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and start our review. Today we’re gonna be
doing a comparison between the three diver’s watches that Rolex has The Submariner, Sea-Dweller and Deepsea. They’re all different
levels of diving watches, one more professional than the other as we go into the specs
later in the video. Overall the format, it’s
still gonna be the same. We’re gonna be doing the
dial, bezel, case, crown and bracelet clasp and
we’ll always talk about that moving towards the end of the video. So in my hand here, this is the basic of the basics of Rolex’s diving watches. This is The Submariner reference number one one six six one zero. The newly released
Sea-Dweller comes in next, being the sort of in between The Submariner and Deepsea. This is reference number
one two six six zero zero. And then finally, the
biggest diver of them all, The Rolex Deepsea, specifically
the version I have here is The James Cameron Edition version which is the one one six six six zero. Unfortunately that line
was actually discontinued and a newly updated,
newer reference number one two six six six zero. So basically same number just
replaced that additional one with a two and you’ll get
the newer style models but we’re gonna go ahead and continue with the older style model. Alright, so, let’s go ahead
and jump right into the dials. So Submariner we have
the standard black sports dial as you can see, on
The Sea-Dweller as well. For The James Cameron we
have this gradient from the blue to the black. Which is, like I said, a
special edition version that’s to commemorate The
Deepsea Challenge where James Cameron took his
diving submarine into The Mariana Trench. The Sea-Dweller, similar,
just a black solid dial. But it is actually a special dial as well as we have The Sea-Dweller name
at the six o’clock position in red, and that’s to
commemorate The 50th Anniversary of The Sea-Dweller where
the original vintage style Sea-Dwellers actually have
the name in the red coloring. And The Submariner is just
the absolute baseline, the basic of the basic. One thing I’d like to mention is that The Submariner and The Deepsea, they both come in other
style dials of course for The Submariner we have what’s
called the Hoke where it has a green ceramic
bezel and a green dial. The James Cameron Deepsea
comes in just the same style dial as The Submariner where
it’s just a simple black dial with the same hour markers and such. One thing I would like to mention is, at the three o’clock position
we have the date windows on all three watches. The date apprenchure on
all three watches however, The Submariner has the date
cyclops on top of it for magnification and easier viewing. This previous models of
this Sea-Dweller actually did not have a cyclops and it’s only on this, the newer version of it which is one two six six six zero zero. It has a cyclops on top of that date. And The Deepsea does not
have a cyclops crystal on it, mainly because the crystal
itself is actually thicker than The Submariner and
The Sea-Dweller crystals being about a five point
five millimeter thickness. The Submariner being about half of that. Okay, moving on to the bezel now. They all have similar style bezels, which is a unidirectional
black Serra Chrome bezel; Serra Chrome being Rolex’s
fancy term for saying serratic bezels except black bezel. The beautiful shine to it
as you can see almost looks like it’s a high polished bezel. We have the peridots at
the 12 o’clock position to let you know where the starting point is. As these are all diving
watches, the reasoning for unidirectional bezel is to track your elapsed time underwater. Such as to track your oxygen tank levels. If you have 10 minutes
of oxygen you can set it to that 10 minutes but
you also won’t be able to hit that bezel in the other direction and accidentally give
yourself the wrong timing. But one thing I mention
about the bezels is that The Sea-Dweller and The
Deepsea have more similarities in the bezel as you can
see every single indice from the 12 o’clock position
and around are all marked, whereas The Submariner only
has up to the 15 minute marker. As you can see from that
12 o’clock position to that three o’clock position,
only to the 15 minute marker where it has the indices labeled. Besides that it all
has the Arabic numerals and the larger and thicker
indices all around. Okay, so let’s go ahead and
move on to the casing now. So the case size of each watch, The Submariner is a 40
millimeter size case, Sea-Dweller is a 43, and Deepsea is a 44 millimeter size case. Of course, The Deepsea
looks a little bit larger than the rest by a lot more. It doesn’t seem like one
millimeter would make so much of a difference
between that one millimeter instead a 43 millimeter,
but actually, the thickness of each watch is all different. So let me go ahead and
show you a side by side comparison of each one. So, for The Submariner we have a 12 point 58 millimeters of thickness. So it’s thinner. Your suit cuffs quite nicely. The Sea-Dweller comes in to the side, you can see much larger at a 15 point 22 millimeters thickness. And then from The Submariner
to The Deepsea, look at that. 17 point seven millimeters
