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▶ Rolex Submariner Used vs Brand New COMPARISON – Two-Tone, Blue Ceramic, 116613LB

▶ Rolex Submariner Used vs Brand New COMPARISON – Two-Tone, Blue Ceramic, 116613LB

Welcome to Jaztime. Today we’re gonna compare
new and used Rolex watches. So let’s take a look first at the new one. What I’m gonna show you is how the new one looks in
comparison to the used one, why you might want to buy the used one, and perhaps why you might
wanna buy the new one, and what the difference are, what you might get, what the
bang for the buck might be, and a couple of reasons why you might wanna go one way or another. So, let’s take a look here. First, this is the new one, brand new in box. It’s gonna be the full sticker price. If you buy it from Jaztime
of course, it’s at discount, but yes, this would be
the brand new watch. So, the first thing you’ll notice is it comes with this bezel protector and we’re actually gonna be the first ones to peel it off from the factory. It has these stickers that
are on the side of the case. The band, of course, is
never going to be worn or scratched or sized, has stickers on this side of the case, as well as on the clasp. Yeah, I mean, it’s a brand new watch. Now let’s take that and compare it with the used one over here. Now, first thing you’ll notice is well, the box is a little bit worn. Well, yeah, well that’s
’cause it’s used, you know? So let’s take a look
at how that watch looks and compare side by side. ‘Cause you guys at home are
probably trying to decide do I wanna buy this thing new or do I wanna buy this thing used. So, let’s take a look at this one. This is the used version,
the same version, except it’s used. Now, does it look beat up,
and scratched to death, and like a turd? No, it’s still looks like a nice watch, but there are gonna be
some subtle differences, which is why we’re making this video, so that you guys at home can see it, and you guys can decide for yourself, do I want the new or do I want the used. One of the first things you’ll notice about the used version, is that, okay I’m sorry, the used version’s on the left, right here and the new version is on the right. And you’re probably wondering, well what’s the price difference. Well, the one on the right, which is new, is going to be about $1,000 to $1,500 more expensive than the used one here on your left. And so, what accounts for this $1,000 to $1,500 difference and why might I want to buy
the new versus the used? Okay, well to answer that question, we gotta look at the used one first and see what’s the baseline. Okay, so I’m gonna put this one down to show you the used one here. Now, contrary to the myths of
a lot of people that think, well it’s a used watch, it must be beat to hell. The guy didn’t wanna wear it anymore. It’s terrible and now
it’s not keeping time, and we’re gonna find out. Now, does this band, this is typical used Rolex Submariner. And does this band look like it’s been chewed up and spit out and ran over by a car? No, it actually looks quite nice and if I hold it sideways like this, you’ll notice that there’s not
a whole lot of stretch to it. Actually, there’s really no stretch to it. Now, let’s compare that
to the brand new one over here. I mean, virtually it’s the same. I’m gonna hold the two
bands next to each other and I wanna ask you, can you tell which one is
new and which one is used? It’s hard to tell. I have to admit. It’s hard to tell. I can see it ’cause I’m
looking right at it, but the new one on my
right hand side is new and the one on my left is used. Now, we polish all the watches
that leave here from Jaztime, so that doesn’t mean
if you buy a used watch from somebody else that it’s gonna look like the used watch you see here on my left hand side. Because, of course, we
polish them, we service them, we make sure that they’re
retail ready before they go out, so what we’re going here
is showing you a comparison of what Jaztime used watches look like versus brand new. And the similarities
are gonna be very close. So as you see, the bracelets
are pretty darn close. Now, I have to admit that the one on the right
has never been polished. It looks brand new because it is and it’s not quite as tight
as the one on the left, but it’s close. I would probably say
like a 90 versus a 100. Now let’s take a look at one of the parts that gets a lot more wear. You see the lugs here? The lugs are the thing
that connects the bracelet to the clasp, I’m sorry, the bracelet to the case, where my thumb is pointing. You see the lug? It’s not as tight as it
is on the right hand side where my thumb is pointing. That’s the new one. It’s tough to see from this video, but if you really look closely, it’s a little bit not as tight. Okay, and now let’s look
at the case as well. Now this case has been
polished on my left. Does it look like it’s
been smashed by a car and look terrible? No, it still looks, it has a little bit of a streakiness when you polish it, but that’s because, you
know, you polished it. It’s kinda like waxing your car, you know? There’s a difference between when it comes out of the factory versus when you’ve driven it through
a couple thousand miles and tried to wax it. Now on the new one, you’re not gonna have
any of that streakiness. Now this one, actually
on the right hand side, with the sticker on it, you see there, you’ll notice that well there is no streakiness. Well that’s ’cause this one’s new and also it has a sticker on it and that sticker protects it
from any kind of micro-scratch that you might have. So, if you guys can live with difference, maybe you can go new. If you can’t live with the difference, then you can always go new. Now, I wanna show you this part. This part of the watch is a
part that gets a lot of wear. Now, this part is called the crown and you’ll see these edges, you see how they have these hard edges? Those over time can get worn down when you hold them or you bump things, and it’s really difficult
to tell from here, but there’s a little bit
of wear on this crown and of course it’s used, so yeah, it’s gonna have
a little bit of wear. And again, maybe a tiny bit of
streaking from the polishing, but, you know, it’s a used watch. Now, if I compare that with the
watch I have in front of me, which is a new one, you don’t see any of that because obviously it’s new. Now, let’s compare the bezels. Now this is a ceramic bezel, meaning it doesn’t scratch. It’s good against, it’s on my left by the way, is which I’m talking about. The used one that I have
right in front of you, this bezel is ceramic and you’ll notice there’s no real issue with it. Does it scratch? It’s not like the old days where they made them out of aluminum and they would scratch and fade and look kinda beat up after awhile and then you could replace them. This one’s ceramic. It costs you like 1,500
to $2,000 to replace it, but the used ones don’t
look that much different. I don’t know. Why don’t you guys decide. This one’s the new one. Can you see a difference? Yeah, you know, if you ask me honestly, and I’m being honest when
I look at this myself, I do see the new one
looking a little bit tighter and just no real blemishes
