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▶ Rolex Submariner vs. 2016 Rolex Air-King Green – COMPARISON & REVIEW

▶ Rolex Submariner vs. 2016 Rolex Air-King Green – COMPARISON & REVIEW

Welcome to Today we’re gonna be comparing
the Rolex Submariner 116610, on the left, versus the Rolex
Air King 116900 on the right. We’re gonna compare the
case, the bezel, the dial, the bracelet, the clasp, the movement, and then talk about a
couple special features. So let’s dive right in. The case, you’ll notice on the Submariner, is 40 millimeter and that’s the distance between my
thumb and my index finger. And you’ll also notice that
on the Air King 116900, that the case is also 40 millimeter from my thumb to index finger. Now you’ll look at these side by side and you’ll ask yourself are
they really 40 millimeter both? Yes, in fact they are. I measured it using one
of our measuring tools and they in fact are. Now why do they look different in size? Which one looks bigger? Most people will say the
Submariner looks bigger and that’s because of
what are called the lugs. Now these lugs right here
that my thumb is pointing, my finger is pointing to
on the Air King are thinner than the lugs on the Submariner. That’s what accounts for
the difference in size. So even though the distance,
the diameter is the same, 40 millimeter, you’ll
have the lugs that make it look beefier on the Submariner
versus the Air King. As well as this bezel sort of
protrudes on the Submariner making it look wider. But in fact it’s the same diameter. Now moving on to the dial
on the Rolex Submariner, you’ll have what’s called the
maxi dial and the maxi dial allows for luminous markers at the hour, at the hours, hour markers. Those luminous, they
light up at night time so that you can read the time. Now on the Air King, you
would think that these white numbers five, 10, 20, 25,
35, you would think that they light up, but in
fact they don’t light up. They are non-luminous. The only thing that is
luminous on this watch is the 12 o’clock and the hour
and the minute hand. I’m gonna try to
illustrate that to you now. And you see that? So it’s the minute hand, the
hour hand, and the 12 o’clock. But interestingly the three,
six, nine are not luminous and neither is the five,
10, 20, 25, et cetera. Now on the Explorer 214270, it’s actually three, six, nine that are luminous. But here it isn’t, for whatever reason. So in terms of readability at night time that one goes to the Submariner. Okay? So now we’re moving on to the bracelet. Now at first glance you
guys will probably look at this bracelet and think, you know what, these are the same bracelets. And you’d be pretty close. In terms of the bracelet,
the distance, the size of the bracelet, if you look
at them next to each other, they’re the same. And you’ll notice that
they have the same polish. The polish on the Explorer
has a satin finish. Okay? And the polish on the Sub
Mariner also has a satin finish. And when I mean satin, I
mean it’s not high polished so it has this dull look to it. And that’s probably keeping
with its sports style look. Now what is a high polish look like? Well this is a high polish. Okay? Now we’re gonna move on to the buckle. The buckle here is where
you see some differences. Now on the right, this is the Explorer, this is the Air King, excuse me, and it has what’s called
the folding oyster clasp. Okay I’m gonna go ahead and open it. It’s called a folding
because it folds like this and it has an oyster clasp as you can see. Now the one on your left
is the Submariner buckle which is a bit more robust. It’s also much bigger. And the reason it’s bigger is
because it’s a sports watch and the idea is that
you’ll be wearing this when you’re diving or whatever
kind of sport activity you’re doing and you don’t
want it to come undone. So it has this extra feature
called the oyster safety clasp. You unbuckle it up top
first, like I just did, and then you release the buckle. Okay? Let’s compare the buckles
again side by side. Folding oyster clasp,
safety clasp on the left, and folding oyster clasp on the right. You notice that the buckle
themselves are the same except the one, the Submariner
comes with the extra safety. Whereas the Air King
on the right does not. The buckle itself is also a bit smaller on the Air King. You’ll notice this distance versus this. And why do you think that is? Well that’s because the
Submariner has a little bit more of adjustability in terms of length. And how much adjustability? Well you can pull out like this and you can push in. Let’s say you had to wear a wetsuit and you had to put it over your wetsuit, then you can adjust the
length of it on the fly. Now the Air King also has
that option, but the Air King has only five millimeters of play. So you can only go like this. Option one, and option two. And that gives five
millimeters of distance. Not a whole lot, but they’re
not assuming that you’re going to be wearing this
thing while your diving. And so you’ll either
need to be, you’ll either be hot or cold, in which case you’ll have an adjustable right here for hot and cold. Now let’s move on to the movement. Now as you can see the
Submariner, which I’m holding, has a solid case back. It also has a solid case
back on the Air King. So we can’t actually see the movement, but the Submariner here has
a 31, 35 Rolex movement. It’s precise to two plus,
minus two seconds a day. And the Air King here
has a 31, 31 movement. It’s also plus, minus two seconds a day. And both of them are
superlative chronometers meaning they are very well tested. Okay, so moving on. We’ve said we’d talk about the case, the dial, the bracelet, and the clasp. And now we’re gonna talk about the bezel. Now looking at these side by side, that’s probably one of the most
obvious things is the bezel. Now on your right, the Air King, has a smooth, stainless steel bezel. And the one on the left, the Submariner, has what’s called the ceramic bezel. Now what they changed this
to a ceramic bezel from the old aluminum days because
the ceramic doesn’t fade. Okay? And with this Submariner you
can also tell elapsed time by putting this pearloid at
the minute hand, like this. And once you’ve done that, as time passes, let’s say 15 minutes goes
by, what’ll happen is the minute hand will move
from this position to here and it will end up looking
something like this for example. So you look down at the bezel and you read the time off the bezel,
that means 15 minutes. Now it’s unidirectional
so that you always have too much air not too little. If you were to use this for diving, it doesn’t go the other direction. So that’s one of the cool
features about this watch is that it has a ceramic
bezel that’s unidirectional. Whereas the Air King has a
stainless steel dome bezel. And I should say that one
of the good things about having a dome bezel is
that it’s also smaller, fits underneath a cuff
if you’re wearing a suit, easier, and it doesn’t
get dinged as easily, and if it does, it’s easier to polish out. On the Submariner to your
left, if you ding this bezel it’s very expensive,
typically it’ll just chip or it’ll just crack altogether. So if you do damage it,
it’s really bad news. Whereas the Air King, if
you dent it or scratch it, you can still polish out in most cases. Now moving on to some special features, as I told you at the
beginning, is the date. Now on the Submariner, you
can have a date function. Most of us often forget what the date is and you can change that with a
quick set on this Submariner. Especially when you’re traveling, a lot of times you forget what date it is. Now on the Air King,
there is no date function. It’s a very simple watch,
it just tells the time. It tells it very well, but
it just tells the time. Okay? So now I’m going to
wear them side by side. See now this one’s too big for me. What I’ll do is adjust
the clasp in the back. And with one simple click,
I can make the watch fit. Now that’s the Submariner on my wrist. And let’s compare that to the Air King which is an even easier click. And those are the two
watches side by side. Now which do you prefer? Well that depends on what
you’re going to be using it for. Are you gonna be using it for
diving and sports type stuff? If that’s the case, you’ll probably wanna go with this watch. Now are you really interested
in flying and aviation and a simpler watch with just
simple chronometer that just tells the time and also at a
slightly cheaper price point? And also a 2016 newer style watch, that probably not as many people have? It’s not as iconic as a
Submariner, but just as cool? Well that might be this
watch, the Air King. So look at them side by side again. Now if you like this
video and you want to see other videos like this,
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Reader Comments

