forget to subscribe. I wish you enjoy good health, as well as happiness.

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  1. 바쁜 분들을 위한 요약
    효과보는 방법 1:01 1:01 1:01
    주의점 3:15 3:15 3:15
    모두 건강하세요.

  2. 저는 운동해서 살뺐는데요
    신종 코로나 끝나면 사우나 목욕탕 자주가야겠어요. 좋은 정보 감사합니다.

  3. 저도 운동 + 반신욕으로 효과 많이 봤어요!
    반신욕 하고 바로 다리 마사지 해주면 하체가 눈에 띄게 변하더라구요🥰

  4. 이런 고급정보를 ㅎㅎ 첨들어 보는 내용이라 더 좋네요!! 항상 감사합니다 물 틀러 갑니다 ㅋㅋㅋ

  5. 질문이 있습니다 여자친구가 저체중, 저근육량이고 살이 안찌는 체질인데 어떤 식단이 가장 건강하게 근육량을 늘리면서 살을 찌울 수 있을까요? 고민이 많습니다

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