into the numbers. When I hold them side by side, you can kinda see a little
blemish into the 40, a little blemish, yeah, a little bit blemish
into the 40 right there. So, you know, it’s a used watch, so you have these minor differences. It’s kinda like a car that
gets little road dings. Again, the one on the right is new. The one on the left is used. Now, let’s look at the clasp. This is probably the part that gets the most amount
of wear on the watch. Now, you see this one
right here on my left, this is the used one. Now, what are signs of wear? Well, if I’m wearing this, this is the clasp, the part
that goes toward the desk when you’re at your
computer or at your office. Now this part can get worn down beause you put it on here and then when you’re typing away, then this part can get worn down and over time it can just get worn. Now, does it look beat to death? No, because we’ve polished
it, as we do all our watches, but I can see a little bit of wear. Me, after seeing more than 10,000 watches, I can tell it’s a little bit worn. It does look used to me, but it looks in reasonable condition. Now, let’s compare that
to the brand new one. I’m gonna put them side by side and the brand new one is
the one in front of you here and there’s no issue with it. I mean it even has the
protective stickers on it. So, as soon as I peel these off, then it can start getting scratches, but as it stands now, it can’t get any scratches
’cause it has a sticker on. Now, if you’re the kind of guy that wants to be the first to open this. You want the brand new
car, the brand new watch, you just wanna be the first one, then I would suggest that you
pick up the brand new one, and you don’t wanna have
any doubt in your mind who wore this or what kind of trauma that
it’s been through, etc, etc. I’d suggest you buy the new one. Now, I’m gonna show you
what the clasp feels like when it’s brand new. Take a listen to this. (snap, snap) And I can feel it when I pop it open, the resistance is quite strong. It still feels stiff. It hasn’t been worn very much. You’ll notice here that there’s plastic also throughout the clasp. And that’s of course to protect
the metal when it closes. It’s hard for you guys
to see this at home, but when I close it like this, I can feel the resistance. And again, notice the condition. Now, keep that in mind. I’m gonna show you the used one and let you listen to what it sounds like. (snap, snap) Almost the same, huh? Now, you guys can’t tell this at home, but when I move this
back and forth like this, I can tell the resistance is much less. And there’s little micro-scratches
here along the clasp, but that’s about it. Now, the back side of the watch is not really gonna get that much wear because it’s not like people
wear their watch inside out. This is the part that
touches your actual arm, so the back side of the
watch is this right here, which my finger is pointing to. Now, are their gonna be scratches? Yes, you see those little scratches there? That’s because the back side of this it sorta rubs when you take the
watch off and place it down. That’s what causes it and that’s ’cause it’s a used watch. Now, let’s compare that
to the brand new watch, which you see here has
absolutely no scratches. In fact, it has a sticker on it. And that sticker that you can
see my finger’s pointing to, that little green thing, is protecting the back side of the watch because this watch is brand new. So, again, if you don’t
wanna have any scratches whatsoever on your watch, then I suggest you buy the new one. Now, if you can live with a little bit of micro-scratches, dings, and
dents, and stuff like that, then I suggest that you save your money and buy the used one. Now, what I’m going to show you next is a very cool device
called the timegrapher. Now you guys at home
are probably wondering now, how about the
functionality of this thing. Is it gonna keep the same
time as a brand new watch? Well, let’s not make estimates about it. Let’s get some real numbers and find out what it actually does. So, this timegrapher here is gonna measure the amplitude and various other things about the watch, and so we’re gonna compare now the used versus the new. Now, what I need to do
before I place this on here is give it a little wind. And it’s a little bit
complex to read this, but I’m gonna give you guys the basics. All right. (fast clicking) Now, you’ll notice, I’m gonna try to bring this
up so you guys can see it. Now, you’ll notice that here
it says minus one second or minus zero and this is the used watch. It has an amplitude of 260. You know, for all intensive
purposes for this video, let’s focus on the rate and how the pictogram looks. So, you’ll see a straight line. It has a bit of scatteredness because, well, it’s not
a new watch anymore. It’s been run. It’s kinda like a motor that’s been run, but you’ll notice that
the rate is still at zero. So this is still keeping good time, minus two, zero. Now, what is good? You’re probably wondering, well, how much should it be. Well, it should be less
than seven seconds. Seven seconds plus minus
is sorta the standard, and this is a used watch. So, is a used watch gonna be a total turd and be losing like 30 seconds a day? Well, I have it on a timegrapher here, and it’s doing just fine. Now, what I’m gonna do now is I’m gonna take this brand new watch, and I need to wind it. Because it’s a brand new
watch, it’s never been wound, so you guys are also actually the first people
to see it being wound. I’m gonna wind it like this. Get it pumping. Now that I’ve wound it, I’m gonna give it a little shake. All right, and I’m gonna
remove the used one, and let’s try seeing how the new one reacts. And my guess is it’s gonna be just a hair better than the used one. But let’s not take my word for it. Let’s try it and find out ourselves. (fast clicking) Right away, here’s what I notice guys. Yes, the rate, when it says
zero or two or plus minus two, it’s pretty darn, it’s close enough. It’s about the same. What do you notice about
the pictogram itself? Well I notice that it’s a bit straighter. Only a bit straighter, not
a whole lot straighter. And that actually the rate is
looking like it’s minus four, but you know, this watch is brand new. It hasn’t been worn. It needs to sort of wake up a little bit, so I would say for all intensive purposes, that the rate is pretty much the same. But I do notice that the pictogram is a little bit straighter
than the used watch, but only minorly. Okay, so I’m gonna let you
guys decide for yourself. What do you like? Do you like the new one or
do you like the used one? Let me know in the comments below. What would you buy? Would you buy this brand new one or would you buy the used one? Does it really matter? Well check us out on Leave us a comment below. Let me know what you think. I’ve told you what I think, now let me know what you guys think. If you like this video, subscribe below. Check out our other videos. And if you wanna see other
watches, other Rolexes, other Aps, and Paddocks, check us out at At the end of this video, you’ll see a link to where
you can click on these watches and you can buy them yourself, either the new one or the used one. We always have them in stock. Check us out at Thanks.