  1. Excellent review. I just purchased Air King and am very happy with it – you did pretty good job in highlighting differences. One major plus for the Air King is the anti-magnetic case (not on sub) which is important for travel and all the passing of magnetometers one must endure. Also for business purposes (my primary use) it is excellent and different. Not a day goes by without a comment from someone. I have a tool watch also – GMT Master for sports use, etc. The different looking dial is a plus for me despite some negative reviews – after having looked at same Rolex dial for 30 years this one is a bit of fresh air.

  2. I like the low profile of the Air King! This Air King is a game changer as it now has the size and antimagnetic shield of the Milgauss! It looks like a practical pilot watch!

  3. Both are very nice watches I guess one would have to compare the 2016 Datejust, Explorer, and Air King. I believe the Sub would be much more than all of them in price. Something to think about my Grail Rolex is the Ever gold Daytona with the Black face. Decisions?

  4. air king also has lumed seconds hand and faraday anti-magnatic case. Sub bezel can be used as timer for not only diving, but grilling, cooking, anything else! There is also only one version of the (6 digit) Air-King, no "green " version.otherwise well thought out. Thanks!

  5. the submariner was never my taste .. I don't know why people are so into it.
    I remember my grandfather had a lot of Rolex watches .. most of them were air king, oyster perpetual and date just.
    they are simple and got that royal look at the same time. I feel like submariners are just for showoff.
    it's just my opinion.

  6. Conclusion : submariner is a better looking watch, better lume and night reading time. Has a way better clasp and yes ,more expensive. But the sub is keeping it's value compared to the air king

  7. LOVE this video. was looking at the air king today but waited til i could research it more. the main negative with the air king is the lume. that would have knocked it out of the park IMOP.

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