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▶ Rolex Submariner vs Daytona – COMPARISON (black dial & ceramic bezel)

▶ Rolex Submariner vs Daytona – COMPARISON (black dial & ceramic bezel)

Hey guys, this
is Kevin from, and today we’ll be doing
a comparison between the Rolex Submariner here on my left, reference number 116610, versus the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, reference number 116500. We’ll be going over the
price, dial, bezel, case, crowns, bracelet, clasp, and we’ll talk about the movement towards the end of the video. Okay, so as of June 2017, you can get the Rolex Submariner at a authorized Rolex
retailer for 8,550 dollars, or you can get it from for as low as 7,800 dollars. For a Daytona, the pricing’s gonna be
a little bit different. If you can get this from a
authorized Rolex retailer, you’re looking at paying 12,400 dollars. But unfortunately because
this watch is much newer, you’re looking at a wait list of 5 years. So our price commands a
higher price on the market, because it is a highly in demand watch. The pricing you can pay at, you’re looking as low
as 16,500 dollars, okay? And that’s of course if you
want to skip that 5 year wait list and have this watch now. Alright, so let’s go ahead and jump right into the dials. So for the dials, the Submariner obviously, you can already see that it
has much easier readability, as it isn’t as cluttered as the Daytona. The Rolex has a maxi-dial, which means that these hour markers are 30 percent larger than the
typical Rolex hour markers. You have circular hour markers, with index at the 6, 6, 9, and 12 o’clock position, and we have the date at the 3 o’clock with the Cyclops lens on top. That protrudes from the
crystal a little bit for magnification and
easier viewing of that date. Whereas the Daytona we have
index markers throughout, with the Rolex crown at
the 12 o’clock position. Index markers are much
smaller than the max, the circular hour
markers and index markers on the Submariner. However, the reason for
that is because we have most of the dial space being
taken up by these 3 sub dials that it is a chronograph watch. We have the 12 hour sub dial on the left, on the 9 o’clock position, there are 60 seconds at
the 6 o’clock position, and 30 minutes at the 3 o’clock position. Okay, besides that, the hour markers, the hands, rather the hour markers
are fashioned in 18 karat white gold to prevent any
tarnishing for the hands. We have a little bit of
difference in the hands, as we have the Mercedes hands, which is this circular arrow hand here. The Daytona just has a very simple, plain index hands. One thing that I mentioned
is that the illuminescence is at the tips of the hands, whereas the Submariner’s, it’s throughout the whole,
throughout the whole hands. And the Daytona also, actually
has a little sliver of black embedded in-between, in
the center of each hand, of the hour and the minute hand. Let me see if I can show
you a closer look at that. And it provides a little more
readability for the watch as well, okay? Small but minor difference, we do have the Daytona name
right in the center of the watch in red, whereas the Rolex is just
all plain text white, very, very basic, and very simple, okay? So let’s go ahead and
move on to the bezels now. Or actually, before we
move on to the bezels, I just wanna let you know
that the configuration of colors for these watches. The Submariner, you’re looking at a black, or the anniversary edition,
which is a green bezel, and green dial, also known as the Hulk. The Daytona, it also
comes in a white dial, so that you have the choice
of a black or a white dial. Okay, so, moving on the bezel now. They both have the similar
style bezels in terms of they both use a black, cerachrom bezel, which is a ceramic bezel that
is highly scratch-resistant, and has very nice shine to it, and this black color will
never fade over time, will stay this black for
the rest of its lifetime. Only, the difference here
is that the Submariner uses a uni-directional bezel
with 60 minute graduations around, with the numbers,
though, with the numerals and the index markers,
are platinum-dusted, so this has a completely different, completely different function
in terms of the Daytona which is a tachymetric scale, that has been engraved onto the bezel, also, I believe it’s also
platinum dusted as well. Actually, nah, apologize, wanna correct myself, it says the numerals
are not platinum dusted, they’re just as is. Okay, if you wanna learn
more about these functions, we do have the individual watch videos showcasing these functions, so you can check that out
on our YouTube channel. Otherwise, we’ll just go ahead
and move on to the case now. For the case, you’re looking at 40 millimeters
in diameter for both cases, so my index finger to my thumb, 40 millimeters in diameter. That’s the case size. Let me show you the side
profiles of these watches now. Okay. So for side profile, pretty similar, it’s
pretty similar in profile, I would assume that the Daytona’s
a little bit more larger, mainly because it is a, has more complications in the watch, it is a chronograph watch, but they seem very similar. We have high polish on the sides for the crown side now. Go ahead and flip this over. For the crown side, of course, Rolex crown on the crown. We have crown protectors, two high-polish crown protectors for that. And, of course the Daytona has additional chronograph pushers at the 2 o’clock and
the 4 o’clock position, for its chronograph functions, which is a stopwatch function. Let me go ahead and show
you that really quickly. So the very top, it unscrews. There’s a main, central seconds hand, opposed from the seconds sub dial, that works as a stop watch feature, so this 2 o’clock position
chrono-pusher starts it. The one on the bottom will reset it, so you have to stop and reset. Very simple, very easy to use. Mainly because obviously this
watch is for the Daytona, you can track the time, the time it takes for a car to run a lap with that stopwatch feature. So pretty nifty to have. Okay, besides that, the crown functions. Very standard crown functions, they both run a screw-down, trip-lock, triple waterproof in this system, as you can see when you unscrew. This is the hand winding position here, which you can wind the watch. A simple tug will let you