Reader Comments

  1. You do not know how to use the time grapher properly. Look at that horrible amplitude rating on the new Rolex. That's because you 1 put the watch on backwards and left the crown screwed down. Additionally a new rolex should never be off by more than +/-2 sec per day.

  2. In one week they'll be indistinguishable. In this watch the clasp and center links scratch the most but they can easily be touched up.

  3. I bought that watch for 9k back in 2010 when the ceramics first came out and AD's still gave deep discounts. I think they have had 2 price increases since then. I wore it for 3 years and sold it for 9500 bucks. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

  4. I have the presedent ladies wats I worre it for many years.know i need a change my preferans go to rolex submarine used i need then price

  5. These watches are so close to the Invicta 8928OB Men's Pro Diver Blue Dial Two Tone Automatic Diver Watch, I dont know why anyone would pay £1,000 extra or thereabouts.

  6. If there is $5000 difference in price I will go with the used one. I have a 2000 blue sub that I bought for $5200 and I am still wearing it. It has been serviced twice and runs about -1 sec/day. Wouldn't sell it. Its worth more now than what I paid for it even used.

  7. Only point I could see would be a new one, versus before each prior change in model, as the style was modified with ceramic bezel, larger lug width, band heft, supposedly even more accurate, etc. There is zero advantage in buying used new style, as they now lose warranty with transfer, yet have no history yet with which most older ones appreciate in value.

  8. Hey Dude – it depends on how ''used'' is the used warch is. 2nd- the stickers on the new one makes the new one less polished. Also it is obvious to me that the gold part of the bracelet is so much more worn out. Im ignoring how tight or loose the screws are too.

  9. Question the blue dial and the Vessel on the newer model is it the same Blue that’s on the Older Vintage Model ? Or Once darker that thee Other !!!!

  10. You have a misspelling at the end of the video. Warranty isn't spelled "Warrenty". I know how hard it is to catch typos when you're editing. Just thought I'd let you know.

  11. What an idiotic review…at this price point, with only a $ 1500 difference, anyone'd be a fool to buy used. And you must be blind if you think those bracelets are anywhere near similar.

    When he was talking about how great the used model is and saying how the ceramic bezel doesn't scratch, I couldn't help laughing seeing the chips on the "4" and "0" on number forty 7:30 😆😆😆

    And what's all this "tighter" business…you reviewing a watch or your last piece of ass?

  12. WTF was he doing with the box? Playing football? If the box came like that from the previous owner I can only imagine how little care he took of the actual watch.

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