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【首發開箱】Nomad 五合一無線充電盤 Apple Watch+AirPods Pro+iPhone

【首發開箱】Nomad 五合一無線充電盤 Apple Watch+AirPods Pro+iPhone

Hello everyone, I’m Apple Daddy The product I’m going to introduce today is something I really look forward to. In fact, quite a few people leave comments to me, hoping that I will introduce this kind of products Introducing this product today A second generation of an existing product It’s brand new and just came out I just checked it online Right now when I record this unboxing video I should be the world premiere So as long as I don’t drag it too long to edit this video out When I was filming, I should be the first person to make an unboxing video. This is what I received (Smell it vigorously) Full of scenes of new technology yeah… I am acting weird here Okay, let’s open it up and see what’s inside This is Nomad Base Station Apple Watch Version 2 So it ’s the second generation The biggest difference from the first generation is that two more USBs The first generation is three-in-one wireless charging Now the second generation is five in one Keep dual output in the same place as wireless charging Supports 7.5W so there is still wireless fast charging But there are three coils in the coil part. So it means that the middle part is for you to charge like this Let your iPhone (misspoken) be horizontally 7.5W There are two coils on the left and right that allow you to charge two devices at once Same two simultaneous outputs are 7.5W Only wireless charging can charge up to three devices at once including Apple Watch And then add the next two USB The charging options and utilization will be very large Two more USB sections at the back One is USB-C and the other is USB-A The USB-C supports for Apple’s highest 18W fast charge USB-A part is to 7.5W The price is $150 USD Exactly the same as the first generation I am not sure about the sellers here in Taiwan I wonder if there are any sellers or imports If you are on the market now And still see the first generation Just ask if it will have the second generation because the price will be exactly the same Unless there is a big discount, buying the second generation is a better choice. Because you can charge five devices at a time Ok then i will open it first The design on the box is also Is that they always have a design style This is the first time I filmed an unboxing like this The design inside should be similar to the first generation There are still two tourist sockets (EU & UK) that can be directly changed. Take it out first You can see that the biggest difference is here One USB-C and one USB-A part Then charge five devices and just plug in one socket This section can help my desktop to be very clean. Because I have a mess of devices on it now Then my charging plug is actually not enough The main design part, let’s take a look at this Apple Watch charging place There is a silicone strip underneath There is a small box on the side of the box inside it There are silicone strips of different sizes and depths There are three groups plus four in total Now comes with 44mm watch size There are also 38mm 40mm 42mm included So any generation Apple Watch are supported If you have used a watch case Like I have the Rhino Shield myself, If you want to make sure the charging is not blocked by the silicone strip Actually just remove the silicone strip The width of the shell of the rhino shield can be directly dropped without the silicone strip The whole texture is also very good This is the cortex On the wireless charging pad Then the rest of the whole you can see Except for a small piece of plastic on the back side The bottom side is also made of metal. In fact, when I tested the wireless charging pad before, Know that heat dissipation has a big impact on the speed of wireless charging So I think the metal design of the chassis will help to cool the heat a lot. Especially charging so many devices at once I just mentioned that because there are two more USB So the charging combination can have a lot of changes Like myself now owns three iPhones Two iPhones are mainly used Apple Watch I also mainly have two in replacement And of course my AirPods Pro So now it is equal to only one charging pad All the devices I use now can be charged directly The way I would use it is to put AirPods Pro here What I put here is to see which iPhone I use now Or another spare iPhone here Here is the Apple Watch If you look at the connector The fast charging (USB-C) part may be If you need to charge your iPhone very quickly today I will take the wired 18W to charge my iPhone I usually connect another wireless charging pad when I use it This is equivalent to having three wireless charging pads On USB-A 7.5W Just said I have two Apple Watches So I will connect the Apple Watch charging case So I put five devices over there at once Then just waste a socket So if you want to take a tour Because it only consumes one socket after all It is very convenient to cooperate with other wireless charging pads. If you want to see charging performance and speed Because I think this involves a lot It can charge one to five devices The more devices you charge, the higher the temperature. If you want to see his charging performance Some more details about the performance of multiple devices Let me know by leaving a comment below Because I just got this after all I want to test again for a while to share my feelings 啰 That ’s it for today ’s video. If you like this kind of unboxing product video Remember to like me and subscribe to my channel If you want to share, of course, it is also very welcome! I’m Apple Daddy. See you in the next video.

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  1. 下次標題應該可以打上商品名稱,可以增加搜尋點擊量哈哈,nomad的無線充電盤質感都很好,可是價錢也高貴…T.T

  2. 很喜歡Nomad這品牌,很有質感
    我主要在用的iPhoneXS 和iPhone7都是用Nomad的手機殼
    Apple Watch 也是用他們家的支架

  3. 1.這個感覺確實不錯耶❤️

  4. 之前本來要買一代結果網路上風評不太好
    之前充電問題據說apple Watch 的部分很挑錶

  5. 最近一代打折,还好忍住剁手的欲望没买。。。太适合全家桶用户了,其他很多品牌的无线充都被锁了5w,虽然7.5也没快多少,但是毕竟苹果官方认可的,用起来比较放心一点

  6. 9折折扣碼:APPLEDAD (原價商品都可用)

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