thickness, and that is attributed to the five millimeter thick crystal. Because of that, it
almost looks like it’s two Submariners stacked on top of each other if you look at em from the side by side. Then from The Sea-Dweller to The Deepsea, you can still see, so
quite large going from Sea-Dweller to Deepsea, like I said this Sea-Dweller is 15 point
22 millimeters thickness and this Deepsea is 17 point seven millimeters of thickness. So, about two point five
millimeters extra thickness. What they’re gonna want
to mention though is you see these little circular
indicators on the side of the casing of the watch? On the high polish? That’s actually important if
you’re a professional diver, as you can see The
Submariner does not have that little circular mark on the side of it. What that is is actually
called a helium escape valve. So basically when divers
go deep underwater and they need to
depressurize as they come up, gasses, specifically
helium gasses can actually come into the watch itself
and pop the crystal out from the front of the face. This helium escape valve is
spring loaded so as it gets to a certain pressure it
actually releases that helium gas out, so it keeps
the watch nice and safe as divers come up from depressurization. So The Submariner doesn’t have that. Okay, now let’s move on to
crown functions of the watch. So, crown functions are fairly simple, I’ll just go ahead and show
you with The Submariner. The crown functions are the same for The Sea-Dweller and The Deepsea which is unscrewing counter clockwise. It’s a triple waterproofness system. At this standard position
you can wind you watch 20 times is all you need to get the watch started from a dead stop,
a simple tug of the crown. Oops. Apologize, here. Had to move the hand around a little bit. There we are. You can adjust the date
instantaneously as shown by going clockwise, and
that’s the same thing for the other two watches as well. Pulling the crown out to
the final position will stop the seconds hand or
the half movement allowing for precise time setting such as to an atomic clock online. You can set the time
down to the exact second. And of course you can move the hands by directionally as shown. Pressing the crown back in will start the seconds hand once
more and always make sure to screw the crown in nice
and tight against the case as you want to keep your diving watches nice and water resistant. So, the water resistance
of each watch as I said, it gets more professional as we go on. So The Submariner, the
base line you’re looking at a water resistance of
300 meters, or 1,000 feet. The Sea-Dweller’s, you’re
looking at water resistance of 1,220 meters or 4,000 feet. And then The Deepsea, The Deepsea is 3,900
meters or 12,800 feet. Most of you probably won’t
be going anywhere near that amount down into
the ocean as like I said, this is The James Cameron Edition, was to commemorate James
Cameron’s going into one of the deepest points of the ocean, which was in The Mariana Trench. So, most of you won’t
be going down that far but this is sort of a
screams kinda luxury like, I can go down there if
I want to, but I won’t. So, 12,800 feet compared
to that 1,000 feet. Over almost 12 times more
and almost 13 times more. Alright, so let’s go ahead
and move on to the bracelets. So for the bracelets to
the watch, they’re actually all the same style bracelets
which as you’ll see, oyster style bracelet. As you can see, nicely
sand finished throughout and made out of 904 steel
which is an in-house made Rolex steel that
has additional corrosion resistance and a nicer shine to it. So, I’ll show you The Deepsea bracelet. And yes, the bracelets are
actually the same size. Moving on to the clasps now, they all have the same style clasps in terms of the clasp itself. So, The Submariner that
I apparently still have in my hand here, is the
safety folding oyster lock. Now this is the same for all three, there is one tiny
difference between the three which I’ll show you. So, the first one is
the baseline Submariner safety folding just opens
up as so, as to safety, that’s the folding oyster
and we have the beautiful Rolex clasp blaze high
polish with The Rolex logo embossed on there. But the difference lies
between the actual functions of the clasp in terms of
adjusting the size of it. So Rolex did this neat thing called the glide lock extension link. So basically behind the clasp, you can see little riveted edges that are actually two millimeter increments
for a total incremental amount of 20 millimeters
you can adjust the bracelet. Forward or inward. And that’s to help, as I said diver’s, this is a diver’s watch and
helps divers when they put on their wetsuit, you got
that little bit extra millimeters coming in,
millimeters around your wrist. So you want to be able
to adjust it on the fly and that’s how The Submariner adjusts, is just simply opening
it up, pulling it out 45 degree angle, and snapping it in as so. For The Sea-Dwellers, exactly the same. Same style glide lock extension link but The Deepsea’s a little bit different. We have that same safety folding oyster. Opens up as so. 45 degree angle. Opens up as so. You can see I can’t adjust it. I can’t pull it forwards or outwards and that’s because the glide lock works a little bit differently on
