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Hey, guys, this
is Kevin from, and today we’ll be doing a comparison between the Rolex Submariner on my left, reference number 116610, versus the Rolex Milgauss
here on my right, reference number 116400GV. We’ll be going over the price, the dials, bezel, case, crown, bracelet, clasp, and we’ll talk about the movement towards the end of the video. Okay, so as of June 2017, you can get this Rolex Submariner at a authorized Rolex retailer for $8,550, or you can get it at
for as low as $7,800. For the Milgauss, you can get this at a authorized Rolex retailer for $8,200, or you can get it at for $6,450. All right, so let’s go ahead and jump right into the dials now. So for the dials, we have both
the dial colors in a black. The only other configurations
that these colors come in is for the Submariner we have
the anniversary edition, which is called the Hulk, where it has a green dial and green bezel. Otherwise, it’s just the black on black. For the Milgauss, we have the black dial. One thing I wanna mention
is the sapphire crystal you can see as sort of
a outline of that green. We have that one also in a blue dial with that green sapphire crystal. Otherwise, you’re gonna be looking at a clear sapphire crystal,
such as the Submariner. And the green sapphire crystal
is specific to the Milgauss. Okay, for the hour markers
we have the maxi dial style hour markers for the Submariner, which are 30% larger hour markers than the normal Rolex style, and that’s indicated by
the circular hour markers with the index at the six,
nine, and 12 o’clock position, the 12 o’clock position being a triangle. These hour markers and
the Mercedes hour hand with the minute hand,
they’re all luminescent with a blue luminescence. For the Milgauss, we
have index stick markers, as you can see that the stick
markers are a little bit smaller than the index
sticks on the Submariner, except for the three, six, and nine, which are orange-accented. And there’s a reason
behind the orange accents. The white-colored stick dials versus the orange-accented stick dials, the white will glow green in luminescence while the orange-accented Milgauss, orange-accented hour
markers will glow blue. So it’s the mixture of the blue
and green glow in the dark. All right. Besides that, text is plain
white for the Submariner, where the Milgauss has
its name in the orange at the 12 o’clock position. For the seconds hand, it’s indicated by this
unique orange thunderbolt that can only be found on the Milgauss and no other Rolex watches. For the Submariner, we
only have this simple stick with a small circular
indentation for luminescence for the seconds hand. All right, so let’s go ahead
and move on to the bezel. Or actually before we
move on to the bezel, I wanna mention that the
date on the Submariner is located at the three o’clock position. It has a cyclops lens on top with that sapphire
crystal for magnification, easier viewing of that date. And the Milgauss actually does not come with a date at the three o’clock position, and there’s actually a
reasoning behind that. It’s because Rolex
wanted to develop a watch that was entirely resistant
to magnetic forces, so they didn’t leave that open
date aperture for the dial, so it’s a closed dial. All right, so let’s go ahead
and move on to the bezel now. For the bezel, the Submariner, we have a ceramic black Cerachrom bezel, which means that the
color from the ceramic, the black ceramic will
always stay that black color and look very beautiful. Has a nice shine to it. We have these 60 minute
graduated cycle around the bezel, and each index marker and the
numbers are platinum-dusted. Okay. Whereas the Milgauss, we
just have a very simple, high polish dome bezel. Okay, so for the Submariner, just wanna go over this very quickly here. The Submariner’s bezel
is actually adjustable. It is a unidirectional bezel, so it only moves one way,
and that’s to the left. And the use of the bezel
is to track elapsed times. This is a diver’s watch, a sports watch. So if a diver wanted to track how much elapsed time
they’ve been under water, they just have to simply
move that pair dot to across the minute hand, and you can track how
many minutes have gone by. The reason why it’s unidirectional as opposed to a watch like Yacht Master where it’s bidirectional
and can move both ways is that if they’re to track
the oxygen levels under a tank, they don’t wanna
accidentally bump into it, it moves the other way, and then they have more
oxygen than they’re expecting. Okay. While that is for the
diver’s watch purpose, it could also be used
for daily activities, such as tracking how fast you run a mile or how long that business
meeting is taking. Okay, let’s go ahead and
adjust that back to the top. So for the case sizes now, these are actually both
the same size watch, both the same size case size, which is the 40 millimeter case, and that’s from my index
finger to my thumb here. That’s for both watches. For the side profiles of the watch, you’re looking at a
beautiful high polish side, some patterning very
nicely with the bracelet. And there you are. The Milgauss does have
a little bit larger case than the Submariner, and
the reasoning behind that is because the case for the
Milgauss actually has two cases. The two cases, one of them
being the magnetic shield casing that houses the movement and provides additional
magnetic resistance as Rolex, once again, they were trying to make a very magnetic-resistant watch. Okay. For the crown side… Okay, for the crown
side, very simple crowns with the Rolex crown on the crown. For frontal view of that, one thing to notice is that because the Submariner is a sports watch, we have crown guards to protect the crown, where the Milgauss is more of a hybrid of a sports and dress watch and we have no crown guards
to protect that crown. I just wanna go over the
simple functions of the crown with the Submariner really quickly here. So, they’re both screw-down double… Apologize, screw-down twin
lock double waterproof systems. And they unscrew
counterclockwise, as shown. This is the hand-winding position in which you can wind the watch. A simple tug will let you adjust the date instantaneously, as shown. And a final tug will actually
stop the seconds hand, or the hack movement for allowing
for precise time setting. And then you can set the
hands bidirectionally as well. Always make sure, screw the crown nice and
tight back against the case, as that keeps this watch water resistant for up to 300 meters, or rather