change the date instantaneously. Of course the Daytona does
not have this function. The Daytona has the final function, which is just the setting of
the hands bi-directionally, and of course the stopping of the second, the stopping of the seconds hand, for precise timekeep–, for precise time-setting, such as to an atomic clock, you can set it down to the exact seconds. Of course, make sure this
crown is nice and tight against the case, as you
wanna keep this watch as noted by Submariner
at the bottom text here, you want to keep a water
resistance for 300 meters, or 1,000 feet. The Daytona, you’re looking
at a water resistance of 100 meters, or 330 feet. Okay, and that’s of course, that’s ass–, that’s with
all chrono-pusher crowns pushed nice and tight, and all, and the main crown nice and tight as well. Alright, so let me go ahead
and show you the bracelets now. Okay, so the bracelets, same style bracelet in terms
of being an oyster bracelet, which is that 3-piece linked bracelet. So we have the 3-piece link. However, the Submariner
is a more sportier watch. It has, it has all sand
finish, and brushed steel throughout the bracelet, whereas the Daytona is sort of a hybrid between a sports and dress watch, so we have this, we have the sand finish and brushed steel on the outer 3 piece link, but in this center links, we have a nice high polish, and that pattern’s very apparent, pattern’s all the way
throughout the bracelet, even to the clasp, okay? Now we’ll go ahead and compare the clasps. As you can see, Daytona’s clasp much small than the Submariner’s. And the reason for that, is because they have different features on adjustment of the clasp. And I’ll actually go ahead
and show you that now. For the Sub–, for both the
Submariner and Daytona, however, the clasp style is the
safety folding oyster, which means that this little hinge safely locks down the
folding oyster, which is, that’s the folding oyster, which reveals the clasp blades, with the Rolex name, embossed onto that high polish. So, I’m gonna, I’m holding the Daytona here in my hand, the 116500, I’m gonna go ahead and
show you the clasp function I was talking about. So, it has what’s called
the comfort extension link. There’s a little indentation
as you can see there. It allows you to adjust the bracelet 5 millimeters forward,
or 5 millimeters backward with a simple snap, and that’s for, that’s more
of a quality of life feature, for, if it’s a hot summer day,
your wrists will swell up, so you can adjust it to have
a little more breathing room for your wrists, so it
doesn’t choke your wrist out, whereas the Submariner has that same feature, but it’s actually been
quite updated, and much, updated for much, much better. This is what we call the
glide lock extension link, so same concept, you can pop the bracelet out like that, but now we have these rivets on the clasp, so we can adjust for 2
millimeter increments for up to 20 millimeters. So, let’s just say, bam! All the way at the end, that’s how it looks fully extended. Back, that’s how it looks unextended. The main feature of this was for divers, that this is a Submariner
and it is a diver’s watch. It’s for, you know, divers that
have put on their wetsuits, you want to adjust for
how much extra width that wetsuit gives. You don’t want to, you know, put it, have a watch too tight, so that was the main feature of it, but now, for everyday use, like let’s just say you want to pass as, you want to pass this
watch down to your son, now your son can adjust
the bracelet to his liking, so it makes a great gift. Which really removes the middleman for trying to get, remove a link to, you know, have the watch sized to a person’s wrist, it really removes that, and, overall it’s just, great
quality of life feature, okay? So let’s go ahead and take
a look at the movement, and the case backs now. So the case backs, a little bit different in design, we have, sort of this
high polish right here on this, on the Submariner’s case back, whereas the Daytona has more of a, a flatter, just sand finish, case back, but they’re still both oyster case back. The Rolex Submariner
runs a 31, 35 movement, which is a perpetual mechanical
self-winding movement. In house made by Rolex, it has a precision of minus
2, plus 2 seconds a day. It has a functions of the
center hour, minute, and seconds hand with an instant,
instantaneous changing of the date, setting of the, stopping
of the seconds hand for precise time setting, and has a power reserve of 48 hours. And that 31 35 is a
tried and tested movement that Rolex has used for a very, very long time. The Daytona runs a, you
know, a tried and tested movement as well. Actually it’s the 41, 30,
in house made movement, which was, I believe introduced back in back in 2000s, when they
went from the Zenith movement to the Rolex movement. It has a perpetual mechanical
self-winding movement as well, with a precision of minus 2,
plus 2 seconds a day after, plus 2 seconds a day after casing. It has a functions of
the center, hour, minute, seconds hand, the small seconds
at the 6 o’clock position, the chronograph hand, which is a center hand that
uses that stopwatch feature. Has the functions of the 30 minute and the 12 hour sub dial as well, and also the stopping of the seconds hand for precise time setting. The power reserve of
this movement, however, is 72 hours, so you can put this watch
down on a Friday evening, and pick it back up, pick it
back up on a Monday evening, and it will still be keeping
time just fine, okay? So I’m gonna actually
go ahead and show you this watch on my wrist now. (sighs) okay, here we are. Bam, bam, safety oyster, and there’s the Submariner on the wrist. Very standard, but always very beautiful. Okay, now let me go ahead
and get this Daytona on. Pop that. Okay, and then there’s
the Daytona on the wrist. Very, very beautiful. If you’re willing to wait for it, or, so there’s the side
profiles, as you can see. Just very beautiful overall. So if you’re interested in
purchasing these watches or any other watches for
the lowest possible price, check out our website at We have the lowest prices guaranteed, we offer free shipping
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