the top of the clasp instead it opens up to, to open
up the riveted edges then that allows you to adjust as so. So that’s just a minor thing. The other thing is that
there’s actually more addition to the clasp as well you can see these sorta flat ended links
at the very end of the links. And that actually opens up
the watch a little bit more once again, as I said,
professional divers watch allows a diver to fit the
watch nice and comfortably on their wetsuit. Alright. So now we’re down to the movements. The final part of this video. The movements for The
Submariner and Deepsea so, Submariner first, and The Deepsea. These run the same
exact movements which is the tried and tested
movements for over 10 years. Rolex has used this sports
style movement which has a complications of just
the day and the stopping of the seconds hand and the functions, the hour, minute and seconds hand. It’s the 31 35 movement
in house made by Rolex. It is a perpetual mechanical
self lining movement with a power reserve of 48 hours meaning you can put this watch
down on a Friday evening, pick it back up on a Sunday afternoon and it’ll be keeping time just fine. But this is a movement that,
you know, Rolex has tested for a very, very, very long time. So that’s the standard
movement on these watches. But for the newly updated Sea-Dweller, they’ve actually updated
from that 31 35 movement that both of these watches are running. So this is now the 32 35 movement. So what’s special bout the 32 35 movement? Well actually what’s special
about it is that they’ve increased the power reserve,
and it added two more additions to the movement to
have it nice and protected so it is still perpetual
mechanical self lining movement like I said, it’s a 32 35 movement. Same complication of the day
and stopping the seconds hand with the functions of the
hour, minute, seconds hand. But they’ve added what’s
called the Chronergy escapement which is a skeletonized
escapement well made out of a nickel phosphorus
so the escapement reduces inertia because
of the skeletonization and it also has additional
resistance against magnetism that pairs along
with the perricone blue hairspring to have additional
magnetic resistance They’ve also updated the shock absorbers. That’s not using the industry
standard KIF shock absorbers. Instead it uses their own, in
house made shock absorbers. So, Rolex shock absorbers
called the Paraflex shock absorption system
which Rolex claims absorb 50% more shocks than normal. And the power reserve
as I’ve mentioned is now updated from that 48 hours
on The Submariner and The Deepsea that you just saw. It’s a 70 hour power
reserve so you can actually put this watch down on a Friday evening, pick it back up on a Monday afternoon and it’ll be keeping time just fine. Alright, so, that’s the difference between those three different watches. If you’re interested in
checking them out we do have stand alone video
reviews for each one. Actually I’ll just go ahead
and show you each watch on my wrist very quickly here. So once again, locate that
safety folding oyster. Open it up as so. And there we are. So there’s The Submariner on the wrist. As you can see, it’s very standard. That’s standard, it’s just very gorgeous. You can see the height of the watch, not too high, will fit under suit cuffs, dress cuffs very nicely. Okay, go ahead and swap this
out for The Sea-Dweller now. So, Sea-Dweller 43. Once again just going
over the main points. Safety folding oyster lock, closes up nicely. That main point being that
The Sea-Dweller now has the updated cyclops lens for
easier viewing of that date. The 50th Anniversary red
named logo The Sea-Dweller to throwback to the vintage. Once again the thickness
being a 15 point 22 probably won’t fit under
suit cuffs very well but still stands out very nicely. Doesn’t feel too heavy
on the wrist overall nice bounce through out because
of it being a 43 millimeter. Go ahead and swap off to The Deepsea now. So like I said, for The Deepsea I understand I do have The
James Cameron version which is gradient from the blue
to the black in memory of going down into that Mariana Trench. But you can also get
it in just the standard sports style which is the
sorta like The Submariner dial nice, just black thorough out. So you can see absolutely gorgeous dial. Very, very thick watch. So you definitely feel
the weight on your wrist. Might cause a little bit of wrist fatigue later in the day but I
mean if you have a nice large wrist, thick wrist, then
this should be no problem. You can see nice, bold, stands out. Definitely wouldn’t fit under your suit cuffs or dress cuffs. Okay, and once again no
cyclops lens on this sapphire crystal because the sapphire crystal is already thick enough. It’s a five millimeter crystal
and it already magnifies and sorta does a little bit of
magnification itself already. Okay. Alright so if you’re
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  2. Seiko makes better diver watches…specially their higher end lines…Grand Seiko and Spring Drive. Rolex is grossly overpriced. Amateur, unsophisticated fools who care about brand recognition and status like Rolex.

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