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【Attack on Titan|Erwin Smith】Atonement

【Attack on Titan|Erwin Smith】Atonement

Erwin. Do you have any last words? I have a dream. One I’ve had since I was a child. Here’s the gallows for hanging that commander. His final judgment is probobaly ongoing as we speak. Because of your fault… … over one hundred Stohess District civilians died. You traitor. That’s right. I acted entirely on my own authority. All this carnage… … and they didn’t even come up with an excuse. Is there anyone alive? Do you know who this is, Erwin? Only I… … was fighting for myself. Only I… … kept staring at my dream. I deceived my comrades. I deceived myself. Did I made any contribution… ▎Give up your heart! ▎ … to… ▎It is this close. ▎ … humanity. The mission of my life… ▎The future of humanity? ▎ … is to prove my father’s hypothesis. But Levi… Do you even know how many scouts
have laid down their lives fighting these monsters? Commander Erwin, please answer this: Have you failed the dead soldiers? Your duty is as painful as ever. Dying seems a far easier option. But if that’s the case…
Why didn’t you do so? The comrades are looking at us. They want to know
what became of the hearts they gave. Is this death? ▎COMMANDER ERWIN! ▎ The fight isn’t over yet. The one who saved humanity… ▎Thou shall not proritize one’s own gain
over the longevity of humanity. ▎ … is Commander Erwin. Do what you need to, use me as bait. ▎You’re here for this grave offense. ▎ Is that really so? Our fallen soldiers… Were they meaningless? I’m making the choice. Give up on your dream and die. Why… Why are you still doing this? For the victory… … of humanity. Lead the recruits straight into hell. ADVANCE! Erwin… Are you a demon… We will die here. Trusting the survivors to find meaning in our deaths. And once again… Give up your heart for humanity! I swore to him. You two… … don’t you have human emotions? FIRE! ADVANCE! FIRE! You didn’t want to die, did you? Sir, how do you know for sure
there’s no humanity outside the walls.

Reader Comments

  1. Wow… i only discovered you recently with KNY and all your AMVS i just saw are wonderful… I have chills. Thanks for the work.

  2. Sir , how do you know for sure there's no humanity outside the walls , ,,,, such a great words from great commander 😭❤️❤️

  3. Amazing !!! Waw
    I think You could have added armin saying "someone who can t sacrifice anything , will never change anything, that to defeat a monster you have to be willing to throw aside your humanity "

  4. He was never afraid to be at the FRONT of the soldiers he commanded. Never once did he hang back when the vast majority of the soldiers risked their lives. You can say his plans killed many others, but he was always RIGHT there with him. You can’t hate him for that. I model my own leadership in the military after his example.

  5. Thank you for this amazing video. Erwin's character is wonderful to me, and this depicts everything I love about him. Your work is phenomenal. Thank you again <33

  6. One of the best characters i seek to achieve I want to have this attitude where i stand in the face of death and be so obsessed to my goals

  7. wow … this amv is surreal! shows an erwin also distant from the commander, this leader who is always carrying an anvil for everyone. It gives us clear points in it, a dreamy and even broken and wounded erwin deep in hope. a hero, a great savior, a survivor seeking not only his freedom but the emancipation of humanity. someone who fought to the last second and marched to his death continued to inspire his soldiers. a man who gave with all his heart. It's up to us to show the value and weight your life has had! It is a perfect statement of the truth. I was really thrilled, really. thanks for the hard work!

  8. I was fine until the ending, I don't speak Japanese at all but I knew what he said at the end and what scene the audio was from

  9. 00:52 I got chills!!!!! What the hell is this masterpiece?? It's too good to be real! I honestly can't even of the right words to describe the beauty of this video!

  10. 1:23 I always wondred who are some of these people behind him they don't seem to be drawn randomly but I don't recall them from anywhere. Maybe me and my shitty memory but still.

    And no I don't mean Mike or Nanaba but the rest rest.
    I guess we really need that Erwin story don't we? From the beginning. With details. And everything. I mean everything. Mr. Isayama would you be a dear and pass that on us? Pretty please?

  11. This is so well made and clearly you've put several hours or even days into making it, yet it's only got 100k views

    This world is so cruel, but it's also beautiful 😉

  12. you r not crying but I am, in my heart. Fantastic video. Thanks. One of my favorite characters is Commander Erwin 'The Demon' Smith

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