300 meters or 1,000 feet, and that’s for the Submariner. The Milgauss has the same
functions of the crown, same type of crown. It just doesn’t have that
date setting aperture, ’cause obviously it doesn’t have a date, so you could either wind
the watch or set the hands. And the water resistance of
the Milgauss is 100 feet, or rather 100 meters or 330 feet, okay. Moving on to the bracelets now. For bracelets, they both
have the same style bracelet in terms… They’re called the Oyster-style bracelet, which is a three-piece link bracelet. However, the style of the bracelets, for the Submariner you have
the sand finish on each link. So you see that nice brushed steel polish all the way throughout. Whereas the Milgauss,
as I mentioned before, is more of a dressier
hybrid of a sports watch. You have the high polish running down, patterning very nicely from
that high polish bezel, all the way down through
the bracelet center links. And then it’s finished
off with that contrast of the sand finish on
each side of the link. For the clasp, the Submariner
has a larger clasp, and the Milgauss obviously
has a smaller clasp. And the reasoning for that is because of the hidden clasp functions, and we’ll get to that right now. As you can see for the Submariner, we have the safety folding Oyster, which is this little hinge
here is a safety and pops out, which is a folding Oyster. Has the Rolex name embossed
on the clasp blade. Whereas the Milgauss just
simply is a folding Oyster with the Rolex name embossed
on that clasp blade as well. So what did I mean by hidden functions? Well, let me go ahead and show
you on the Milgauss first. So for the Milgauss, behind the clasp, you can see these little pins here. Sorry, you can actually
see these little pins behind the clasp, and
you can adjust the clasp five millimeter increments
forward or backwards by having a special tool to
pull these pins downwards, and you can adjust it
to a little indentation behind a clasp. Once again, that’s just to
adjust it five millimeters forward or backwards, and that’s to give your wrist
a little more breathing space. It’s a little bit of a hassle
having to carry a tool around just to adjust the bracelet
for a little more comfort. Whereas the Submariner has what we call the updated
Glidelock extension link, which I’ll show you now. So you see these little rivets here. You could actually adjust the bracelet in two millimeter increments
for up to 20 millimeters, and all you have to do is
simply pop out the bracelet, slide it forward or slide
it to wherever you need, and snap it back on. Now you have that extended link. Very simple, very easy to use. And you can also do it the same backwards. And there you go. And it’s a very nice feature to have. So let’s just say you
wanna pass the Submariner down to your son or a friend. You don’t have to take it to a jeweler to get a link removed or put on just to have that watch fit perfectly for the person you wanna pass it on to. So it’s something to keep in mind, in terms of against the Milgauss where you have to carry around a tool just to adjust the bracelet to make it a little tighter
or a little bit looser just to have a little more comfort. Okay, so let’s go ahead and
move on to the movements now. So for the movements for the Submariner, we’ll start off with the Submariner first. It’s housed in a simple Oyster case back. It is a perpetual mechanical
self-winding movement. This Rolex is caliber 3135
in-house-made movement. It is COSC certified. Has a precision of minus
two, plus two seconds a day. It has simple functions that
are center, hour, minutes, seconds hand with instantaneous
changing of the date, and the stopping of the seconds hand for precise time-setting,
as I’ve shown you. The power reserve is
approximately 48 hours. And one additional thing
I wanted to mention is that it does have, for the oscillator, it does have a paramagnetic
blue Parachrom hairspring, which offers magnetic resistance, okay. And that’s being compared to the Milgauss, which has a 3131 in-house-made movement. It’s upgraded from the 3130 movement. It is a perpetual mechanical
self-winding movement, and it’s housed in a double casing. It’s first cased in the magnetic shield and then housed in the Oyster casing. Has a precision of minus
two, plus two seconds a day. It’s also COSC certified. So simple functions of
just the center, hour, minutes, and seconds hand
with stopping the seconds hand for precise time-setting. Once again, the oscillator
is a paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring which offers additional
magnetic resistance. And the power reserve is 48
hours for this watch as well. So 48 hours of power
reserve for both watches mean you can put either watches
down on a Friday evening, pick it back up on a Sunday evening, and it’ll be keeping time just fine. Okay, so let me go ahead and show you these watches on a wrist now. So once again, with the Submariner. Pop open that safety. There’s the folding Oyster. Okay. Snap, snap, there we go. So always beautiful, just a
very simple, classic watch. Not too high on the profile. Will fit under suit cuffs,
dress cuffs very nicely. And let me go ahead and show
you that on the Milgauss now. Okay, and bam. There we are. There’s the Milgauss. Very beautiful watch. It’s very unique in the Rolex line, and you don’t really have
that thunderbolt hand, that really difference in colors, from the green sapphire
crystal, the orange accents. It’s overall very beautiful,
with that high polish bringing definitely more shine to the watch. Okay, so if you’re
interested in either watches, check out our website at, with the lowest prices guaranteed. We offer free shipping
and a one-year warranty. And if you liked the video, please like, comment, subscribe below. Thanks for watching. Hope to see you guys soon.

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  1. Milgauss for me has better shock resistance and a refreshing look from its inception in 1956. Classy with seriously nice Oyster Embossing on the back adding authentic touch that needs no introduction. The Sub is also a beauty depending on you need for date and elapsed time option.
    Both are inflation protectors that offer long term value and enjoyment. Great review. Oh….BTW, the Oyster bracelet is a the nicer of the two on the Milgauss.

  2. Have both watches and love them both….. there is something about Rolex the really pops compare to other luxury watches …. brands

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