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▶ Rolex Submariner Two-Tone Yellow Gold, Blue, Ceramic UNBOXING & REVIEW – 40mm, 116613LB

▶ Rolex Submariner Two-Tone Yellow Gold, Blue, Ceramic UNBOXING & REVIEW – 40mm, 116613LB

Welcome to Jaztime. Today we’re gonna be reviewing the Rolex Submariner Two
Tone Submariner 116613LB. We’re gonna do an unboxing, a review, show you how it works. Here we go, bam! That’s the watch itself, and you see here it comes factory fresh, it comes with this bezel
protector, take it off, and there it is. It comes with a ceramic
bezel, this maxi-dial, maxi meaning the hour markers
are a little bit fatter, okay? What separates this
from the older version? Many things, and I’ll go
through that in another review, but today we’re gonna show you this watch and what it comes with. Let’s put that back in here. You have this little flip down for the new 2015 and later boxes. They come with this new
style warranty card, has a model number and a serial number, and on the back side, it’s an international
warranty, by the way, has the name of the official
retailer, purchase date, blah-blah-blah. That’s the warranty card. Here’s the pouch that it comes with, and on the back it comes
with some guarantee manual, bunch of different languages. And I guess that’s it. Now the watch itself, sometimes it comes with
these two hang tags, which is a COSC certified hang
tag, sometimes they don’t, just depends on the dealer, okay? Now let’s take a look at the watch itself, which is the more important thing here. This is the oyster band, oyster meaning it differentiates it from
another popular band, which is the jubilee band. This oyster has these
fatter links right here, has this stainless steel on the outside and gold in the center
where my finger is running, and it has a very, very
innovative and new type buckle. Now I’m gonna pop this open,
and you might just say, “Well, it’s just a buckle.” Well here’s the cool thing about this watch and this buckle and the way that Rolex designed it. Do you see this part here where I’m about to pull it out like this, pop, you heard that, right? Now you see those little rivets in there? I can size this watch,
let’s say I get hot or cold, I can move it left or right. Now I just increased it so that it’ll fit when I’m hot,
or let’s say, I don’t know, let’s say you let your friend borrow it, or your dad borrowed it, or whatever. Now you can increase the size of it, and the watch looks exactly the same, except you’ve changed the
size of it just from here. So this is like a micro adjustment, but I wouldn’t even call
it a micro adjustment. I’d call it more like a macro adjustment. Okay, so they did this so it can fit over the sleeve of your wetsuit, because presumably the
Submariner is a tool watch, meaning it should be used
for those who are diving or are doing sea related activities, and a lot of times
you’re wearing a wetsuit, you might wanna fit
this over your wetsuit. So I’m gonna go ahead
and move that in again so guys you can see. I popped it out, slide it
in, push it back in, voila. That’s how easy it is to
change this bracelet size. Of course, you obviously
can take out these links, but who’s got the time
to take out the links when you’re diving? Okay, so you can size it and then get a micro
adjustment for the watch just by using that diver extension, and that’s in contrast to
what it used to be like when you didn’t have that adjustability. And that’s one of the things that makes this new style one so cool. Now you’ll notice here of course that the bracelet of course is in gold, and they make three
variations of this watch. They make it in all stainless steel, which is gonna be very rugged, they make it in all gold,
which is very prestigious, and they make it in this steel and gold, which is what you see here. Now why would you want to
go with the steel and gold? Well, let’s say you like
the prestige of the gold, but you don’t want the
malleableness of the gold on a sports watch. So you might wanna go
somewhere in between, and you notice that they
put the gold in the center, not the outside. They did that so that the watch would have steel on the outside, so that it could withstand pressure, okay? Another change that they made from the older version
to the newer version is they have this ceramic bezel. Now bezel is this thing that
my finger is going around, and you’ll wonder, “Well, what’s it for? “Well, why did they make it ceramic?” And the reason is because this
is probably one of the places that the watch gets the
most amount of damage, because you’re wearing it on your wrist, you bump it or whatever, and it scratches or it fades with time. Now Rolex has figured
a work around on that, and then they’ve made
the bezel out of ceramic, so it will not fade, it will not scratch. It’ll look just like
this 10 years from now, or even 20 years from
now, pretty much forever. Now let me bring your attention
to a couple other things. The watch itself has all these stickers, and these stickers are because
the watch is brand new, all right? Now I’m not gonna go into showing you how to work this watch. That’s in our other videos. If you like those, you can search our other
videos on this channel. I’m gonna go ahead and try this watch on, show you guys what it looks like at home. Okay, there it is. That’s the Rolex Submariner
116613LB blue ceramic. Did you like this video? If you have any comments, tell me below. I wanna hear them. If you like this video and you
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