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想賺錢?先提高工作效率!Apple Watch生產力相關App分享!iPhone, Mac, iPad也都可以用 看完梨泰院 Class 的後遺症…

想賺錢?先提高工作效率!Apple Watch生產力相關App分享!iPhone, Mac, iPad也都可以用 看完梨泰院 Class 的後遺症…

Hey it’s Kang here. Lately there are many people trying to cut “itaewon class(A netflix drama) hairstyle”, but I guess I failed 🙁 In past few videos were gaming, health apps on Apple Watch. And itaewon class is about company manage & business so in this video I’m going to share productivity apps to help you earn more money! If you didn’t watch my videos about gaming / health apps, I’ve put the links at “comment” Fist is “bear” 熊掌記 This is an amazing app, even though the main design concept is not for Apple Watch But it’s seamlessly syncing for all you Apple Devices. And it’s different to take notes, bears entitle you to us “TAG feature” Because when we’re doing paperless notes, the most difficult issue is about “index” Therefore, when you have this TAG feature it helps you solve this problem and highly rise your speed when taking notes. Just like I’ve mentioned about seamlessly syncing among all Apple devices. So what about Apple Watch? It’s a good reminder on Apple Watch which solves the inconvenience after you’ve been taking note and storage on Mac, iPad, iPhone. With the perfect syncing, you can just click bear on your Apple Watch to see what you’ve listed for the to-do list. If you have something to note, a simple recording works perfectly. Don’t forget to subscribe GOODSKANG & click the bell! After recording, you can see it appears on your other devices due to the seamlessly feature. And you can also export the notes in many format like txt, pdf, jpg, and etc. As for “how to take notes”, you can read a book named “bullet notes” so I don’t talk too much here. And I’m going to introduce 1 Sec Money, it’s a simple money control & notes apps on you Apple Watch / iPhone. The concept of this app is help you “REMEMBER to add you cost easily” Sometimes it’s not convenient for us to hold & press iPhone to add cost, and even worse you will ignore this. But it will be much easier with ONE FINGER on Apple Watch So this helps you better usage on Apple Watch when you need to add cost on your personal accounting. Sometimes we will just remember things just by calendar apps, but it only shows the date when it’s really closed to your target dates. You can just put a date on the interface to remind yourself. But if you use DAYS MATTER, you can just put it on your watch face and it will keep showing and reminding you for the big date like exam. It’s very convenient for students since you can have a date always showing on the watch face and telling you study HARD! And when it comes to study hard, “forest app” is very helpful for the students’ This idea is provided by an enthusiastic viewer “Ben” The concept of this app is mainly for concentration, help you leave your iPhone for a certain time so you can focus on studying and working for your jobs or….videos. But this is mainly design for iPhone Offering you a specific time (25 – 120 mins) to be concentrating and you can listen to its video. As long as you keep concentrating without rising your iPhone, your bushes & plants will grow. And there’s rank to compete with your friends or people around the world. I know someone may think this is not necessary, but after all it’s still a motivation than nothing, people love to compete with others. Then it’s about gasoline price for Taiwan, this helps you understand the current oil price even though it’s not really necessary to re-fuel when you see few cents drop. But it’s a free app, and a kind reminder for someone who really needs to re-fuel at the time you receive the notification. Then it’s stock, some people don’t know how to set the stock app on their apple watch. So it’s really simple, all you need to do is just set your preferred company on your iPhone and then set a complication icon on your Apple Watch. One more thing about “Batter Phone” This app helps you see 2 battery status of your iPhone and Apple Watch If you didn’t have this app, you can only see the battery status of your Apple Watch only. So why not install a free app on your Apple Watch to see 2 battery status for your iPhone as well? After these apps, I think it’s really convenient to have an Apple Watch Not only gaming, health but also productivity apps you can use. As long as the apps can works on iPhone, something it compatible on your Apple Watch I think the reason to buy Apple Watch is not only about entertainment & health, whether it can helps you earn money with productivity apps really matters. So I’m going to ask you, what kinds of App you’d want me to share? Or what’s your thoughts on these Apps? Welcome to comment below and let me know your opinions. Don’t forget to like the video, share, subscribe me and click the bell!

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