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▶ Rolex Yacht-Master II REVIEW & How to use the Regatta Timer | 44mm, Blue Ceramic Bezel, 116680

▶ Rolex Yacht-Master II  REVIEW & How to use the Regatta Timer | 44mm, Blue Ceramic Bezel, 116680

Hi, this is Chris at Jaztime. Today we’re gonna introduce you to the Rolex Yacht-Master
2 Stainless Steel regatta chronograph watch. This is reference model number 116680. Retail price on this watch is currently 18,750 US dollars. It’s a 44 millimeter and
it’s a stainless steel case. It has a white dial, but
with luminescent hour markers you can see here. It’s a pretty hefty watch. It’s also the largest watch
that Rolex has to offer. It’s just slightly larger
than a Rolex Sea-Dweller. These are half polished links, set and finish on the side, mirror finish on the center. Those have a deployment, open that up. Chronograph function on
this watch is very unique, because it measures countdown times, rather than a chronograph
which goes upward in numbers. So it counts downwards
rather than upwards. I’m gonna show you how that
chronograph works here. Most of you are probably not
gonna be using this function in order to race your yacht, but if you wanted to, then
you’d probably use the function. Maybe you can use it to
count down something else. First you’d need to hold the watch, make sure the watch is
actually running already. You see this second hand is moving here. The buttons you see on the top right is gonna operate the
chronograph and stop it. First you’d need to press
the start/stop button on the top right. You see the second hand moving, and you can use it as a chronograph hand, as the second hand is easier to read than the subdial second hand. Some people might wanna use
a running chronograph hand so you can see the seconds. You can also use the top
right button to stop that. And the bottom right, we’re
gonna actually reset this hand back to the 12 o’clock position like that. Now what I would do here is
stop the chronograph hand and reset it back to
the 12 o’clock position. Once you have that done, you
can actually grab the bezel and you’re gonna turn it counterclockwise until it clicks into place. Hopefully you’ll here that click there. This is in the bezel setting condition so you can set the function. Now after you get this clicked into place, you can actually press the
bottom right button here, and you actually have
to press it kind of hard to make it click into place. Now you’re actually
ready to set the function on this regatta racing chronograph. So once you pull out this crown, you’re gonna be noticing that there’s a triangle hand in here, and it’s gonna be moving around. Hopefully you guys saw that. You see that I can set the minutes as far as how many minutes
we’re gonna count down from. And if I keep on going further, it’s gonna go back to the zero. Okay, so if you wanna
count down from 10 minutes, you’ll be counting down each
of those 10 minute mark here. Okay, so if you want a
countdown of five minutes, you’d meter it again. So in this case we’re gonna
set it to a five here, and then at that time we’re gonna go ahead and press this back in, and we’re gonna turn that
bezel and lock this into place. So you notice when I turn the bezel, it actually pops this bottom
right button back out, just ready to go. So when you’re actually
counting down, this being you’re gonna press the top
right button right here and start that countdown. And if you look really closely, you’ll be able to see this triangle hand start moving towards
the four minute marker. And when it starts to countdown and once it hits zero right here, then you can start your race. You can always reset it back
to the 12 o’clock position, or we can set it back to the five. This watch has a really great feel. It’s a great everyday wear watch for you. It’s gonna stand the test of time. Very well built watch. Thanks for watching us here at Jaztime. Hope you enjoyed our video.

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  1. This is the perfect watch for me when I’m playing with my yacht.

    My toy yacht in the my bathtub when I have a bubble bath

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